Roop's Richmond Recap

John Reid
Friday, February 23rd

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Welcome to this man this is what we do know how much memo gave crews a monument avenue in this nominating Gregg and he's in my true. One I don't read I don't remember this. A posse yeah I'm on remote bed on monument avenue. Are today. Not authentic to keep theatre day on this Friday morning it's 805. And you're listening to Richmond's morning news I'm John Reid. So happy that you're with us today and I am also very happy to Jason Rupp. By the former editor of style weekly and the founder of springs story. PR firm that. The Jason runs IG is gonna join us every week to talk about things that are happening around the area kind of a recap of stories that you may have missed and the one wanted to start with Jason I brought this up for. But yeah I did know the back story. They you're gonna share with this it's the last laugh award and again this Tim had danced don't leave it till we did the behind the scenes story on this. This building that VCU has snatched up. Yeah and Bert I don't appreciate you making fun of my from making not a scout decrease you don't remember it was this year you that could affect. Now it's okay take hunting in you you pay you flip if you've you've. Get the hip hop going real really is it. Who will be didn't pan DI just as it comes naturally commit how I would submit that day and I would go when that story came out coal first call without doing any of the back story on the matter in this building downtown. It is how the and I caught mansion 534 the greens on the north Harrison and people probably the NC that's right across from the Eagles went there. Can't be bought that building for a 600000 dollars. In eleven years ago and just sold it for three and a half million dollar and you guys are getting a lot of chaos. But and I think Richard in this sense so that story first and you know what's so interesting about it to me is the back story so. You all these all these years that he's owned the building AD group for. Beat you tried it by that building away from them they made offers they had come into his office into their office distributed. They worked with the previous landlord to try to connect get the nightclub kicked out they could have been there a sneaky about it. Alia the debate he said no every time. And the last I think one of the last suffered the trial reported on was the 800000 dollar offer for 2011. He said no thank you he kept running your club and you know the guy finally cashed out and being good for him for holding out. That is the that is a good return for 600003. Point five million. And Gloria got interesting the back story about DC you kind of play in both sides of it how interest rates. And he earned every penny of that plan stop and that kind of. Well let's talk about the budgets as it's been this spring we start looking at financial numbers in the city would. What's going on with our board. Yeah if it's just like you know allergies start getting you know you've you've got to do worry about the budget too at the time of the year. I'm the latest. The the latest budget news is quitting when the Cold War comes up with what it would fly. And given that the city councilman mayor today he may have heard about other budget discussions and. On how much money they like they've come up with a budget of 303 million dollar. And they give that to the mayor good please give us the money so we can do what we wanna do with the schools. On the news superintendent of you know expect that amount could go up every year as well by the way. Clinton so. What's gonna kick off the budget season which goes until July is that the mayor will come out with his proposed budget on March 6 so. That's what I'm now we're gonna see what the mayor's party tour which will be very interesting. On the heels of the New York axe. And an all the armed figuring that we should be trying to find including all the in order is on the school's. But I'm Bissell the club a lot of interest in line item could and we're gonna be watching to see who who was being given money. So let's let's not even talk about the expenses of City Hall but what organizations are getting money. I think there's going to be a big debate about that lots of public discussion. I'm in the different meetings and hearings that go on. Oh yeah once she star break him down the big number into the little numbers and where the the 101000 dollar and d.'s go and things like that people really get riled up so that'll be curious oh yeah. Jason a group of former editor of style weekly is a joining us to talk about. The highlights of this past weekend this new you'd titled the bungle of the week I did I miss a bit what what is the bungled the week. I have always there you go the people probably forgot all about the monument avenue commission because. They held its crazy meetings on the incident and it's and the mayor wanted to get started on it happened right around the time of the Charlotte so. All right since the horrible accident on because tragedy down there that happened with Fiat actually debate in the protests. And I'm certain things kind of cooled off a little better. And now there that this commission says we're gonna start eating ugandans to figure out what to do about the monument on Monday and now the now. The first meeting was supposed to be this week. The historical society around Ursula he sort Richmond and and they had to cancel it because the the sort Christian punishment wait a minute that have to be Republican. But we and we don't think we want everybody streaming into our. Our building. And and risking all of the commotion that might come with a commission meeting like that so they had to cancel an excellent that's coming up. Is now a week from today at the peace education for our. Well that's probably Smart listen I wouldn't want to watch a hostile people and mod in my building either it's no longer just if a coffee and cookies situation people are hot I'm happy now I had a he had to pick one thing for us to do this weekend Walt would be at the top your list. Well everybody knows feed more everybody knows the good work they do and especially their meals on wheels program you the truth a nonprofit in towns two that really channel that energy into getting people to do that they need basic needs here. And they are celebrating the fiftieth anniversary on meals on wheels tomorrow which he is a fast which is. Agree. Great party downtown you can get a ticket it's up convention planner and he's suit from the restaurant across the area oh yeah he had that's fast inside happening tomorrow and I'm sure he could I get online you can still get a ticket to. Very good that would sounds like a tasty way to do stuff Jason Rubin former editor of style weekly and the founder of spring story thanks for joining us as always. Here on Richmond's morning news. They aren't.