What's on TV This Week

John Reid
Monday, February 12th

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Thanks sandy 805 here on this Monday it's the twelfth day of February 2018 John Reid. With you on Richmond's morning news. Mickey O'Connor is the editor in chief of TV guide and he joins us as he does the start of every week to let us know. What might be appealing for us on television and Mickey I know NBC is hoping that every once is going to be completely enamored. By the olympians and their personal story is and how beautiful Korea looks with the snow on the ground but I know for sure that's not the case I've got friends who just don't it won't have anything to do with the how did they deal with the opening ceremonies on Friday I heard it was kind of a mixed bag. I think that you know I think there's. The opening Jeremy and money there always a little bit of a challenge there on Friday night. And you know the time different a lot of aren't a lot you know particularly this year. A lot of the imagery leaked out in advance. People lost their lives at six dam like eighteen hours or so you know I think that it is. It would. Complicated the ratings are down a little bit too much immunized against our rating and beat the jets side. Then they'll be just fine in the beginning Hulk and the breeding points during the actual game. And there are open and roll on for two weeks but this week it asked. We've got a a lot of other opportunities to you who watch entertainment rather than just just the olympians. Alley on a lot of new programming that they counter program and you think you know I think you know we call that speak about. Celebrity Big Brother is on. India and you know the reason why only tree weeklong because you know personal liberty he kicked at them that the Oprah that ball. But also. You know it's counter programming the Olympic it's like yeah there's a lot of great Olympic coverage on the eagle watch that. What what what the exact opposite of the Olympics like maybe two. And you know it and I think similar. With the bachelor winter games. And gamble or the airing its short period of time while the Olympics are on. If you're not believe it back so winter games that it because they it'll. Well they shot in Vermont and it's basically. Kind of a combination. You know winter sports competitions. And Brunette reality so. They they pick all these former contestant with a past that branch at the from the US the UK are certainly in Sweden Germany. Switzerland China. And Japan. And they can eat in the Serb winter sport. And it it would in the complications from the get via Turkey on day. Luke complicated but it could be really crazy. Thing. And that that are guaranteed. I won't be watching that should suck the big climb out when interest think and then if you're alone on Valentine's Day. There are options for you to drown your sorrows in front of the television. Yet so that the kind of an interesting show like preview of that in January. At we do ATP previous really interest a small show it will be a little attention. It's it's kind of a comedy drama and it's created by. The stars of the show contrition on the stern and Josh Goldman. To debt actors who wind between you know some want the opportunity to go into the Sundance labs is sort of create that you. Patricia Allen plays the talent agent in dust on the label a writer. And again they're friends they're really is their job they happen to be. An adult it's also have done without hope he doesn't comedy. You know I think that they knew you know that a lot of political activism behind minutes. In terms of visibility. To how they want their story to be old. But it is also very funny and very charming and you'll see the which I'd does that it. That Gilbert Albright relate to Marlee Matlin. It's one of the bombs. And real fast the broadcast TVs have got to step it up because they're competing with Netflix into the things on your list or Netflix entities. Yeah absolutely means Netflix has kind of the year and premier strategies. You know it. Seems like Netflix has a lot more programming including the oval program to be there. But it also that there. Holding at all you know be released in September and January like the network's news. They're sort of you know arcing out throughout the year. So you know at a time like now when there's a lot of new premieres on Netflix is really running the table is the only people meet current. David each other premieres on Friday. I've been called everything. So the idea. Added late in boring or again in 1992. And I think you know it is it's kind of cute little high school story. The AV club and the drama club after work they worked together to make a movie. And back in and of itself is like inquiry. All description. But I would say that you're familiar with the Greek and geeks here ban of that agenda but it's urged. The big. Object. You'll like this has very strong preaching he lives it has been really great. Tract here. You know blind ballot Alanis Morissette the cranberries on all the acquire number. I'd like that there will be that. Hit it. And then I urge all MacPhail and I did know where he had gone but he's he's back on Netflix. Yet settlement you know he he gave up in the media and the abduction. He called hawk. Sorry but he and it was basically a great clips which I kind of in made on them make comedy out of them and sort of gave up a lot of pocket thanks to become an actor that you community be the end of the doors and media he did you do these. It weekly option on Netflix. And the description that they that their look at our culture current events which basically exactly like the witching. Did you need. They really are and McCain on Thursday and be great street. So that is new venture premieres on Sunday and that was. Who keep cries of the Mickey O'Connor thank O'Connor the editor in chief a TV guide. Thanks a lot for giving us the lowdown on what we can expect this week appreciated.