Overnight Storms

John Reid
Monday, April 16th

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Get a storm. From last night winds up being I think guard's top stories today I mean everybody that I have been communicating that this morning has. Story to tell and Andrew Friedman our NBC twelve meteorologist joins us I've been watching. Your morning show. Andrew trying to figure out exactly what happened I it deliberately didn't pay much attention to the weather. So as I was lying in bed last night and started to hear the winds pick up in the rains coming. It was a surprise to me I should have paid attention to you guys. War. He attitude yeah right here I'd give myself a little bit of a break on the weekends but this was not the time but I do it this yeah pretty severe in some places. Is did we're fortunate and you're fortunate that although you know no idea at the rainy windy. You know the the severe weather in and around the Richard metro area with isolated but mainly in retreat getting knocked over there are some I water at twelve to bloating and listen to defend ourselves. I'm glad that you can say you weren't aware because we get it and that is that people give us the business per. Telling too much there I think it'll be a bad weather event and we really were on this very early last week. I'm calling it our first killer weather days we knew this cold front is gonna come through last night. Scene at the potential to cause damage they'll we actually did pretty well. Compared heavily in the Richard metro and we had some rain. Some wind some veterans some lightning into trees came down. But it was basically just west of fear where it was really bad and mainly lynch birth weight gain and bill. Lynchburg. Afternoon to what happened out there was you know this squall line formed as anticipated. But out they head of that. In clear we call that some super cell storm out there up and then they just. We we haven't had. Good information yet from the storms server is up there but that was those were those those were probably EF two or something like death and there are real. Honest to goodness. You know big time tornadoes and Lynchburg had a whole bunch of structures that works. I damaged evident green Greensboro as well there's a fatality Greensboro, North Carolina. And in Lynchburg as well but if you Indian also went to Purdue and go green breath there at the point that we saw the radar. Very clearly spinning a funnel clouds appear to have not produced you know any real tornadic damage to leave we got a deductible of natural. And what what is the mile per miles per hour range when you when you start talking about tornadoes. That's a great question I'm not as if in lieu of looking him in lieu of getting it wrong. I'm Warren to. Then open up okay. I'm always thought I do the same thing man that's why gotta do little right over here at that. War could get it could get Iran and and and be sort of embarrassed. So it EF two that was Doug LaBelle will be won thirteen to one. 57. Who you. But I but I think TVs were hundred plus mile an hour. Militia there yet one Turkey but and I think that's probably what I thought when Beckham look at some of the velocity dead it's what we call. It would we'd look in DC red and green next to each other basic but what makes the operator to operator. Because. Either direction that this storm is going to win the natural each individual anger out so out of Lynchburg. I measured. That we got a 120 monitor what was called gate to keep shear. Wind going one direction it's sixty in the other direction and sixty right next to each other. You count that as a 120 miles an hour. And other ism but I would imagine yet to lose the one at Lynchburg but the other ones they've been here quandary it's your name makes. EF 173212. Mile lands. It cigarette that this is the hurricane force winds which is you know we have a veterinarian in decades. Scene immediately zeros forties certainly do well there. You have to you got loose roof it's coming off and that kind of premiere. And that those so some pictures in my expert where they resistant. Loose screws and then come home for destroyed a lot of structures that would spur would destroy it. Could you lose a very strong cold front and out ahead of the call off. We had those from Minnesota Serbs are different kind tornado. You know what you're really worry about are super cell tornadoes there all by themselves you know you see these pictures of these from the midwest. We see blues go round of men huge thunderstorm. It's good in that case nothing interfering with the nick we'll kind of do its strength what we most of the time gifts are the kind of storms that are you good. We have a fancy name Corzine convicted of when you're systems QU CL a I think has the right but we columns squall line tornadoes there embedded in squall. Those don't tend to be a strong and so I think what happened was there was some squalid tornadoes and try to prop up places like. Not a way Mecklenburg weren't quite as successful. As the super cell storms that formed in Greensboro. Didn't go in Lynchburg but this is the first what will likely be several outbreaks of severe weather this spring that way go. Well I'm looking every morning and a comment my command I get a a written. Description of your forecast and then may make it simple forming give me the kindergarten version with a little of the little clouds in the sunshine and I hate to admit that's the one I use that's the time. And it looks to me like this week at least if I'm reading this correctly the temperatures are are a lot cooler than what we saw at least headed into the weekend. But I don't see notations for storms this week so you're thinking yeah. I don't think. Well I think we're good yeah I think we're good you don't you think about what happened so we we were advertising for days of very warm weather which is certainly what happened in the district it was humid ahead of that front. So what will we look for and spring in order to produce a severe weather outbreak is generally there are exceptions for generally a big swing in temperature. The joke you don't really get that warm which we don't think we're gonna do it that's it. There and it's a lot harder to get severe weather toward temperatures which will be at or below normal I think in the next week and maybe even all the way into the end of the month. No severe weather threat is really not that great in particular over the next week we don't see anything coming at a race weekend this weekend ranked yeah man. So this is a big week candidate really to me looks dependents you have people that are campaign. Map there to be drying temperatures running below average amount to much warning up they're good steps sixties that ankle Friday. In Saturday night there will be happy about it for race weekend he had a good pretty good. Okay Andrew Friedman and our NBC twelve meteorologists always appreciate you joining us with the with the lowdown on what we just went through thank you. And I and I marking down in the book you're good merits for not being aware you could talk about it left. I'm definitely like to make a point of coming in and checking on on Sunday afternoon went when we get motivated thanks injured.