Paul Ryan Calls It Quits

Jeff Katz
Thursday, April 12th

Congressman Dave Brat gives Jeff some insight on why Paul Ryan is announcing he is walking away.


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Jeff can excuse or 1140 WR BA 96 points one. Amp amp Paul right and is hanging it up. Paul Ryan says it is time to go. And the question becomes. What happens in congress. As a result of this well congressman Dave brat is. Always available to us by the way. What do make note that. I think from my from my experience that we do as long time I think the most available elected official whatever else. And I want to find out from him what the year with a game plan is and I'm happy to say he is say he's here Dave thank you for joining us. Yeah I Don but yeah. What is what's sort why is Paula and leaving. Yeah I I honestly do think it is a family thing when you lose. But committee for years and had to wait it means. To tack on an emphatic care. In and he did he really didn't want to speak and so he got a young and we still I. I op EE that he didn't want to be darker but I am about to go back up for that to hit the speaker thing goes from 6 AM. In the morning to midnight seven days a week. And so it is that I think it is just the simple truth that I think that that what you got pat on. Why I wanted to do Medicare and that one looks like to be lifted so I'd just I'd. I did what I wanted to do and number we go home opener. All right so let's play political devil's advocate here because the spin on this is of course he's leaving the Republicans are gonna lose the house and he doesn't wanna go back to being. Just a regular congressman. How idol idol so I mean he's he's got you know. Great big night deal with all of the policy want that wanted to get stuff done I mean. They're they're you know maybe a little bit true. That kind of restored but I doubt it we what what what the economy. In terms of lose out I think B. Pratt is both a little too premature in the mainstream press keep you know kind of side you know democratic it's kind of like the same party. And so they they're they're predictions are tied with what they want app and I don't think that that rarely happened ID they got to take over point four seats. And that economy turned up in the lap keeps kittens born more in governor Berkett yesterday's it would Sanctuary City project. I mean if you would the average person the few years ago that was say theoretical possibility they'd go way what ever happened at Virginia are you crazy. Well it just happened. You know you can look at California you can look at parent and Amsterdam but. London. Sweden and whatever to see what comes back and it's not pretty. In vote the board Albert park figure out what's going on not art lab. They were in candidate in Virginia and it didn't even want it. And they won the tomato you know they don't have any background or expertise in the advocacy. And they were no agenda site. Perkins as that in in a matter of months I would think it beat the expects that the general assembly Art Shell out. Yet but we'll see what what it looks like. So give us the lay of the land then as Paul Ryan says look I'm not running for reelection in Wisconsin have already read a story by the way and I again it could very well be. Wishful thinking on the part of the the press folks were writing about that they're convinced that seat goes to the Democrats but that's neither here and there. As far as Republicans in the house are concerned with Paul Ryan leaving. Who's in line to become speaker how does this whole thing shake out. Well that's going to be the interest and play a bit expensive jockeying appeared as if people want to read that stop the you can look at Politico and hill. And somebody yeah you know that Capitol Hill and Wragge yeah they're they're not really you know. Straight news or board opinion but it. You know they'll now roll call it goes a national journalist one a. Typical of an outline their idol like speculating at all or rate. Baloney I like to Spain on policy on principle Mac kind of thing. That the practice Matt ride with right. You got them apart the at number two and mentally appropriate and got. Some other folks that are Republican. At one minute so we'll see how that goes and I think we got it. Start look at more principled and whatnot contract with America. They're making promises in writing if I'm speaker if I'm leader here's what we will do it here's our product to the American people. In the property it it's always about principle than I am putting goes out on paper at a time. So that you could really be held accountable which is what meant that you hit it right that we could get on the bought the two. You know put the kids did in 21 trillion dollar in debt and no Republican signed up for that and so well I think not a good time. The Republican base is his rat what they want to see some action. The end that we need to put down to principal write in and tell the truth in LA and couple appeared vote vote the way we talk what we want for. And in this day and age who is more likely to assemble a modern day contract with America would be Steve's release or would it be Kevin McCarthy. I don't know about and why did not. My guess is what is the important thing is. That the board. It so I don't want out there who's gonna do it I'd support will go to person. But now that Mo more principled not only the Republican creed is very good which it. Are a lot B is quite yet the Democrat if you want to raise taxes and trillions. That we acted nick. Gate with. It. In that we negotiated at the end it. But our our leadership it do better job of getting our ducks in order that at the beginning of the year old government should. At what about those who were saying that with Paul Ryan leaving again I know you your beard you're looking at other things but did this is the the question out there that. With Paul Ryan leaving now this is absolutely a 100%. President trumps Republican party for border Il. Does that. Resonate with you would all. Well now as. A the president but if it's not if you're supposed to be any particular. Parties and there's no dispute that. But yet you executive branch in order represented. The senator there achieve this year yet so. I mean he's out of birdies but all of a vote principled and I. I dipper leadership in the white out on all sheer. In on the immigration role. So I agreed with my tax cut and and a lot of other upon by the law would secure the border Sanctuary City. At all so I I just don't make promises to my constituent based on principle and I followed through on Oprah on I'm principle and so. He is that the party. And I mean he'll probably be influential in in in some of the leadership's steering little bet on the other plays out. Ari finally congressman de Brett joining us for a couple minutes here. Mr. Zuckerberg is up there he's speaking to the house today has he has said anything that we desperately need to be aware of. I don't think world that the that the IQ. Well. It is the problem. Is monopoly. We got some of these firms that you know. And Amazon get sole source of military PP. Class. You know what could go wrong. And so for years that we insurance company we have mania spreading we. That are too it took failed. And you would think the American people. Government's growing every but he appears to play we don't want a break monopoly because they're right check. I ran but the ball guy it's so you're not be acceptable. It's just that you don't want to be calm but they're way too much patient here. Did you grow and grow and grow and it paid which is that the small guy from you'd ever market. We need to do an icon and break up the panic because. We have financial crisis tenure ago they'd and Freddie and market power and Fred does after insurance right at the Affordable Care Act. Should be called the on board air act no support help ensure that. There's no competition. And so what happens when you socialize like when the government becomes the monopoly. The prices go through the roof quality goes down. And it he 10 I and so. That we need directed study. One of the right structure and pre market or you and what does that every single. Every single time is right congressman Dave read as always I thank you for being here congressman Dave Brett. Always accessible and one of the other many things that I like about him I appreciate him. Being here so that's the very latest Paul Ryan is stepping aside Dave Brad says take. I really do think it's a family thing I'm just curious do you believe that do you believe it's a fairly fingers I gotta tell you if you have ever been in this situation. Where you have worked all waved from. Your family. Or had traveled extensively. It gets very olds very quickly. And there's a burnout factor make no mistake about it there is a tangible. Palpable. Burnout factor where you say. My family comes first. And if that means that I look for eight different. Jobs or look for a different profession. And I do that and I think Paul Ryan might after twenty years really be in that situation. I just curious to know your gut check reactions. 3451140. 3451140. I Twitter sure why not Jeff cat show it's all one word use the hash tag cats course email. Jeff can't show it AOL dot com Jeff cat show an AOL dot com. I believe deeper I think they Brad is what we'd look at people who were in DC he's he's truly one of the most honorable and decent people. That's up there and I think he is a man of principles. I think he's a man of character. I think he's honest. And he says. You know lot. Paul Ryan just had enough he's got a younger family. He's been doing this as a congressman for twenty years he never wanted to be speaker of the house. And now he says maybe it's time to go home Jeff Katz newsreader 1140 WRB eight and 96 point one FM.