Uber Changes After Assault Cases

John Reid
Wednesday, May 16th

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I'm that I do when I did in and Hoover. To go from point a to point B generally the only. Attacked and I'm worried about happening is if the Hoover driver wants to just chat me up the entire time and I like to be polite. The boys some of them sure do wanna tell you their life story it's 4 o'clock. It's it's a very serious subject though when you find out that some of the news for drivers who were on the roads. Are I'm not just taking you. To your final destination Clinton broad agenda as an attorney who's been involved in cell mall several of the Hoover related abuse cases. They're working their way through the courts and Quentin. You know I've heard every now and then for the last couple years I've heard about these things happening how widespread. Is this. Our our these abuses by Hoover drivers. Good morning to part of the problem is that we don't know you reach and we don't know is that Cooper. Wouldn't it that everybody loads on their cell phone to some in the Cooper. Has embedded in an arbitration clause that we. Unknowingly most of us are agreeing to and what that means is we are creep to a secret proceeding in mass destruction if something bad happens to us when Norman super car including you know being a great star happens storewide for a daughter. They've agreed we've agreed to an arbitration which teach these things secrets. He didn't get a little tennis. Well that the criminal cases differ but the civil side of the north person camp. Make a criminal complaint against the rapists and that of course is a public matter. But sometimes at least those are not prosecuted at least through the end there may be a charge filed by. Many of these women who were assault to earn our intoxicated for instance in those can be difficult case mr. crew. But when those women probably civil lawsuit there's amount of money law suit. That is bound by the arbitration and they make a civil claim. And CNN found that there are at least a 103. Uber drivers so the last four years. There are sexually assaulted women and most folks say it's got to be a lot more than. How many goober drivers are there in total driving all around the country. Well there are thousands and thousands of them. And who were just took a step yesterday. Waving the confidentiality. In in the trade are waving arbitration. Provision in the past saying you've been sexually assaulted. You won't have to be bound by this secret proceeding you can file your lawsuit. If you want in that instance. A first step a long overdue but it's one of only many hurdles Google has put in front of victims of sexual assault on Hoover garbage mouth. Raise an independent contractor defense especially these are our employees. So the problem is whether it's an arbitration or down at the courthouse. They are still reserving the right to say we're not responsible for the starter who committed a criminal even though he great Cuban we put you in the car with. Wow aren't so our producer did a quick Google search and found out that there. At least in the available records that Google would pull off that there's three incidents kind of pending in the Richmond area since new years alone. But new verse saying that there addressing this issue by increasing the screening of their drivers. Well that that was part of the announcement that I saw it many critics including myself have said. That Cooper need to do more meaningful church of the drivers criminal history including the state of the art which is fingerprinting. Hoover did not do that. And that should be required. And in many people think. In an ongoing reviews sometimes they're done you know on a yearly basis they should be done more often than that in my opinion. And then lastly I think who Bershard retro actively ways. Confidentiality provisions and settlements Zetterberg may have done in the past with strict terms. O Lugar drivers who have been sexually assault and I think all those would be necessary steps that rumor has not yet taken and should carry. Well Quinton since you have worked on a number of these cases let me ask you for those who are listening to this program who have. Who use Hoover or maybe have children who were. At school in big cities and use Hoover what are the what are the common scene is that that seemed to be recurring. With these types of assault she mentioned that some of the women are intoxicated. And those are the ones who wind up being. A fondled or assaulted is there is there any trend that you've seen here that you can identify. But that trend is that well meaning friends are placing their intoxicated. Coke friends basically into the dupers believing and trusting that rumor has it that it. These drivers and believing and trusting that. The passengers who were intoxicated will be safer traveling and maneuver. The name would be driving insult you and then there's a case could be made for that. The problem is while Cooper you know which is a seventy billion dollar company by some estimates has made promises of safety and streaming. It is my belief that there are not living up to those promises and I think he's. Assault these ongoing and consistent assault. Indicate in confirmed that. And so it's like anything else you probably don't wanna get in the front seat with the driver that sometimes happens and sometimes the Smart Cooper driver who's asking. Don't do that it's not a bad idea to take a picture of the license plates of the car and turned it. Know who it is and follow up and it's best not to remember a lot. Area where that and I remember my first. I can't take any times I've seen friends of mine put a drunk friend and he in the New Bern just kind of slap the back of the car and assume that they'll arrive and how much a package and UPS is dropping them off. And you know that's that's nigh eve to think that that is always gonna work out that way quit broad and attorney who who works on these two were related assault case is really appreciate you. A bringing it to our attention and giving us some advice to avoid being one of your clients and future thanks Glenn. There are.