Russian Spy Poisoned in UK

John Reid
Tuesday, March 13th

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Russia is it's currently up to no good news. At least there's some Russian operatives that are out today OK Tom rivers is our ABC news correspondents and London and he joins us now live. To explain why a Abu precarious relationship between the brits and the Russians it was on displaying. In the house of commons yesterday with the prime minister good morning to you Tom. Say good morning John yes the prime minister here Teresa may look kind of updating everybody. And in essence the boil down she's said the British government come to the conclusion that yes it this particular substance called no but chuck. Was produced in a Russian facility and she said after the fork in the road either it was just speak sponsored it all our. This cell block out the door over the past three years and somehow got into it I heard and and delivered in this way and then of course with berets look. A slew of questions on deny liability on the motivations and Federer etc. Edited cleared my. And you have people like us Sergey Lavrov the foreign minister are saying look I'm Alina we we we from the get go we understood that there could be some fingers being pointed at our direction. In under the chemical weapons convention they ask for a sample that feel good matched up with what they produce their baby is early news. The seventy through 93 and the stiff arm from the UK so again it's a good they're having their own troubles and tried to get to the bottom of this thing. And then got a rumble on your job and cctv footage being gone through by the police at Federer Federer. You probably will be something like we saw the poisoning of this. Former. KGB officer Alexander lit video angle twelve years ago. No conclusive evidence and hence it is a question mark over that and twelve years from now probably get a question mark over this because there's not going to be any before coming that's gonna nail this to any individual. And this latest incident is Serge Scot light pole and his daughter. At the new rule are these people. Q what they are you that they military. Intelligent person and had sold some secrecy MI six British intelligence service over here. Why you were jailed for thirteen years there was this spy swaps so I think he served about four years and all in all came to the UK living here there was some that would be opposite direction. And it we don't we really don't know. How active he was in the quarter and quote British intelligence. Shamir over the past few years here. Would seek totally quietly via what he's doing a lot of we don't know we don't have a clue. But sultry there pretty quiet little little village here is about eighty miles west of London. Where this thing happen and again people scratching their heads saying wow how did happen here. Now like a lot of question it's like the movies. I mean I hate to go back to something is tried as Abbott is like the movies where you have someone who is attempting. It appears to get out of that Weis. And and it's impossible for them to do it and now the prime minister has given. President Putin of Russia 48 hours to answer these charges. Yeah and at the 48 hours to face yet mature hand up we were behind it or. No we think it may be similar felt walked out of this lab lab with into Uzbekistan. And the Russian official resigned his left it in 93 was there for six years job. Until US experts arrive dismantled it in decontaminated. So like yeah. I guess there was ample opportunity for people in the NL. To take some of that spelled out and debuts that it at a future date that is one possible scenario. And you can understand why an international city with lots of some government officials from around the world like London and quite frankly like. Washington DC your new Yorker wouldn't would want to slap the hand of many governments have tried to do that on their soil if the Kremlin doesn't come clean. What could. Britain do in response here. You know until liquid is I would've would've. Russia or the state wasn't really behind some other gonna say riverboat is really the heck we didn't know him now you can keep bound in the dark and we're gonna keep saying we didn't know. The response here will be on again. Teresa may have a very very weak prime minister dealing below with a bracket right now that we could prime minister covered in thirty years here. She got a camera slaps a more sanctions on Russia. And Russian gonna say well that's okay you know the next winner when you need some gas don't come crawling to us scooter and I guess valiantly to. There also could be a diplomatic. Expulsions and of course. Russia's got good same thing to the UK so we visited almost first showed job. Is gonna grab a lot of headlines and you know what ever. Britain does it's gonna feel the same implication coming back and it further down the road. But his interest in that they've elevated and into the public's fear here with that very public speech yesterday Tom rivers are ABC news correspondent. I in London really appreciate that update thank you.