Mickey O'Connor's TV Guide

John Reid
Monday, April 23rd

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Hey what's on TV this week. And who else would we bring in for that but the editor in chief of TV guide Mickey O'Connor making good morning. Good morning great graduates are coming up on Tuesday we've got to genius. He estimates that the conditioning program that Nat geo launch last year and basically it's it's an anthology series every Peter about the different geniuses life. Last either and they did Albert Einstein the next season they're going to be doing Franken China author Mary Shelley. But the one that premiering on Tuesday night is all about the light of Pablo Picasso. He's going to be played by Antonio bit embarrassed. And it's all about how his life and his genius was. Furthered by a series women and we called it uses. And you know it is to really. High production value it's pretty quiet were married brain greater. And that a lot of fun. Also to Marc Kevin James is going to be on Netflix. Yes so that's not what you have been doing this thing where they've been making these big deals with these big comedy personality Adam Sandler Chris Rock. Judd Apatow I would Jerry side felt. And now Kevin Gaines is next in line and it's about all the people who you know they've since abandoned. Stand up and made gun. You know Hollywood didn't speak it now they're returning to their roots in the third period. Returning to stand up to match whichever game doesn't this special is called never don't give up and it's the battle. You know getting famous in a battle gaining a lot of weight. And but there aren't very funny. A gimmicky coming up on Wednesday. Season nine and rolling on the archer. Yet to listen militia that kind of an undiscovered gem if you haven't Ali you should check it out it hit it well maybe amity. I'm about to spy agency. And you know at some point during their tenure they decided like that status quo wasn't working until they. They took mix it up in every single every single tear may change this setting. One either they were drug dealers. One piece then you know days they went back to the twenties and they were gangsters much wanted this season takes place in 1939. On an island in the South Pacific they're calling it danger Ireland. And all of the characters on the show to play. New character in the main character archer is like a Red Sea plane pilot. And you know it I thought about this. That she. Effort to expand the an empire I'll run by this princess. And it's really funny and job thought provoking NN Baghdad Wednesday terror. On epic back. We're talking to Mickey O'Connor editor in chief of TV guide dog also on Wednesday on Hulu the handmade stale. Yeah after the visit to the big show you don't want all kinds of Emmys and Golden Globe to marry bank. Stars Elisabeth ma Saddam as operated one of the acts and made. You know basically act. Unwilling surrogate or rich couple in this utopian future just. I'm the end of the first season and did on this like incredible quick air reshoot it being taken away by the secret police. And you weren't sure she was going to be you know breathing or she was gonna be you know. Killed essentially and so this. It and that's basically the book ended how Margaret Atwood favorite book ended. And so we don't really know what treatment is going to be a crowd at the bit in you know. It's a data source material so you know I can tell you it in the first few episodes and you know we'll see. A lot more of this world more see the colonies. Which is kind of a vast sort of our nuclear waste plant where they can. Disobeying. And makes to do cleanup by the effects of this nuclear holocaust. And out and Walter find out what happens soft bread and we'll learn more about candidate little America which is the place the people escape to. When things here in the United States sort of went wrong. It's really great they're really great chip. OK Mickey let's sub moved to Friday where Amazon has all or nothing the Dallas Cowboys. They used to copy series they're premiering on Friday while I am and I want our Netflix the first on our about big Dallas Cowboys look out. You know the most one of the most storied franchises in football. And all the team during the 2017 see them accomplish behind the scenes was going on is that Dallas Cowboys hadn't been dubbed it Super Bowl more than twenty years. And there's a real concerted effort with in the organization for them. Finally get back on top. But I knew anything about football knows that that didn't happen and seventeen and so it's it's basically tracing that. Those series of disappointments with the team experience. Found and the other one on Netflix is called Bobby Kennedy the president. It's a four hour documentary series and it basically. Attract the 83 days. During which Bobby Kennedy was running for president of course it's that short because. You know he declared his candidacy in march of 1968. And three months later Q did the captain in the Los Angeles. And that you know they do what they've what this scum sorry to hear you didn't really great for the chose. How old Kennedy went from being you know the brother. The president. A real Washington insider. As someone who learned a lot about the civil rights crusade and you know really. Made back its spoken and in that campaign. Yeah. Great stuff and indifferent guide down looks am deathly get a check that one out on Netflix for sure. Okay great stuff this week received him very much Mickey O'Connor editor in chief of TV guide.