Politics of Syria Strike

John Reid
Monday, April 16th

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If you weren't paying attention on Friday night. The United States and our allies. Launched strikes in Syria and Tom rivers is our ABC news correspondent. In London he joins us now to bring us up to date on what happened. On Friday night and the reaction. Then ensued over the weekend good morning to you Tom. Hey good morning John you have by a you think back a year ago 59 cruise missile flew went into Syria. One location they are an airfield this time around a 105 missiles so launch some low from fixed wing aircraft from some from. Cruise missiles both over the cover and five the Russians stake claim it's 71 of them were shot down no way of verifying that but today is. Monday Morning Quarterback sky high here in London and Paris elsewhere. Parliament debating later on today John. The legality. And effectiveness of this particular. Strike so they're talking about that in the parliament here. Also in in Paris also in The Hague they're having a special meeting of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons. They're the team editor in Damascus right now preparing. They're going to Dumont. Do some of forensic work Baird come back. Check it out the lab and say yea or nay were there chemicals Blair what were they excelled. Was sometimes when these situations occur in the United States. Develops. A connection with allies to take action like this the world kind of nods its approval. Is that is that the general consensus now because we didn't go it alone and we had Frandsen and a great break on our side or at. Yeah are they raising eyebrows like you you didn't jump through the appropriate hoops at the UN before you did this. Probably the latter probably the latter you know the coalition in name only if you will because the heavy lifting the surprise surprise was done by the US. But you at least in Washington could say we have a coalition here we had our friends in France our friends in the UK they helped out. Absent though but just every other country here in Europe. Saying no we're gonna sit this one out Germany Italy Federer weirder they're not gonna play ball. So yeah I think I think a lot of people Lehman may be a spokeswoman for the defense ministry in France talking about an hour ago she said look we have to change we have significant jump in the hopes now of diplomacy. Because you know firing missiles in every few months in this period not changing the dynamics. And of course with the capture of Duma by the Syrian forces. In Athens may have quelled most of the rebellion which is now. Entering its eighth year there so again a lot of people are saying some other tax mostly used. To try to change the political equation on the ground very. We're talking to Tom rivers are ABC news correspondent in London and you mentioned that the parliament is about to debate. Actions over the weekend M and president trop this said he. Repeatedly he didn't want to get more involved in Syria. But what his Teresa may said the prime minister what he she said over the though the lead up to this action on the weekend. He had chief said again I repeat the question why eight. At this stage because Duma was taken over what period forces yellow tie and what we're not going to be efforts. And parliament with on a recess and going back to 2003 whenever there's say. A historically important new military if you will. Decision could be made the go to parliament. And parliament debate fits sometimes they vote on something that is debated and not done that I'm a lot of questions are being great why do you do that Perry's why did you. You can recall parliament on Friday to discuss this issue probably. There are pretty close vote but it looks like people probably would have federal people fall in with you because you are making the case and it felt like it could be true but she didn't do that. That raises the whole host of questions. But what you work you know just for prime minister among 650 member of the parliament Ryan that now all works and it parliamentary democracy. Scioscia gonna be you know raked over the cold today in the in London here. And I guess she's got a whole host of domestic problems sort of macro growing. I'll protests and our country domestic trade issues he's trying to cut back on labor reforms. That Deborah Federer. So 30 they're not in the he has the best places in the polls right now but we'll see if if if if we get through this day. And then you know we can turn more to domestic issues here in London and embarrassed. People say well nobody got killed nobody got injured monde. I think that'll going to be the tone of the day but there's commission strong criticism specifically in the next few hours fear itself. We'll keep our eyes open Tom rivers are ABC news correspondent in London appreciate that update thank you.