Selection Sunday Recap

John Reid
Monday, March 12th

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This basketball. I don't think in the background Gary Katz joins us to talk sports. As everybody it's takes an hour or two from their busy work schedule when they're being paid. To fill out their brackets. To pay an hour or two down one at least. I mean you who work here really calculate image under a lot of time spent on brackets not admits it of people that are going to be watching from noon on Thursday and Friday you have the the challenge here is to do it in pan am right. I'm always doing pencil jackets but I mean you don't you don't seem to have your confidence is yeah electronically now so most of the bracket. The death. Still gold school here you got a piece of paper. All ciller now with pay and then in the site history and all of terror up and pro another woman doing you know okay. You know so. Let's let's talk first though where they're win they're snobs. When this was announced amid the people who were really mad today. You know it's the teams on the bubble there were you know Oakley you know it's it's more about. Minutia who guy you know they'll the last four teams they got the end. Worse saint Bonaventure UCLA Syracuse there's a mistake same Bonham Richie UCLA have no issue observed or were. Syracuse in Arizona State when you look at some of the other teams that did not again in Oklahoma who got in as a ten seed not a more on the last for an prime. You know teams like Oklahoma State middle Tennessee USC Baylor Saint Mary's Louisville. Have an argument and are any of them are egregious. Now. I mean you're on the ball and so you know win more games he'll get in war you know. Plain and simple you know do do I have some call me what the committee did putting this bracket together at that the bottom of the bracket yeah I do. But. None of those teams have I'm gripes that I would call egregious and and everybody agrees that guy you VA should be in that top spot right yeah it's it's cash it's got a funny you VA. I'm going 171 in the ACC considered it's not 11 of the two toughest leagues in the country. And then rolling to the AC tournament like they did this week is a twenty and one on the TS ACC competition this year. Beat Carolina twice beat duke. When you look at the other you know top easily beat Clemson twice so I mean Louisville three times. So you know I think did undisputed number one going in now whether or might thinks they're gonna win and all that's a whole different sort here because this tournament. Is this is this is this big bowl loaded delicious this. Because you get the Cinderella teams these Leo that win their conference they give in to get the big teams get in and these first two days. Four days really are just as we get from 64 down the street sixteen Thursday through Sunday. Are just you know it's it's like Christmas for sports fans literally really is we're making the assumption that UV game. Wins Friday in America and number sixteen are now one is never lost to a 16 am. Georgetown in 1989 came close against Princeton. But not yet Virginia should and will take care Merrill mall sport counting the retriever Ers. Available more telling. And then should move on to face either Creighton. Then to the sweet sixteen in Atlanta. Where. You're probably gonna run into a Kentucky. For a buffalo I mean Orrin Arizona. And that you know you VA is going to be tested next game no doubt about it Cincinnati Tennessee also in that bracket. In the east so Purdue doesn't have a cakewalk to the final four. The final four the only thing left off Tony minutes Reza may in this time of Virginia. A couple years ago they look like they were only a lot to get there and melted down in the in the elite eight. But it'll be itching to see how Virginia performs but they have been up to certainly every single challenge so far this year yeah were you said that bids debatable whether they they don't win it all. Who is going to be. Your number one at the end of your bracket I haven't got as I'd ever decided they are I'll let you know I won't let you know before the games start on Thursday. But yeah I'm way too soon in my process. But what do you do what are you what are you gonna do over the next three days I'll watch a lot I read a lot all right Nan and and it's paralysis of analysis desire over analyze this which is why state can fill us now. You know I know extra money. If you do and that may be. Maybe a pittance. OK maybe pittance but dumb yet Villanova is going to be a team to watch Virginia Tech could play Villanova in the second round the Hokies play Alabama on Thursday and Pittsburg. And then Saturday would face likely Villanova. Was the hokey win on Thursday night itself. ACC has fifteen teams nine of them got in the tournament that tells our need there. Now about how good. The ACC is. And then of course the other thing is trying to figure out who are the teams the wells of the eleven of the thirteen that are gonna pull off that upset in advance unexpectedly in the second round because it happens. Every year. You saw last while it's on March Madness and they're anybody future watching that everybody else's on. Kind of OK I don't watch it some of the same teams that everybody else's is is watching in terms of upset alert and no bombs yeah I mean everybody you know it's so funny the early buzz is about loyal law. Who's an eleven seed Murray State who's a twelve. Stephen F Austin is a fourteen so we'll have to wait and see Charleston. Is it is it is another team the bears watching. But in the first round so well in. You know also my hands up 'cause and I am just not sure so what. They are you giving this Timmy and DNC and I can put it on the website on every tee up Thursday mourners at Corning tyrant are you coming at a record Jones and you'll see things Thursday morning we'll sing and I gotta say I'm eating compare my pixel Alonso is yet and that's exactly what it would being. I call on I don't know 12 years ago and did you do well. I did better than Jimmy. Lauren as well as Joey yeah I remember a one year my wife one when I used to run like a little bracket pool cleaning my wife one and one year. Com. Based on around picks yes. Yeah editor sausage did intercept I was informed it wasn't just are you know I wouldn't say it was informed it was an for a minute that she knew what one in sixteen minutes and not. So she knew what the seeds meant and she lives with me so the little osmosis but she's up. C she's here you ranting and raving and now look at the end yeah I would either call Alonso or or or dad and see if he's got an opinion. Cautioned that most if they both do that. The arguing for a one thing's for sure this will be broken down ad nauseam between now and noon on Thursday fantastic. Are we'll keep our eyes open for what you come up with Gary.