State GOP on Comey and Midterms

John Reid
Monday, April 16th

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Let's talk to the chairman of the Republican party of Virginia John with them. Joins us now to give us his assassin I guess I should start by asking you what's your reaction was to the gym Komi interview. Over the weekend. Well you know Jim economy unfortunately will go down in history as the bitter angry. Old director of the FBI. You know it's interesting that the RNC has been put mouse. A tremendous amount of information starting with a lifeline to be the most interesting part of this and that is. Do you excessive amount of Democrat condemnation came out against him in 2016. Where and he was perceived to be attacking Hillary Clinton so basically. This bipartisan disdain for a man who's acting more like a political hack and somebody who's who's a public service just trying to do the right. Even if even if we dismiss Jim Komi he does come across pretty well in these interviews app I'm I'm disinclined to believe his assessment or to go along with his assessment at center you are too. But what do you think about the president's. Tweets. You know we used to him being a little more bombastic that is his style. But is he creating more trouble for himself by going after Jim Thome in the manner that he is do you think. I don't think so I think you know the president's style is what it is it's never change it's been exactly the same since the moment he was on the stage. In the first Republican presidential debate in Ohio well let's turn people. He's been the same ever sent to do this it is no different there's nothing new here. But I think the difference in this particular situation right now is what people they're going to be sympathetic to this because of what you see any. And communicate via the IG report comes out showing really serious breaches. Of does the public trust for a phone number to the FBI. In this is going to income these slot so I just I think economy is is really revealing New Year's and this is not gonna help. Is his cause to try to be remembered as a good public servant rather as a political act. Will we are in the count down. Here in Virginia for elections. The congressional elections coming up in November. And you know Republicans didn't fare very well in the last. Statewide election which was last November where do we stand with the Republican Party now I view. Have you all done some soul searching do you think Donald Trump is someone you you need to embrace or do you put some distance between the the president and and the Republican candidates of what's your assessment of the way things stand for Republican candidates in the commonwealth. Well let me let me start in your area I think everybody used to dig deep threat supporter needs to realize that that that election is going to be tight. They're score there's a lot of appetite on the left should huge amount. He is you know even the Washington Post which is become just one big hit piece against my party. You put up front page story about how endangered date Brad as I think the best way overstating the situation but. That's a race where we should absolutely be completely 100%. On on alert working as hard as we possibly can take nothing for granted and and keep that sheet. In Republican hands I talked to Dave yesterday he is working tirelessly around the clock. Making sure that he's doing the things he can do you got if you don't consult searching idle all thought I surely know by like that that term. It took to describe what we've been doing because you know we we miss you we. This interpreted the data and in this turn out nobody even Democrats will tell you they didn't see it coming. We we we turned out more voters than than we thought we had to and the fact of the matter is they're just more enthusiastic on the other side that you got seventeen are we gonna theory that some of the around the stage I'm doing another one on Saturday in. The ninth district down with bill. And more coming up where if you know sort of what are. Our plan is going forward for how we do business a little differently. And and it really comes down to understanding that there are two types of voters there are Republican voters are Democrat voters and whoever turns out about more of their. Based Wendy's election there's very few independent voters left I think people are just taking sides must polarized environment. We're talking to John whitbeck the chairman of the Republican Party Virginia and John certainly you talked to more people and I do personally. On a regular basis but I. I got a Ted Leo we around and riker account a chesterfield county and enrichment. I I talk people known for years to a self identify as Republicans are not running away from that but I it's almost 5050. I've got some people who hate Donald Trump so much. Who still identifies Republicans say this is a killer for us we just kill our party. And then I've got other people say the reason that Ed Gillespie isn't governor Virginia today. Is that he didn't fully embraced Donald Trump in their opinion that he didn't he didn't come right out and say I'm a trump guy I'm on board with him and I'm gonna defend him. Which do you think is more accurate. Well first of all this and we're not seeing anything different in in the president's perception and we did during the Obama administration immediately and I would I was just watching. We know in a new show I watch morning to basic mainstream point and that is you know George W. Bush was very polarizing him. Barack Obama is reporting that Donald Trump as much as where we are the country out to get necessarily unique to this president. And didn't do the wave election of 2010. Is being compared a lot to. You know the alleged blue wave that's coming in 2018 to politics and the United States to change very much. I am one of those people that think no matter what you do that the Republicans you're going to be at the trump guy. There's nothing you can do about you can you can stand on the top of the capital and scream obscenities. Throughout the president urged the Democrats are still gonna run against because they have no message all we're gonna do is attack tried and tried it took so. Look he's our president he's he's in the White House. We should be using that. Resource it and the fact that when he brings. Thousands maybe tens of thousands summoned to the people out to these rallies. It has an actual impact on politics and other actual impact on elections and so I'm a proponent of you're utilizing. The incredible amount of motivation that comes with a trump. Parents and and united did nothing Ed Gillespie could have done differently that would have made any difference between seventeen and in the ditch it that it bought back. So right now. Tweaking that totally different place between federal year it's congressional districts it's not a statewide election yet you don't have a nominee yet. This is we need to think about it from that perspective and not look backward between seventeen. Well it's good to talk DN hopefully get a chance step. A fine tune that as we head towards November John whitbeck the chairman of the Republican Party Virginia really do appreciate you joining us here on Richmond's morning news this morning hey thank traveling.