Package Bombs in Austin

John Reid
Tuesday, March 13th

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This a story out of Austin, Texas has a lot of people very very concerned and police there trying to find some sort of thread that will link. A bunch of bombings and with packages that have been left on the front door steps. Mum some homes there. And Robert Colton BI know is a former Secret Service agent executive director of deputized America he joins us now to. Share with us the latest information and he's been able to gather about what has happened in Austin good morning to you Robert what what is the what's the behind the scenes news about what's actually taken place in Austin, Texas. I think they're what they're trying to do good morning his his piece together any any DNA evidence that they can't you know I don't an explosive devices question packaging that's very difficult so you can't try to quite settle got a because obviously it. It goes up in the mid and small little you. Unfortunately you have things like this so very very hard as if you remember years ago. Where we have the unabomber. In the West Coast fifty years he operated. By sending both bombs through the mail. What do think that they are we really got to look here is it's. While you have the relationship between a tree get injured in this person's singling out people. And they certain neighborhood and obviously I believe that they're they're connected. Just let the mere fact what I'm here in the way the effigy of of this one he. You and not that somebody was a copycat. They know little things that we have to be aware. And also be afraid of we don't have copycats coming out now that this court. Him what have we found a connection between the victims. All this we'll look at it from what I what I understand and trying to talk that some people down there they had to put all three together. But what they are piecing together what I'm here and this is that it looks very similar bit belated device was was set up being they're looking at it this. Probably coming from the same person. Who whomever did this. As this boy you'd be hard hearted let you know they apps out myself what's going on down there. And so we have a lot of people in Auckland. Formed and whether this now can translate into an unfortunate other incident shut it's actually downtown Austin. We don't know. Know what's your take on this because if somebody told me John build a bomb. Right now. I guess I would go on the Internet drug a look at up and I mean I'm I would know how to do that so surely this is someone who's been studying this for a while has some sort of expertise. To actually have three of these go off and have them be as. Large. And as deadly as they had better. Yet the athlete can be crude but there are very sophisticated because there there are actually motion. Motion activated and so what we've seen something like that you obviously you have a lot more training or education into the inside or just like what you just let go on the Internet. And though unfortunately you could find about just about anything on the Internet. But here for the show and that this person had been training whether former military person. They engage in something like there's. But it is not easy crusade to. To build a bomb like this would the motion sensitivity that this pat. I guess that a mere fact watching the people that all the big boost but unfortunately I picked up this packaging. And the the loaded and so that is got a lot of people along portions got to be concerned that the whomever is doing this they really do know obviously what what they're doing it. Prime we're talking Europe Robert called to be on all former Secret Service agent and the executive director. Director of deputized America so if we are a little paranoid and there's no reason to believe that this is spread outside of the Austin, Texas area at least not at this point. What would be the things in the generic sense that you would tell people to be cautious about if there interacting with packages. And they're just in the back of their mind are worried. Well first of all you know if you haven't ordered anything it's something showed up on your doorstep you know you always question do you know what. You know what is this about you know I didn't order this is somebody send a chilly. Awful late packaging looks. Didn't normally you're getting something obviously we all know from Amazon are from. They are a major retailer the way that it should look. You look at or something that has personal honor. The content written a little partial on the on the packaging. Maybe a lot of spam and so instead of going through. The normal process so more of a commercial at the packaging people just incentive through the mail let's say oh want it to look like it's up to the milk for putting a lot of stance on. You and riding. The address. As we know most packaging that you're gonna receive news is that and and written not. You know and it don't try to think delayed that the packaging itself as a looked like more like you have an old. Grocery grocery bag that was cut out there in rapid packaging. Those little things that we we take for granted today. Well no to some of the things that you ought to look out well but the first thing is that you already put. They maybe didn't order anything than jumping shows up. You know you ought to be a little more maybe suspicious about. Yeah well hopefully this is an isolated situation and that the police will be able to find. Some thread that will link it and then discover who's doing this Robert Colton beyond a former Secret Service agent executive director of deputize America just pulled up your website some and try to take a look at that during one of our commercial breaks. Really appreciate you joining us here on Richmond's morning news actually got work thank you Robert.