Waffle House Shooting

John Reid
Monday, April 23rd

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Gary has Israeli NW RVA Richmond's morning news we wanna get the latest on the wall but how shooting and to do so. Tumor and ABC news correspondent Jim Ryan from Nash Ville Jim good morning. Good morning Gary gets the search continues for Travis flying team that's suspect the only suspect in the lawful how to shooting. The without a word he climbed out of his pickup truck according to police yesterday morning. He had an AR fifteen with him he took game shot and killed four people wounded two other people and might have kept shooting according to witnesses. Had one man James Sharp junior dot grabbed the barrel. Dot patio grazing bullet wound to his elbow but he grabbed the barrel through over the counter at that point the police say try to slinking ran from the business he hasn't. Been found since the manhunt is getting wider with every hour that he isn't located so Derek. Is there any updated all on the man I know a lot of different. Law enforcement agencies are involved. They are yes and all around Antioch Antioch has community of about 80000 people and suburban Nashville little southeast there. Come every police officer in the community eighty officers were told our. Up part of the manhunt for this person but that he's also on Tennessee's most wanted list. These surge could extend as far away as Illinois one sheriff you there in them indelible which is that he had dealings with his personal the past. He thinks he might be headed in that direction that's 450 miles away that sheriff's by the way says that fits. Ranking has mental health issues that may have played into what happened yesterday. We're talking ABC news correspondent Jim ran in Nashville Jim. Obviously I Travis ranking had some mental issues some past. Incidents and run ins with the law including one at the White House. He bizarre incident till last summer Gary word he was caught in a restricted area outside the White House. Edge he was telling people there telling its its Secret Service that he was trying to setup a meeting with the president. And at that point he was taken into custody it was learned that he had four guns in his possession not not they are but you own four guns. They were taken away from him turned over to his father but somehow. That bother you serve deep with guns back to his son or his son got a hold of them. Including the ar fifteen and the police say that was used here yesterday so. That question remains how to get those guns back with a history of mental health problems and with this incident last year the White House. Obviously one time we said Taylor Swift was stalking him. Yeah right some some bizarre statements in the past some odd behavior that there's really had him on the radar for a plots of folks locally and and then finally it did in Washington this incident that put one. I kind of a national radar Gary. Jim I don't know law enforcement has spoken to reporters at all but I would imagine there's some greater hope well by making progress in finding. Travis ranking under the light of day now that does nighttime is coming to an end. Yes well course of this all happened there about 2728. Hours ago there's been a full days since this happened and you know you're right nighttime brings a whole different element to this since. Every school in this area was searched yesterday to ensure that there really wasn't hiding on one of these campuses before school started this morning. Police officers were posted and every intersection. Watching people coming and going and making sure that there. But he didn't slip through a again so no you're right they're big time is gonna offer them the possibility that the search has some success. Okay Jim thanks you very much street time ABC news correspondent Jim Ryan. In Nashville.