This Week's New TV Listings!

John Reid
Monday, April 9th

Mickey O'Connor gives us the new TV news and listings.


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Mickey O'Connor is the editor in chief of TV guy he joins us. As he does every Monday to kind of give us a rundown of what stuff didn't throw that aside and what stuff to make sure we do see it as it's broadcaster. In a DVR so that we can. Have good conversation pieces says we'll move around town. How are you making how's it look him. Number. Yet terrific guards so those the one that jumped out to me and this guy for years I didn't really care for Elton John. And then may be a change to win he roads the lion King and I thought you know it's more than just pop stuff the skies. A remarkable talent and the weirdness aside. You just can't deny that he's. Pretty amazing musician and composer. So he's got a big special coming up. Yet I think I think it's something similar I think away from the eighty backward. But I was buried up and I thought that there are a lot of great that that would need yes so you get is it's part of their part of their sponsorship of the grammys they're doing that's special that's called Elton John spoke banding program we salute. And it has all the great musicians are on it Lady Gaga quietly fire at the edge here and arm legend. Keep Durbin and Matt and they're all going to be performing. Sort of content tribute to Al yeah the best part about it that he felt dug himself while all of his speed in the you can abuse kind of mania. A medley of it's it is well and that track tomorrow night on CB app that I think central. That's pretty cool dim. Anna and that's what that's what I'd like to sit down and watch a minimum moment with the weather's going to be like you know it gets harder to sit on the TV if the weather's actually good especially in the evening. Then on HBO are the same night. We have Andre the Giant. Yeah so ever and as tiger Zhang unity in Israel in the eighties he added that. Check can't think guy. Seven or nearly 500 pound home a lot of people remember him from. Is that role in the princess bride. And he you know this documentary sort of talked about how he. How he had all the persona like that he had these percentage but he put on in the wrestler when he was an actor would mean the celebrity. And the truth is that inside he was really suffering you know he had gigantic them. Delighted that day but with that came chronic pain for his entire life. And and so there's a lot of people who knew him in his life coup who provide commentary. Including. That it ran the CEO of the that I need to be. Arnold Schwarzenegger Hulk Hogan and then into looked it has been for me about here correctly brand. All the people co starred with him. In the princess bride Billy Crystal Robin Wright Kerry Ellis. Sort of gave there reminiscent of the working with them. And it was just what it is really surprising enlightening because they talk about that's really gentle folk. Sort of interesting guys. Well he died a long time ago what was that in the early ninety's that he passed away not it. Yep pretty soon after the princess bride actually apply you know beat mark Arctic yeah what I think is eat you know. They talk about his condition and how they always need Healey knew it meant like as part of its condition. So he wanted it's much because well it. But only had time well that sounds interest out there he certainly you know stood out literally and figuratively throughout the then yeah time that he was on the scene. Then we switch to Wednesday night this what appeals to me to this Harry Potter a history of magic and you. If you've listened to show you know I try to get it every magic show I don't I don't really know why I am so obsessed. With these magic tricks but. I've for summaries and I'm really interested I'll throw down big money to see it's of this is about. What magic as it relates to the Harry Potter movies. For the BBC created this active manner in the VW for the PW going to be airing it Wednesday night 87 oh on Harry Potter history of magic and essentially what it is is. They it it's an exhibit that was created for the British British library that they are being created companion. Documentary or on the BBC. And it held the mystery of magic. But if it's talking about it through the land of how inspired by Harry Potter books. And so. A lot of the a lot of the actors who play characters in movies produced paper dot. I digging around herself couldn't read them. The documentary. And it is sort of it's in conjunction with the exhibition which is now traveling. It's going to be in the US starting October in New York. There's a new tactic beast movie that's coming out November all the ball part of the or currently. And you know it's pretty interesting. Well that sounds like event at that that means I've got two things to do watch this show and then try to get to New York to heed the exhibit that is really ready I'm okay I'm. Well Dowd that's fascinating to me then. You know Katie Couric has kind disappeared off the scene even though he's the anchor Ike is still a guy who I've never I never saw her on that role but. If I don't think is now so yeah she's found a new venue. Yes fishy. To collaborating with National Geographic on kind of its you know weekly newsmagazine series and the objective of it is to expose kind of the divisive issues like things that are dividing the country right now. And said the first the first. Episode titled rewriting history. Writing it's spelled GHC. And it's about the current movement to eliminate him better error Mon. And you know it's really it's talking about both sides of this issue and you know the pride in confederate history and why it's a benefit to you know other people and you know it advocated Eric went to the University of Virginia and of course there are a lot about. What happened in Charlottesville. And and you know it it's really interesting and I think it's really well were searched it well documented. And you know it's not really about. Drawing a conclusion one way gathered talking about how both sides species oak. And and how they might come together. Well that when could be interesting buoyancy Richmond people disturbed. I mean mop my feeling at least double speak for other people under so exhaust from. Forty some years of fun debating this stuff that it's hard for me to watch it is. As anything of that mature but you know the the countries of zest with that and our folks are obsessed with that of its interest in that that's coming up that's on Nat geo on Wednesday. I thought Nat geo on Wednesday night. 109. Some really interesting stuff this week Mickey O'Connor the editor in chief the TV guide lists and always appreciate you joining us here on the program thank you. Thank length.