Trump May Have Lost on Sanctuary Cities

John Reid
Wednesday, May 16th

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We talk about this Supreme Court ruling from early in the week. That had to do with some betting on sports events all across the country. But how does this have by an impact on some other real policies hot button issues that we've been discussing for several years Trevor Burress is with the center for constitutional studies. At the Cato Institute in joins us now yes. Try to put this in perspective so explain to me Trevor and to our audience for those who weren't paying attention when not. When the original ruling came daddy and you hear sports betting and like yeah whatever I don't really care about that. But what was the ruling and how could it have an impact on a multitude of other issues. They'll do really strange law when I first saw this cup before my gut check kind of laughed out loud get set. The federal government prohibits states from legalizing gambling which which have constitutional laws that you want to stop all the students sovereignty and I think that conservatives usually talk about more than a global and that goes back. Into the Nomar these basic rule is and to make sure to achieve think about the fact that the state created the federal government. And all the way to think about it that the states are the tangible in the tribal garb of the TV and so I. What got a garbage from strategists and stage to do stuff for our share of the Supreme Court says no you don't serve that included case and actually absorbent. After the Brady bill actual terms where four wild followed government hold. Build local lodge portion officers in the state could they had to run back tracks on gun purchasers and record though they dealt. Without the B cannot conscripts and agents to fortune cannot construction government tore through the program and so police force Jamaican different walks and so it. They don't hear option. There's no short studies for instance had so that you're that you are not allowed to make gambling. Legal again. A government could make gambling illegal in the entire country if they've been anyway so I do that they just excited to operate to the states in the Supreme Court struck it belch. There's the implication is stronger soldier for the Sanctuary City cases that are moving through the course right now. Com. I'm trying to think of how this has a practical impact on. The discussion that we've been having for the last what six months we're individual cities. Have said you know we're not gonna require police officers to check. I. Or not cooperate with the maybe not obstruct them and then maybe two are short not cooperate with federal officials. As you would expect them to if they were trying to enforce the law and is it as a new once there but I guess that's really important. You're not open about the classic. Option so aware of the FBI comes into the local district and says hey you're short shorts now but you we don't have to do that credit and I want to that would make sense and that's the strange thing where the total number caps with the assistance of state law enforcement officers they keep the tab and then followed it just election. Just say hey if you are just as well didn't grab to convert that potential that held in the bin turn to general session of winning which took out federal law but for the states aren't allowed. To part of that law enforcement officers. Problem and the shifting federal immigration Porsche actually then got changed kind of similar. Two states are allowed to authorize sports addict. And got it to the Supreme Court struck down a lot at stake are a lot about our chart and against. But fortunately I gear and she. So Tuesday morning they have to addiction should lawyers association chasing each there are there amid the Greeks who scored new authority that came out. In their kitchen agenda generally I chipped it helped that of course or at the Justice Department has in two mutuality essential actually changing. Because pitching problems or religious commanding the stage to do things and then the ball supported funding that there were holding at about. What all the problem was distributed by the executive wasn't in the congressional ought sabbatical working either. Well we're talking to Trevor boroughs from the center for constitutional studies a Cato Institute this this federal funding issue on Matt has bin indeed. The carrot for the stick depending on how you look at it that Donald Trump and Republicans in congress have been talking about using. To try to coerce. Slash force cooperation with the feds could so that really is stripped out unless it's. Written into the law. Our you this question I often ask students and cereal which a lot of people do you know that's why do they drew GH 21 and all the states. That there's no actual federal drinking age law compared blob digital nature drinking age 21. We won't give you total it up so all the states and so okay. So that the principle to conclude the principle that followed luck about it that. It's conditional spending. And after being bought out to record contract also sure that I give that you bit staged by the congress for the Bob Bennett it still turned out to be clear. And you can't have terms later added by the president prime so they also have to be related you see these. Condition so. Their Supreme Court Chad woke I was funding and drug drug because something to do you child relationship stage trial what are you wouldn't miss Bartlett tried to questions ago. Go to the drug or a black. That that everything to do because they're so big problem here is that the conditions that word that it would put out there are encouraged by the executives just like changes contract. Lee Kirk. On just one party change the contract and debt that's been pretty clear that you bronco chase saw that Justin Smith got Obama can do a lot to coerced into the body without too much in my opinion but there's tradition. Restrictions on that bad back and have been by a foul. And it's got to be on the front end really interesting dynamic here Trevor Burress with so the center for constitutional studies at the Cato Institute appreciate you joining us this morning thank you. Can trap make.