Russia Report and PA Special Election

John Reid
Tuesday, March 13th

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We continue. To examine. Russia. And there efforts to influence our elections but did they collude to. With the trump campaign. More with Hillary's campaign for that matter. Kills them for as RW RVA reporter and he's in Pennsylvania today monitoring a special election up there. But bill let me start. With this house Intel report which I feel caught me by surprise did you know this thing was coming out yesterday or at least had a discussion on that. And LR IA but that you knew that things were coming toward the end of the investigation of the House Intelligence Committee. Just because of some of the things that have happened over the past couple of weeks you knew that it was winding down but no there was no. I'll prior knowledge of anything happening like this don't want to because of a surprise that it came out and of course. A do is shocking to the Democrats that that that was a conclusion. Damn why release it now was this to get ahead of what would be expected this night thing for Democrats is that why was kind of secret. Well maybe and also it probably is being released now. There's so that they can get this they did what what the Republicans are basically saying John is that game all regional game over this is kind of story here we have conducted our our investigation it's over there was no collusion. And and it's time to move on I think that that they wanna get their decision out there in advance of any other investigations. That may come up with some type of ruling on bench but. IE if it's interesting because Mike Conway said yeah other may have been bad judgments or inappropriate meetings. Brought in their 150 page report there was. No collusion in fact that the report will go powder too well what should the US intelligence agencies Jeff shed. That the reports says Russia. Did not prefer Donald Trump as a presidential candidate. That flies in the face server the US intelligence agencies which also say that. Russia worked helped prompt campaign by releasing a negative information about Hillary Clinton shell. There are some things that will still be worked out here but I think the house is now saying this is game over for us. Nearly Intel community's got a lot of explaining to do there around and I'm not sure that they. They are seen as neutral parties and all of this themselves now the liability in this report for some people is that the committee didn't speak to a couple of key. Individuals that were a part of the investigate or should have been a part of the investigation in the minds of many people. Well yeah you have to remember too that some people refuse to talk to the are reduced answers some questions about House Intelligence Committee as well. Eight. And there are maybe maybe was. Feeling that there was no more progress to be made. As far as this investigation goes and it was time just to wrap it up but you could say yes there might be some loose ends dangling out there on this yet. Yeah stock kind of quieted down I'm certain of that don't. Now bills emperor is in Pennsylvania and there's a reason that your there 'cause there's a special election give us the 32. Tremor on what's happening. All right eighteenth congressional district special election to replace Republican Jim Murphy who resigned amid a scandal. This is seen as they direct referendum on the trop administration and it indicator of mid term elections but this region. This is a traditional Republican stronghold they've won eight consecutive elections in this district by more than 15% margin. The president was their over the weekend touting. They would his accomplishments and backing ricks called the Republican. And Joseph Biden was there in support of the Democrat Connor lamb. About right now Connor lamb has a slight edge in the polls. You have to remember this special election polls can be tremendously in accurate but this is seen. As it really a referendum on trump because Richard Kohn the Republican. As billed himself as competent. Before trump he's saying I was dollar drop before Donald Trump was in the White House so if there is an indicator this could be at everybody's take a key denial that. So do what does that mean I was trouble before Donald Trump I was brash and and I told it like it was her or her. Would do what exactly does that mean. I don't think he's too much like that but I think what he's talking about is chaos I'm for the working person and I'm gonna care about you I care about you I don't care about good enough but I don't care about foreign agency's. But at I think that's what it's all about. However his message has been kind of lost especially among organized labor which is big Western Pennsylvania which is steel country. The united steelworkers are backing the Democrat here because that's Chacon has been called out on supporting policies. That have died stronger union membership and held down wages. So bid there's a lot of factors involved here but you could still draw a direct line to the trump campaign and it may be aligned to the mid term elections. Really interesting to watch and we will be a glued to the television tonight to see how this all plays out and Sylvain bills emperor RW RBA reporter. In Pennsylvania appreciate that update ninety. You gotta.