Trump Rally and NK Prep

John Reid
Monday, March 12th

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For this meeting between president trump and the president of North Korea continues to dominate. A lot of conversation in Washington especially don't especially in the hi international circles Michael Bowers RW RVA reporters covering things in DC forest today and joins us now. Live to talk about that so what's the scramble in DC to try to figure out how to. How to handle this so where it should be and who should be involved and and what's on the table Michael. Vietnam listened to be a lot of scramble going on and and some of it has to do with the details of how this meeting is going to go down where this meeting you're gonna go down those kind of issue but then there's other issues where there are people behind the scenes that are saying that there's not something the president should be doing he should not be taking this meeting it legitimizes. North Korea as a nuclear power legitimizes Kim Yung moon as a that's somebody that the US should be dealing with on a face to face basis and all of that seems to be concerning sort of behind the scenes. And when Donald Trump brought upbeat meeting patents so that Pennsylvanian started Pittsburgh where he was speaking on Saturday night. He mentions the address of the meeting with president condoned and that I have started to boo. And what I thought was interest in with the president trump at that point. Quote the crowd by saying listen. You can feel free to do after this meeting happens if nothing gets done or did he. The meeting doesn't happen at all but right now let's try to remain as optimistic as possible they're cutting back on their nuclear testing let's just wait and see what can be done here and and and that knowing the president trump wants to create a deal wants to talk face to face the Cuban government. It's about a great way to deal with the crowd at that time. Really interesting to see that audience not on board with a new wonder whether they were booing him or. Are booing him case. And without Alex we felt like he was the first time we're getting sort of the people's reaction to this meeting in regards to North Korea after the announcement by Donald Trump's. So it was I correct what I heard this weekend that the White House did not. Just formally say this thing's not gonna happen on the South Lawn we're not doing a state visit to DC that seems crazy that it would even be. I in the works. Yeah I'll run shot said that there would there's no time and place obviously this has been decided upon at this point. I was on ABC's this week not ruling out any location in fact he did say that a meeting could happen at the White House but highly unlikely the president will travel to North Korea whatsoever in fact there was even up supposedly. Through some of the news media outlets to a report that Vladimir Putin was offering my skeletal location for the two people go. You've been a real defense which we. He praised her to do it at the White House or the doing mosques cup does from a PR standpoint. Wow -- I met there was also new is that Rex Tillerson the secretary of state. Revealed that he didn't even know about this until after it had been released. By the White House amend that seems odd that she wouldn't bring in your chief diplomat to make sure that he's aware of it. He will think that that would be one of the first places you would go in order to make sure that everybody was on board and how things were gonna go and and if also. Becomes a little scary behind the scenes because there's not a lot of representation from the US. In that part of the world as far as ambassadors go and and representatives from Koreas South Korea North Korea and not a whole lot going on the we can kind of based any discussion as to what's happening locally to gauge any sort of element of both the political side of things as well as the individual people's side of things there. And then you've got the president saying I'm signing up for this meeting and almost sort of a way. That a guy who would run a company would say I'm signing up on this you just make it happen and that's kind of what I feel like it's happening in regards that the conversation with North Korea. Twelve it's certainly different from what we've seen in the past Michael Bauer RW RBA reporter let me. We're talking to him live about what's happening in DC and a lot of eyebrows raised over the weekend with the president's trip that you alluded to. In Pennsylvania he's campaigning or he was campaigning for Rick's account. And this special election is tomorrow what are the poll showing there. At this point there's there's not much difference between the two in regards Susan Cohn and I believe I've tried to lamb I think as a gentleman's name which is trying to think of what the president referred to him ask to the president came up with a nickname for him as well so it looks like at this point and then again to try to gather some Beatles for the actual book a book about three point difference that may be. Let him plus and minus and that's the economy be leading some of the polls with three point lead. There are many of them and have them behind somewhere in the five to six point difference so it's a tight race and I think that this is going to be one of those occasions that write up about the president coming out there and speaking on behalf of Scott although. If you can guess the first five minutes of the last five minutes of the president's speech you didn't know that that's why he was there is 75 minute speech barely included the fact it's a couple of running. Tom this is one of those moments where you see where the president dominated in the in the polls there for the election. Came out and won the crowd over like crazy just Indians Saturday night's speech to the difference is he going to make here is that going to be able to elicit caught up in about and win in this special election on Tuesday or we can kind of see this. Slow moving almost under the radar kind of a loss for the president we'll have to see how that's gonna pan out here what what did the president coming to town actually mention do. I guess his political lever thing he's just got to get on base south and it they doubt no doubt it because. Analysts jam by the so every shell that politically and couldn't. I couldn't pick a mile liberation cricket under Al and wonder how many people which is the best of nickname. Have given him you know T shirt or something with his Donald Trump make dame and it's almost a badge of honor for some some sure. Really that would usually be retiring that Jersey with the land that jam on the back of it on somewhat. Am real quick what it what is the story about Betsy to boss we know she's the secretary of education she's been controversial I think some that's unfair. People beating up on it but the president has named her as the head of the school safety commission. That seems odd to me that she would done you would double dip they are because she's got a lot on her plate already. Yes she does have a lot of obliterated peace on the sixty piece on sixty minutes interview she was asked whether or not the first schools in Michigan were doing well she didn't seem to have that information gathered and ready to go. I'm so it does seem like she's got a lot on her plate already but it would seem to mean that would the president was trying to do the White House is trying to do at this point was to. Put the person sort of in charge of education in charge of helping in education and the safety of students there and that's kind of what it appeared to meet. When he more Wendell White House anyways 'cause throughout their proposition that they wanted to have law enforcement in new parts of education military and then retired law enforcement and that led to deposit kind of gonna oversee the whole thing to come yes a lot of her play but it seemed like he could technically fall right under category for a job. Yeah I mean it's it's it's in that pits and that umbrella are under that umbrella Michael baur WR BA reporter from DC always appreciate you joining us thank you.