Restaurants Against Meals Tax

John Reid
Monday, February 12th

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Hey thanks Danny 735. Appear on this Monday morning the twelfth day of February 2018. I'm John Read this is Richmond's morning news now tomorrow morning we expect to lead our newscast. With news of whether the Richmond City Council has voted to accept. The mayor's proposal to raise taxes on meals in the city of Richmond without money being dedicated to renovations. And and big time. Fixes for the crumbling city school system Jake Crocker is a Richman restaurant owner and easy organizer. Of the Richmond restaurant alliance which is I understand it. Was created a large part in response to the mayor's proposal which cannot just few weeks ago Jake. Thanks for joining us here this morning you might have heard our our discussion with the mayor. On now on Friday at the end of this program what's your reaction to a his proposal and be his rationale for targeting. Restaurants to. Put the bill for the us. Polio portly people and four that came out couple weeks ago and the other person. Meal after the parties sitting. Long wanna hire equipment continuity of people don't realize the combined with the state tax and the Greek writer you'll actually increase looked at Torrey eleven point 3%. All factors to eat. And the city eat and drink and it could be Richmond and that would bring that to. Twelve pointing he person happened was 13%. So where are you higher than. The fifty largest locality in the United States so it's Asia. The dirt and heavy burden to bear if you will sort of word or not pro big period. Well a lot of folks have never run a small business. I think here of low one point 5% increase in people not very much. You know what does that really gonna do is anyone actually going to say I'm not going to eat at this restaurant in downtown Richmond I'll stay in the county. Because of that small increase. Do you have people who look at their final bill and go oh wow man up and expect to pay this and taxes. MMM what's what's your reaction to it to the folks who say this isn't. A real burden to you. Yet they complain every day so it'll say your students in my servers. Especially don't remember seeing managers you know a lot of people are. I'll. Well people who are in the restaurant business or go in their lives speaking about actors groom him. Point 32 point eight some certainty but it is it really add. And it really is. Really two things happen we do we get that. At dinner and when you're sitting down eating you god if this goes through you have twelve point 8% tax revenue certainty. I wanted to person and so on and so now you're in that. You know somewhere between thirty and 33% of understanding. Is. Not. On the mile well. Oh welcome they liked to confront server. On my server serve good what did you but they're not necessarily. Well or local politics and local policies don't think they electric purpose servers and demand to see your manager of the content they always do the same way well you know work out for the fact that there in the city put it on here. Paul. And Sebelius. You know like Condit they do this happens more crime than you think. Big it is a good development servers typically administered in this server on what they do lose a lot. They did the server stand in the week that customers had been a lot where they just like attack on the so. So once little they just consider that stood Google including. Would look settings and I hearing among the 25 year old or 22 year old beat you choose more game. And there and they're giving you don't believe there are particularly good work really hard and and there it was given to city. Because great big overcoat murder recombinant. From out of town or even further down and then don't understand wanted him to try to act is already happening in this league not the problem. Not not. Including the one point. Our winds up hurting the person who is least. Positioned to absorb that cost of the actual server that's an interesting perspective that I hadn't heard before. Why do you think. Then it appears that this tax increase is poised. To pass tonight who would what what is it about you guys that. They I mean you've you've certainly raised the issue very effectively. But it doesn't seem like it's changed anybody's mind. Little low hanging fruit you know we we don't organizer for the past couple weeks leading Republican restaurant alliance and we're. Organizers would blow up front running over a hundred restaurant clue who we really get together until we similar kind of competing against each other well rattling bitten get together more acrimonious. We got together real fast and yeah. America he said this would be an issue with little ownership of water when you know there's this munition don't bring the restaurant the other day together and it brought together. Very strongly. Against. Of this proposal I've never seen such you know Lou. Sort of group a registry to them bit by bit only got her first nearly two weeks ago right but I think they are those who now. Well so we've come together. It's been upsetting we've been fighting and battle more vulnerable we don't have that. We don't have the big tobacco money you have that they're bluffing when we're getting better. You groups that are lobbying him to. He probably actually we didn't look you're. Well we were exposed as an industry. What I like the kid he's taken a lot of money from other people expect to. Willis this does pass tonight what's your game plan man. Well we're looking into options I'm gonna look at him too well what an awful lot of Smart could suit home. Who understands. How does work and we're gonna keep fighting. They're we're looking into a petition we're reaching conclusions if that is going to go public referendum. And and we know we are reading law correctly we'll learn a new lease certain signatures. Really interesting to see this occur and hopefully. It doesn't do damage to your business I mean I'm I'm sure the mayor would agree with that sentiment. That it that we did you don't wanna kill the goose that laid the golden nag because the the restaurant business and Richmond is one of the things that has gotten. The city a great deal of detentions judge. Really appreciate you joining us today of course we'll get your reaction based on the votes tonight in Richmond City Council thank you Jack.