Pulitzer Prize Winner in Richmond

John Reid
Friday, April 20th

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So honored to have Ryan Kelly is with us today he's a former photographer for the Charlottesville daily progress and if Richmond's newest Pulitzer Prize winner. For his photographs. And it's good morning Brian how are yes. Do our Jason Bulger having me. You I mean this is it's I think you mean you mentioned this before that it says kind of a bittersweet. Honor. That. You receive this or word because it was from such a tragic day. It is complicated because the portrait obviously enabling its its highest honor any American journalist and hope to retain son. Incredibly proud of that lead but obviously it came at the cost of the death of another ire of the injuries of dozens more people and really just. Horrible tragic day for Charles Dolan firm for the country on a plane. Yeah and the picture they eat so calm obviously were on radio now that a lot of people have seen this and were moved by it. And keeps you describe the picture forests and how you got it because it's really. It's something that happened kind of when you least expected it obviously this was of the prizes for breaking news and that's the definition of that that you were in and a position to you just kind of it's noticed that something was going on. He's basically I had been. Following for blocker do this this group of counter protesters marching around the nobody had then argument slammer her attacking memory thing could follow relatively calm at the moment. And after a trough. Fourth street I just heard a car comes streaming past me and I just. Become a camera and then followed the car and then you gonna shatter run into too many pictures that possibly could that saw him. Crash into the crowd and immediately back up and then the picture that everybody scene is. Eight I mean it strike you immediately there's people flying in the air is the first thing you notice that the car crash in the them but I think led. Sticks and a lot of people after that to draw the rain is there is. Glasses flying bearer our shoes littering the ground that got knocked up people's feet there's water spraying there's. And in the background saying things like load and solidarity and it's just. A lot of really really strange horrible key guilt. When asked do you. How that picture and after it happened imagine you're standing there with a camera in your hand. Would you do next Steve do you stay DC if you can help T run back to the newsroom to get the picture up what happens. Also actually since the core immediately backed up that hill the weight came I chased down the car at the front end with food smashed up that figured he couldn't get very far. Or the police to stop them and make a quick arrest and there is such as giant who meet president ultra Charl for the day bit. And it turned out each got a wave of the coming out around the corner and then ended up a few blocks away so. I'd double want to do away at that point there is such a giant crowd where the crash was by the time I was backed out of the bottom they were. Tons of people helping the injured medics and ambulances and but it wasn't really anything for me to do with that moment and it was really that a few minutes later that I started flipping through pictures on the back Mike Cameron realize that might have something still. We year going through the photos how how did that decision making process go did did you have the ultimate sabre which photographs friend in the paper. Did you work with and our tractor or the editor. It was a a collaborative effort between the media and injured Sherwood who's the chief photographer and Westchester who managing editor at the time we all met in a park a couple of blocks away. And look at pictures on my laptop at full size. I pulled for five from the sequence but we all knew pretty quickly that that one was going to be the one that everybody reacted to you we. We didn't post it right away we took a few minutes to talk about it because it is incredibly graphic. The new development in the important that photo one hour and we decided that it had. Be published. When did you find out that you had. Received this award. After everybody else could actually announcement I would on a plane coming back from Amsterdam did Dublin and we were in our descent at 3 o'clock when the prices were announced so there's no way for me to watch live with Internet access turning things so. What are on the ground about 315320. A turn on my phone and just. Couldn't even scroll through because of the texts and tweets and messages coming through so is. It was strange moment because that was incredibly excited. For B word but it would. In the moment where are sitting on a plane full of people who had no idea urgent care so is sort of a private moment between Myanmar like first few moments until we get off the plane. I'm talking with our Ryan Kelly former photographers for the Charles shall daily progress and just learned this week he won the Pulitzer Prize for breaking news photography. Brian. Guides chance to. In CD Virginia press association awards last weekend. And you know. It read it reinforce this for me as somebody's been in journalism as well for many years. The importance of photography. A photo journalists and the the difference that they may Quinn to win these days everybody thinks surface talk refer and every week can be a photographer with their their phones. Com though when you see is still the top photographs liquid she took on there really is a difference there in telling this story way you know. What's your read a photo journalism and then. Can you explain for people why that media is so important that medium. I've always believed strongly in journalism of the hole actually started as a reporter and editor for arrived student newspaper the capital of the Christopher Newport university and picked up the camera one day just. The sort around that much skill set. And it up really really loving photography and then enjoying doing and doing it more and more to the point where that's what I was focusing solely on and yet I think the power of strong photograph of undeniable com people the headlines all the time of people injured people dying and it might affect you played you don't have the visceral reaction and the understanding of really wet. I want to look like until you see a picture like that I think it's important for people that. Understand that there are real people involved and it's horrible act and it's it's. It's really touching I think it affect you when you see something that that horrible. Now and note though the works he did was so assessing if yen which. The ironic part of all this is that this photo was taken on your last day on the job that the daily progress send. I know a lot of people. Including your former editor has left journalism there were fewer people at that TPA awards ceremony last Saturday and why did you leave what what are you doing now and did anything about the current state of journalism in the business side of it affect that decision. Should we read off that my decision to leave had nothing to do with that week and I decided weeks before and I was gonna take a new job in Richmond my wife and I were ready to move to Richmond. So that I happen to schedule around the fact that would be my left we get on the job just because we don't even the news or another going to be. A big news weekend we had no idea what it would become but I knew I wanted to be there to help out so. IE. I was basically burnt out I'd been at the Bieber for four years it's small staff that is familiar story in newsrooms across the country. Can you work create the hours the pay isn't great it's a stressful job. And they knew that going in and I believe strongly in the power of local journalism but after four years I would just burnt out and I needed something New York so. Yet the more than nine to five low stress job in Richmond that's Gilmore my weight now. At a great quality of life and I am still continuing to freelance so I'm. The covering a lot of sports and news for various ballots. And we can we make scenario moved the brewery that your working with right. Yeah I'm the digital social media coordinator of art and craft failed Sony trying to see. Picture post over there to give the lake and I appreciate it. Brian and congratulations on having that work recognized in a new year. He's been calm all over the news recently and you're gonna probably continue to be so best wishes thanks so much for being with us. Ryan Kelly. On the new Pulitzer Prize winning. Breaking news photographer. From Richmond race here in Richmond at Darden prairie may be can stop by and CN.