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John Reid
Tuesday, February 13th

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754. On this Tuesday Mike Mayo might dash Mayo dot com. Joins us now to talk about the the latest video all options that are out there for you. And this I have not heard about it. Denzel Washington what had a like miss a Denzel movie Mike. Because that would did not do very well and Peter Pan it's kind of easy to understand why the movie is called our Roman. I had been nominated for best actor Academy Award for his course here these or really good story concerns. Oh you're in contemporary Los Angeles. And the bench Roman. And he's our guy just technically you'd say that he is somewhere on the autism scale look each. You functions quite well at the guy's brilliant he's got this incredible legal mind. But he's a committed social activist and he's he's always worked with this law formed that is really committed social justice. He doesn't appear in court he does all the behind the scenes stuff. Well the beginning of the film his partner. And so is this really important figure but it took him into a lot of other people died apps and so he winds up going to work for a kind of LA law type form they headed up by Colin Ferrer all these really slick guys who drive around a BMW. And got deported to movie though is that there is kind of facing portion years dots this life that he is committed to various causes. And wasn't worth it did he really do the right thing. And it is too late to change or assuredly change it's about moral choice is send news or real easy things took. And to do to make films about. I just but I happen to watch this film that was a big crowd again the other night. And everywhere they normally with the kind of reviewed that you did and what would applause and everything. The salute the potential side and so do you Buena you you're thinking about what you're saying. It's not that kind of thing that gets you kind of jumping up near Seton waving fists. And so that's why didn't do too well but if you're Denzel Washington bet I strongly recommend this movie it is really good really grossly. It's gonna surprise you with the kind of turned the that the plot takes a look at it and see this when Romans says Israel Esquire. Well then sells a compelling factor I saw him on Broadway in Nam raisin in the sun. And it was. Rains music idols. You can sit that's why you wanted to see this because this I think yet another in any lesser actors can't that you wouldn't have worked at all but I bought every second of it would. Time well give me quick one on wonder. I wonder is kind of your standard big budget Hollywood feel good movie ends. If that sounds appealing to your your love it's it's that's sampling something you would do just killed not to see them that's what you wanna do. Distort Julia Roberts and old will not the parents of this little boy played by Jason trembling who's been terribly disfigured since birth. And he's been home schooled. And they've finally decided enough the fifth grade I believe it is that you can send him to his first year in public school and it's that him being bullied and getting over it and it delivers all the heartfelt messages that that you would expect him to be like this to. I wanted to hated and I couldn't it just kind of want Rio for a little bit not my my cynical self I hated me for life here its but I had to admit that it did what is that I. Now overwhelmed by an all night just pop some Zoloft before you go dollars that is then some I can appreciate in my mail Mike Dennis Mayo dot com always appreciate it.