Trump Infrastructure, Budget, Immigration Debate

John Reid
Tuesday, February 13th

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This goes on and on I guess it's all lose. The city's thirteen plus high. There we go but. Sorry. Let's just play this for the next half hour I could extend. So we shouldn't be laughing it's it's only Tuesday and this is the attitude we have on Friday to see since the thirteenth day of February 2018. Very glad your with this for Richmond's morning news I'm John Reed RE let's go to Cheryl reed RW RBA reporter covers DC for us and share and the president stepped up with his long awaited dot infrastructure proposal yet gem this this is a big one but it's got a lot of people come scratching their heads what's what's the take. Can you give us the synopsis of what he had to say yesterday. In fact he's still talking about it this morning you get treated about two and a little less than an hour ago about how the infrastructure plan has been put forward. And we see he writes great reviews by everyone except of course the Democrats. And the reason is these two and a half trillion dollar infrastructure plan called for just a small part of that 200 billion. To come from actual federal spending the federal government to look after would be made up under this proposal from. State and local governments and private investments and help. Democrats were pretty quick to criticize that say state and local governments already shouldering that's a big amount of that. Trying to deal with their occur you know fixing infrastructure and so forth and he's such Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer on the senate floor with a big sign next to and that's the trump. Holes on the referring to the fact that this that highways were you know from now free highways will probably have to have told they project that's. In order to make up the difference between what the federal government will be under. And what is being called for for repairing all of the infrastructure one and a half trillion. There's also a big boost to the military in the overall budgets. How how big or is that. The 116 billion dollars in defense 24 billion that kicks. Beef up the nuclear defensive the F nuclear Triad the submarine land based in their launch missiles from the president's head. It's very enthusiastic about that and said you know this is to deal with threats from North Korea. Or China and Russia things like that and so. A lot of money a lot of money as well for border security 23 billion for border security and immigration enforcement another eighteen billion over the cheers for the promised border wall. There's money in married you heard in the news task force them populated diction big specifically for opiate addiction it's thirteen million. Well and then you get to the cut and there are a lot of proposed cuts. And that is you have a lot of lawmakers on Capitol Hill saying that this is just a starting point because. Because State Department by 23 in the EPA they're going after they APA again that cutting that that budget by about a quarter. I'm these billions that would be cut from crop insurance that farmers used to that protect themselves from crop losses there's. Medicaid Medicare and Social Security disability cuts proposed in this budget so. A food stamps this supplemental nutrition assistance program. The Corporation for Public Broadcasting all the other thread there were these are proposed a year ago I didn't go anywhere. A lot in congress are saying those cuts probably won't go that far in this time around either. So cool how can they be as it cuts of such significance and a budget that's bigger than ever. He became the budget director Mitch didn't make Bob Cheney used to on Capitol Hill today he'll because testified before the Senate Budget Committee. You say yesterday he said it doesn't Valentin he knows that. And then the guy who is kind of a Tea Party are so that's kind of goes against his past. I'm Leahy said in order to make it balance it would have to be what he called funny money on the right it does have a old Raleigh three point six trillion dollar. If you reduce the deficit did include that much. However overall it would explode the deficit that's projected to back at seven point one trillion over the next decade. So it's not anywhere near balanced. And that'll be a big issue when the when he gets to Capitol Hill and people start talking about. Not only the cuts but the overall impact the deficit. And a lot of conservatives really really upset about this. Absolutely and they based that you heard from the Rand Paul. Type people he last week and the overnight into Friday morning when he delayed the actual passage of the of the proposal led them fund the government until March 23. Com where he held that up because of the impact that has to the deficit which. There's a lot of others on the hill both in the house and the senate that are very unhappy with the way this is going that they did this deficit spending. Justice means they've GOP can no longer call itself the party of fiscal responsibility there. They're very unhappy about that so how we had been cut I mean but we know everyone seems to be applauding the then the large amount of allotment toward the defense spending. Questioning the board alone you know in Edmonton course the president promised those months ago that the Mexican. Mexico would pay for it and I think are more about that. And it does you know I mean the infrastructure as well I mean people agreed this bipartisan support for improving infrastructure. Welcome Donna high you can paint forced. And I'd be remiss if I let you go without asking about the senate debate on immigration it's actually started or is it set to begin. They they voted yesterday 97 to one to begin debate big debate actually begins today. Dad lining up behind this proposal that came from Republicans Sunday on similar to what the White House who proposed it does have money for the border wallet does create a path to citizenship for. About two million dreamers he also would prohibit the dreamers from being able to sponsor their parents. For citizenship it limits family based migration what the president called chain migration and it would end the diversity lottery program. That's controversial in the Democrats are likely to come forward starting today without amendments. It's whatever can get. The sixty votes to end a filibuster and move it through the senate. That'll come forward to this sort of piecing it together as we go along they're hoping for a vote by the end of this week we'll see. And then of course everything I have to go to the house and there's no guarantee of what what might get through there. Yeah I don't see how to get sixty votes for any of that but I. So we'd keep our eyes open Sharon reed RW RBA reporter covering DC thanks so much for the update I'm sure we'll talk to you as the week unfolds. You've got to have a good day thank you very much.