North Korea Pushes Back

John Reid
Wednesday, May 16th

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This encourages our WR BA reporter we talk to you a lot bill about the upcoming summit between president trump. And the leader of North Korea Kim Jung Hoon. And out wolf I got arrived at the studio this morning they were all these headlines saying North Korea is now saying they may cancel with some of what has happened. Couple things happened yesterday in all the fans John appear not the man story Euro skeptic if you're an optimist you're saying hey these these are just a few ripples in the water if you're a skeptic you were saying hot. This is the North Korea we've come to know and low. Two things happened yesterday North Korea. Called all ministerial level meetings with South Korea because of the US South Korea joint military drills that are taking place that I had been scheduled. Pot and down North Korea knew about and Kim Jung on had reportedly. Told officials from the United States and South Korea that he was okay when I was number one. Number two then a statement released by the state news agency from the first vice foreign minister all of North Korea. Saying that if the United States wants to drive North Korea into a corner to force unilateral nuclear abandonment. Then we might not be entrusted in dialogue meaning the June 12 summit could be off. I'll overt denuclearization. This despite the fact that North Korea has been willing to talk about denuclearization. With just about anybody who would lessen. Over the last couple of weeks so is this the same old North Korea that is the question now when this all got caught. Other White House in the State Department by surprise they're now reaching out. The State Department and does South Korea as well reaching out to North Korea wanting a little clarification on exactly what is going on here. Is it possible that there is rogue elements within the government there that speaking out because day. Are concerned about. The direction their own leader has gone I mean normally it seemed like he'd execute anybody who said something need to. Didn't agree with but you hear beyond certain that there military leaders who aren't on board with this whether they speak out publicly as a different matter. Yeah I don't think that's the case because this minister who always quoted in this statement it has been a a longtime ally of Kim Jong-Il and has been involved in negotiations in the past and it is very highly unlikely that he would release a statement or state media would release a statement from him without the approval of Kim Jong on. So there a couple of theories. As to why this is happening now came jungle on May be listening to some of those military leaders. Who may be saying look we can't we can't just roll over and let the United States tell us what to do. Eight so he may be saying it's sending a signal to the United States and what don't people. That does North Korea is not going to be pushed around that's theory number one. And if you wanna get a little more diabolical. Theory number two is that China may have a hand in desk Kim Jong-Il and has met with deputy campaign two times over the last a couple of months. And China may actually be saying. Hey if you wanna deal with Donald Trump be better get a little bit tougher and if there's another theory about comments recently made by national security advisor John Bolton what he said was that North Korea could follow will be quote Libya model of verifiable denuclearization. This is the worst. Nightmare for Kim Jung on because he. Prior to this as pointed out Libya and Iraq as examples of why he needed a nuclear arsenal because he said look at the Libya. Look in Iraq. They agreed to give up their nuclear programs and Moammar Qaddafi and Saddam Hussein are dead. Yeah that that's a legitimate if he's the right to be scared about that. And John Bolton you would think would be a little more new launched in the way he present things as I don't drop this guy has and lately. And you know what else does a North Korea is not hiding their dislike of John Bolton one of the quotes in the statement was we do not hide our feeling of repugnant scored him. Alive John Bolton statements apparently really ruffled some feathers. Do they got a ten dollar word out of that one fear about it. You know what they're they're terminology is always great when they talked about these military drills in their statement that being said. They called it a provocative military rock ash. I'll see assist somebody's having a difficult time with the translator arrow on the computer. Let's talk about the of violence that continues in none Gaza. Brook no presumably related to outrage over the decision to move the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. But you know I've I have been trying to find some people give us perspective as to whether this violence is nude. New gorgeous nude opposite seems like. I you know would you we know that there's a decades long troubled air but head there's been an uptick in violence lately correct. Yeah and let force fired a worst violence of the last five years but does this stuff I think we as a result of a perfect storm you have got the celebration of Jerusalem day. In Israel. Which god we he's got under the skin of the Palestinians to consider Jerusalem a disputed city and an Israeli occupied East Jerusalem particularly as a problem for Palestinians to consider that their future capital. On number two was the anniversary of the creation of the State of Israel and number three was the opening of the US embassy in Jerusalem those three things combined wryly and blamed everything and there's no doubt that Hamas was involved. In these demonstrations. On that's why things ended up getting violent when they took explosive devices to the border at Gaza and and we had subsequently had sixty people killed over the last couple of days. Let me ask you that may be a provocative question when I was in the Middle East and and dealing with some. Groups who were trying to overthrow established. Governments. They lied about a lot of the violence they took old pictures and claim that there were new and then they put guy who quite frankly put ketchup on people and pretended that they had been injured. Has verified that all of these deaths. Our real deaths I'm not trying to be callous some I am actually wondering how much of this might might be fabricated. Well I you know the verification came from. Up Palestinian health organization so. I'd say again now that is a Palestinian group I don't think it lives that we've had any independent. The verification exactly of the death that took place or be injuries that took place so I know I have to say no we have not had any independent verification. Let me ask about Nikki Haley she caused. A little. Curt Flood blood the UN yesterday as she walked out right as the Palestinian wrapped B it was getting ready to speak why did she do that if there. Well I think that she has heard that same story from the Palestinians for a long time. About how they're being dipped a bit they're the victims in this then and not doubt the cause of the problem. She lashed out at the Palestinians in her statements and also chew them very strong statement about Israel used to deadly force saying that any other country in the world. Would do the same or worse under the same circumstances. So the Palestinians of course blasting the United States for moving the embassy to Jerusalem the disputed city. And blasting the United States. Pork I try to be involved in the mideast peace process which balanced the Palestine. Contends that the United States has disqualified itself by its recent actions. Really interest staying out time to be watching this of course is always consternation there it's just. We're focusing in on a touch of these days bills and for RW RV reporter always appreciated. Oregon thank you thank you.