Mike Mayo's New Videos

John Reid
Tuesday, March 13th

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Little lighter Mike may know of my dad's Mayo dot com joins us every Tuesday. To tell us some. What is in the pipeline for new videos that we can enjoy and the first one might this is that this is the big winner from the Academy Awards are. I would say it was they were hoping it was gonna do what we're gonna go alphabetical order or an order of quality. Excellent order of equality and start off with the shape of water yeah she won. The best director and best picture. Auditors and deserve to both of them in my opinion. That this is both a horror movie. Of the kind of monster sort. And a love letter to old Hollywood movies it is one of the most beautiful movies that you are simply in terms of power production design. Notoriously added 1960s Baltimore where a mute cleaning woman played bestselling alt country works and they did government had stashed. Mr. Fishman creatures that they found on the Amazon and they think he's contains secrets that would help them in the Cold War against the Russians. And so they're kind of working with them they're trying to figure out what's going on. That percent of the Russians are after him too and Sally Hawkins falls in love with them and sort of another variation on the creature from the black within. Add this he has immune to that he would be creature itself is needed to. And great former relationship. I won't go and all the other stuff because it would sound even sillier than that basic premise. Apple what de toros doing here's really kind of Jewish community is telling a great fairy tale love story and I think he does it's beautifully. Even people who don't normally like horror movies or this kind of movie at all. Told me that they really enjoyed this one and that that kinda surprised meets up but then when I thought about it it didn't because. This is the movie it was really made an awful lot of heart and genuine emotion that you don't find too much. You know Hollywood movies these days and I think that's what made it's such a hit with general audiences. If you miss hit theaters it will lose a little bit because it is so much dependent on the on the look at the bill. On a smaller screen but it's still well we're seeing now but I've recommended without hesitation at all but only for adulterers and. Here it's not splash even though apparently some of the scenes were stolen from splash. Now I don't think so no not not at all what I saw big FaceBook thing that he took scenes from splash and put him right next to him boy they really looked. Comparable to name. They're good to movies are doing such different things that they are having these flash in decades. You know back and del Toro. Our other people have said that you know he stole things from them to I think they're going to be sort of similarities no matter of me what your your your doing with this kind of story. Involving you know fish creatures that water out of it now snubbed adults are just not that kind of guy. Our look LC got. Well we got this disaster artist which was also up forcible warts and didn't really win and I think he did this story of the making of a movie called the room. That black guy named Tommy wise. Do you may have seen at the Oscars kind of trolling around in there. You can go long hair and wears sunglasses and he always wears a lot of belts. These self finance this movie back in the nineties. And it is widely believed to be the worst movie ever made you know since the heyday of it would. And then James Franco plays seventy does Satan but I am beautiful job of just mimicking the guy getting him dead solid perfect but the movie itself which is morbid curiosity than anything else I felt that I didn't really glad that it very much. I was kind of interest in what was going on. But only because I just kind of lose its universal slow motion train wreck kind of thing what's gonna happen next. If if that sounds intriguing to you given a look but there are a lot of other good things just did this weekend or this week to see him that I would put that kind of near the bottom of my list. Would Justice League has got to be a popular one for a lot of folks didn't see in the theater. Yeah and it is you know attempted to and it would faint praise it's better than bet man sources in the hope. But it's it's the same kind of thing we get the big grouping of superheroes here. Did you know Ben Affleck has its debt Manning gallery at dove back as Wonder Woman and she's really kind of the main attraction here. As Superman's back to let alone without question awkward man at them and a villain who called Steppenwolf. That they've we've got to save the world of course. But what my problem with this Libya as I've seen this kind of think done so many times that. They did I just feel like you know every other weekend. There's a big gentlemen of the superheroes to save the world. And so there was even though this there's not really wall with just one. If there's not much to distinguish it from the other ones that are out there to and it's an image. Josh we can the guy who's also behind a lot of them awful movies was behind this was to do so again very very similar to them and if you really liked. This kind of superhero movie yeah I'm sure you ordered payments if not there's not a whole lot to distinguish this. And then I remember you didn't really care fried Tonya when it first came out on you know hundreds. And I don't I didn't expect it to casinos and well for you the last I'll stuff. Alison Cheney one. Best supporting actress for her role as nick says talking of parties mom who got to the stage mom who drove her to do much of what you did. But old movies really kind of attention to whitewash. Tonya Harding has played I'm Margot Robbie also nominated for an Academy Awards. That the victims I do you know would just really put upon. By her mother by her husband or boyfriend everyone who knew or did these terrible things and they all decided to me ship Nancy Kerrigan she had nothing to do with it. O'Connell and I that is I don't but that first and. Can have you seen any interviews with Tonya Harding she is Barack Sullenberger I don't really serious I would not wanna walk down an Alley with terrorist him and it. Just because she's this this you know blue collar girl and a sports. Full of white collar rural richer people.com make a necessarily a good person or a good guy and I like it but I just didn't buy it then so. That this movie made me mad it's still mention mid. Fielder. Kirk I well Ferdinand the bull is a story I remember as a child my grandmother reading me the story. And now actually John scene is is in that the. And he then he doesn't want the foot shot that this guy has really surprised me you know he's a bit like a rocket so wrestler turned movie store. And really brings a lot of personality to the camera. I don't think she does that even though he's just the voice here. He's done a great job and everything I've seen him in an and that this one is yet they simply turn this into play very short book it's. And they turn into a feature length film it was so Disney did cartoon course have a back in the forties doubly. Add that this does not have. The that great complex issue that we've seen in movies like Coca. Blood it is fine animation it is much simpler gonna kinda hearkens back. The the days of distant like dumbo and things like that. So I thought that's a kid and it'd sick kids movie it is meant for kids and they won't really like it I think adults and given the chance will to. I just don't expect you know that this kind of the greatness that we've seen from the of the best animation and it's just a good simple story told for kids. Again I recommend this without qualification. That's a good place for us to leave Mike Maier home Mike dash mail dot com if I really do I always enjoy talking about the stuff thank you care.