Olympics Get Underway in South Korea

John Reid
Friday, February 9th

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And it begins at 606. On this Friday morning it's the ninth day of February 2018. Thanks to Andy Darren and for the a news headlines there 1 morning with lots of love breaking news as we. I began this final day of the normal workweek for those of you don't have to work on Saturday and Sunday I'm John Reid so glad to have you here. For Richmond's morning news and just yeah I'm triumph got a TV here in the studio I'm trying to find. The NBC station that carries the Olympics lives. In their one. Apparently Alex down on is the ABC news correspondent in Byung Chang South Korea. And Alex good morning to you what's what's the latest have you have you not seen the ceremony start yet. Good morning to you they got a ceremony started I just a couple of moments ago waited 8 o'clock at night here it started at eight we are right outside of the stadium and just a few moments ago while rockets were going off all around us all the fireworks kicking off the shelf. Vice president and C inside this stadium in front about this stadium looked like a giant Lego piece they built it. Specifically. For the Olympic opening ceremony they allow the closing ceremony there as well. And then it will level not the thing down it was made just four. The Olympics so do the paralympics as well the opening and closing ceremony and then they're gonna get rid of this stadium where over the mountains in a rural area and they have no use sports no team is gonna play up here a net so it is underway in the Olympics officially. Begin right now. Really interesting that they've had a kind of a rough start in the in the lead up to this first week Norah virus not the not the biggest problem they've had or have they solved some of them the hiccups here. Well they've got a couple of things had to they've had to deal when it does celebrate being political you know even now today yeah vice president and say came in to the reception for these dignitaries who were here and stayed for only four minutes and then left you are going to be seeded at a table where. I ain't a bad diplomats from a dignitary from North Korea and game for whatever reason that the vice president decided to go we can assume that it's based on who he was going to be as seated near. But we've got the political aspect of this you've got they came jungle and saw only sister who is here the first time anybody from. The ruling party has been in South Korea since the Korean War and and that way South Korea's trying to show this is about coming together and it's about unity. But did the issue would Norah virus you brought up that he's been spreading every building you go into that make you take out a score of hand cannon diverted to try to kill laurel virus. They've got some things they need to deal with but. For the most part bit then elites in the last couple days they have the bit ready for the games and then here we go. It's interesting when you said the rockets going over the stadium and you need to clarify that those are just fireworks and not. Not real rockets he is there a palpable tension or worry over. North Korea or this is the fact that North Korean athletes are actually competing in this kind of making people feel like are we don't have a problem with our. Not so nice neighbor nearby. Yeah he had no IAEA it's pyrotechnics going over SS sounded a lot like us open LC a year ago via interviews. Where's it go by but they're but they're all part of a shell. I think you're right because North Korea he's taking part in these games they've athletes who were competing may have. Dignitaries who were here the belief among security forces he is and that's gonna make for safer games they're dead they're not gonna have to deal with North Korea or worry about North Korea. Really for. There's security side of things Norah virus according to leave the US command center at the embassy in Seoul. They are much more worried about Nora virus because it is making people sick. They don't feel like there's a real a threat at this moment from North Korea because North Korea would be harming their own people and they're trying to put. Their best foot forward to show that they can compete on the world stage. Really interesting Alex are you gonna be there for the next two weeks. I will be here next here we are important yeah I'm looking forward to talking gene actually talking about competition as well Alex down. Our ABC news correspondent live from South Korea this morning really appreciate you joining us here are Richmond's morning news.