Who Are The Dirtiest Players In Washington?

Jeff Katz
Tuesday, April 10th

Peter Schweizer joins us to discuss his latest book and who the dirtiest players in Washington are!


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Jeff Katz newsreader 1140 WR VA and 96 point one FM I will tell you without any hesitation for many many years. I have been a fan. Of Peter Schweitzer I loved his book. Clinton cash I love the work that he does exposing the hypocrisy. That in beads in and casts Washington DC on a regular basis. Peter serves as the president of the government accountability institute his latest book is called secret empires Peter thank you for being here. Absolutely great to be back on the view thanks for. Where should we start who always the dirty used player in DC. Well you know it is it's an equal upper inner thing if you both sides apart do it I think. One of the interest and timely elements to the book which we really don't research a couple of years involves China. And the fact that the Chinese Government has workers drive to cultivate. I deeper lucrative commercial ties with the family members are prominent American politicians. In the hopes that they'll get favorable treatment in the book we highlight. Deal that was done with Joseph Biden's family while he was vice president armed to the tune of a billion dollars with a B but there's also. What your deals are done with Mick McCall and owing child family. Spot at the same time and so they'd been looking for these ties because they believe essentially. That they will be able to buy all elements of America's political leadership class. Let's talk about some of the biting stuff to start because what blew me away as I read this was not learning that the the Biden family or the I'd carry children were necessarily. Dirty or questionable with a respite. It was that Harding and it was there any effort to cover things up it was eight we're here on Wednesday Thursday there's a billion dollars in the bank. And that that options kind of like comedy you know timing is ever. And what you essentially cap and at that point and. I Joseph Biden as vice president flight on air force two to Asia and China. That your whole cluster of controversial issues with the ball on the plane on air force to do is sit on on. It on until like opened a business called Rosemont cynical partners small company. Is business partners include. The out side of John Kerry the secretary of state. So there have been in China awkward but Biden Joseph ought. Basically get criticized invasion for going saw all of them on a whole host of issues. Ten days after they return on air force to hunt. Scores 81. US dollars with a C. Billion dollar deal with the Chinese Government job it's important point. Not an American company in China this is not somehow by the company's China bit isn't. The Chinese Government on and that's the. The major goals. And his partners to. With Chinese Government as you walk their authors are supposed to be negotiating on Auburn. With that and Chinese Government. Are we. Those of us who reside here on planet earth really supposed to believe that this is just happy coincidence. Yeah. Your first look at the timing of this ten days after this. Important visit to Beijing China. I think they'll. But the private equity deal Hunter Biden has no. Private equity is never done private equity before. And so you know immediately it felt that. In the deal that they thought these unique no. Financial institutions. Working in trying to JPMorgan. Goldman Sachs. At any deal like this so it's really impossible. For them Ortiz of the it was somehow coincidence or this will air it's just simply not me. A gear problem in this that we like titled the book secret empire. This deal went completely undetected. Because there's no disclosure requirement it took a good year to train route that the capital flows looking at the Chinese contract. 22. He'll be there you'll that are here on. It sign that on this way to highlight them and our political class. Is amassing as well without even knowing. Peter Schweitzer is joining us Peter is the president of the government accountability institute his latest greatest book every time I talked him he's got another book that is a must read. This one is called secret empires and it is about how the American political class. Is hiding corruption in reaching their family and friends and Peter lest anyone think you're beating up on the the poorer members of the Democratic Party let's shift our attention to our Iraq GOP leader in the senate to and his wife the secretary of transportation. Got a few issues right. Chinese Government decided early on we can create allies. By making these he's wealthy so Mitch McConnell it's Beijing China. Witnessed awkward and Claude Jean travel and shell all. Are any good and there are not as members of a congressional delegation but they're two of some would call the China shipbuilding corporation. Yet that C. And that's the name implies is the Chinese Government company. And basically what they. What you guys the culture out and we are in the ship but that's. We're gonna build partnerships or you were in fine. The construction of the ship we're gonna provide crumbs from those sheet and look at. Contracts were gonna have other state owned companies hire you to ship their goods around Asia Pacific. Yeah of course but I'll tell that this is great so essentially to the deal they do trade deal. And they become very wealthy and jeans actually give you. In law like there you get senate majority leader Mitch McConnell he kept a between. Million and 25 million dollars which more than quadruple. Its network. And the problem is along the the time that this relationship has built. If you look at Mitch McConnell record on China policy he's getting progressively softer as time goes on less critical on human right. The black political and military expansion and he's certainly a little less critical on trade currency manipulation issues. And the relationship and so cozy up to date the transportation. Secretary allowing child. Don't bother and sister and served on the board of yet that the whole thing. We're using military contractor in Beijing China and her sister are currently there. That is unprecedented. No no other situation in American history where you. Senior cabinet officers in presidential administration. Whose immediate that members' course serving on the board of directors of foreign government entities. It's to put it mildly it's it's questionable right in the is that the lights are we can use questionable. Here's the thing if you look at the argument in stay. Free trade publicly traitor by that the argument. Trade and globalization and trade. Mexico and the more we trade with EU. We will come this year common interest and we would be less hostile to be more want to. As true for nations is certainly true. For the political. And the more the family happy. Lucrative commercial ties skirt worn out. It's only logical that they are going to kick off two positions and they circled distort and more in terms of the interest of bill pocketbook. And Albert the board government and the interest of the people that are elected disorder that the fundamental problem here and the Chinese. This is why they do it and by the it. That they're concerned about forms posture towards China they like it. Views on trade and currency like the fact that eat a potent ones to the south China. So what. In the book is we are born to a two week in his position by offering sweetheart deals to hear my message. Used to go to those deals it's bad for the country and there will be strings attached but that is where that is go. Now speaking of presidents. Barack Obama. Apparently did a favor to write for some of his friends and family at the end of eight years he had debt family members and friends whom. Again to put it mildly. Increased their personal wealth. Yeah. He called matching grant it to real really. Formal cronyism and corruption. Ticket you one example. Outlook what talked about Marty has been a lot of people never heard of artwork is block. By all. And basically what happens is set up an investment caught on call history. When Barack Obama was elected in victory your business model is to invest in quote unquote highly regulated industry. Which is a great business model is your friend is actually acreage. And what basically happens is Barack Obama mansion company. So for example the universe it's been kind of a well known for profit school on one school campuses around the country. Obama administration as we don't like the company. We're going into the Pentagon from using GI bill dollars to allow soldiers. To devote to this school. And of course you can imagine what it goes to the stock quite that accompanies it goes under this year. Down to about legal sheer at this point out how this match by Obama. Who kept them off. That would beat it out and Marty Nesbitt who buys a competent and on the dollar. He bought. The company now warn the company and the Obama administration says you know what. We all week course in war we decided that we are going to laugh out GI bill ball should flow to these numbers that tremendous. You can imagine what happens to evaluation of the company. Pattern is repeated over and over again. It involved. His best friend Marty Nesbitt. Political involved people like. The billionaire investor Tom Dyer. Billionaire investor or so posters that blustery small cluster of people around the Obama. Who are interacting with this who were meeting with him who benefit from this snatch and grab tactics. Peter Schweitzer is joining us to Peter is the president of the government accountability. Institutes. The latest book is called secret empires or we'll tell you his what it was prior books Clinton cash resulted in an FBI investigation into the Clinton foundation I don't know. Are you anticipating any sort of investigations as a result of this book Peter. Well I'd. A briefing on Capitol Hill but I'm giving you a couple dozen members of congress on Wednesday. But by on this subject and I've spoken with a couple of members of the house oversight committee who want to war. China. So I'm optimistic that we're going to get. I'm on the for the exposure. Well there's going to be a lot of resistance what do you partisan here is that agreement in leadership in Washington DC. Is that they. They don't want to investigate ago laughter these kinds of subjects because both sides are doing it and popped level. And they just wanna go there so there's going to be resistance by. There and good people in Washington law reform and you know I think they'd been wanna bring attention. Hey Peter before I cut you loose and I know you're your talking to everybody over the next couple days as well you should cause everybody ought to be reading this book secret empires and I'm curious to get your take. On what we're seeing on line with FaceBook. All of the data that has been in mind and soul Twitter which seems to be engaging in this this shadow banning of conservatives. Problem mop up work on a document at all on a desperate fight the issue and people in as the temperature and storage costs. They're all our. Related to privacy. Related to censorship. That property and look what you're trying to restrict me. That people what. The level of what is going on about it. They have all day and they're using that data and manipulate due to. Work and then just trying to US advertising. They are. Actually and we're gonna be quoting from people about this. Actually your interest in control and shift people's views and out. On a whole host of issues these companies like FaceBook and Google Lebow themselves on the fact that they are. We're just making money with certain social mission at a certain utopian vision and then viewed themselves. As the individuals to implement so far deeper than just like a it goes to the issue of manipulation and their desire to distort. The world that we see the world. On what is important to them. Well it's amazing stuff Peter what's the best way for folks to get this book. Are you can go to Amazon you can get and bookstore this week number one of the times bestseller list so I'm. We're in the usual response and the people concerned me comments go to Peter white dot com. And and the email comments that would look at their spot on the book. Are what Peter I will tell you as as I've told each and every time worry chatted about bring your books I loved it. I it is it it's terrifying at the same time it's it's amazingly. Informative in it it's entertaining I mean I hate to say that but it reads almost like god like a spy novel in certain. Portions of it and I'm just I am absolutely appalled that the behavior some of these folks on them. I'm hoping this again shed some light on on these nefarious deeds and I don't know maybe we see some sort of result out. Well let's hope so look we've got the optimistic on the things otherwise were gonna caught the ball in the quarter. Earnings and we can then make changes. It went. So we've got the optimistic. Well I agree with you on that Peter Schweitzer latest book secret empires how the American political class heights corruption and and reach his family and friends. I remind you would regardless of which side of the aisle you're on. You'll find information here that is vital. Both parties are involved in doing this in their involved up to their beady little eyeballs. Peters writes his book is a must must read Jeff Katz newsreel 1140 WR BA in 96 point one FM.