Trump to Speak at CPAC

John Reid
Friday, February 23rd

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They're gonna have quite the experience for the losses from its in Asia. And they love it I'm I'm stereotyping here but I think it's pretty true based on my experience when I've been an Asia. A blonde woman in Asia. If you touch jury it's good locker or at least that's what they said my sister was with me in Beijing. And the first few days she was very OK with that. But then everybody kept touching her touching or structure everything she has blonde hair everywhere we went. And at some point it Ghana got a little old. I laughed I thought it was tested OK when I touch she was a good luck but. Did bill bill have a field day with a bunker at 606 here on this Friday morning at the 23 day of February. 2018. You're listening to Richmond's morning news and I'm Jon reads very very thankful that you are with us in the audiences we. Kick off this final work day you know plus the week went crazy week it is man some good news lots of bad news. And bills emperor is RW RVA reporter he keeps track of what's happening in Washington. Forests and keeps an eye on the the big news stories that take place down south's is specifically. What has been happening in Florida and build joins us now lots of kind of give us. A rehash of what has some unfolded this week good morning to you bill. Hey good morning John first of all you have me chuckling mayor because. I was in Beijing. Awhile back and neck and my wife went through the same thing is not a blob of this guy gets saved your man people are checked in new out now as fit as you pointed out. And they can get away with any saying as long as they say it's for deadlock that that makes it and a sense and circuit it's. Played the right. Oh yeah IAA it well this week is certainly been an interesting week and everything going on with the president is listening sessions. Without victims and parents on Wednesday Evan yesterday with law enforcement and education officials and then. Today he will speak to seat backs so. It will be an interesting day as well today Woolsey the president continues to ramp up his rhetoric a little bit he was kind of subdued on Wednesday yesterday a little more forceful wind is viewed on arming teachers. With those law enforcement education officials are today he'll be speaking to Prejean have acquired they're actually back we'll see what he has to say today especially after the fiery speech that Wayne Lapierre delivered yesterday. Yeah for the first folks who aren't familiar with C pac I've been to refer are numbered years of course my former boss George Allen spoke there as one of the keynote speakers when I was his communications director tell people what seed packet is all about just so they know the context in which. The president is a speaking. Well really it BSE back stand for Conservative Political Action Committee and that's exactly what what it's all about two to advance the conservative agenda to discuss the conservative agenda and what needs to be done to continue to expand. The the Conservative Party in the conservative branch of the of the Republican Party in this country. So that's who we hear at this sect conference we hear from. Yesterday of course and Wayne Lapierre of the NRA. So this is president Trump's big step of that day he will be speaking to today but got its interest sang I looked at his back it is speech from last year when he talked about everything from our border security. To immigration to trade and that step to getting Americans off of welfare. I think his speech this year is going to be a little more limited. Gone it's going to be a big part of it number two of course he will talk about his accomplishments in this first year of his administration and what he has done to advance that conservative agenda. About no doubt come to be a big part of it this year. Yeah I was there in the audience for president Trump's speech last year and it was an electric environment. Because these are the people who are really put it on the line for Donald Trump and may be viewed what we were a month out from the inauguration and he had all been beaten up by their family and friends like average I support Donald Trump. I'm really curious to see. Of course it won't be there for the speech is more about amid interest to do watch it to see whether. The enthusiasm. Is even remotely in the same realm because he's disappointed. Some and his base with some of the changes that he's made. We now pay and what will really be interesting to see is I think it depends on what his message is today to the group on how he will be received. I'm looking forward to seeing what he says. About two do what they he has set over the last couple of days that really runs counter to what the NRA says for instance raising age limits on certain type of firearms. Perhaps even banning bumps stocks I mean ban is eight bad word of the NRA even if they have agreed that maybe they should be regulated somehow. There the president as said that the NRA are good people and we'll do the right thing. They generate quickly coming back and saying. We're not changing our stance our our views are not shifting on things so amazing to see how the president addresses that issue today because some of the things he has proposed in the last week. Run counter to what the NRA stands for. And they are an important group within the Republican constituency. The Donald Trump has to hold on to bills them for our WRB reporter. Covering all things in DC and around the country who appreciate you joining us has always hero Richmond's morning news thanks. You're welcome governor we get you to appreciate it.