Mickey O'Connor's TV Guide

John Reid
Monday, April 16th

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Ellis let's talk about something then I'm happy to get us started here on this Monday morning. Mickey O'Connor is the editor in chief of TV guide I'm making the assumption that these stories. And he shows are happy. They keep not all pays for what what's gotten coming up tonight. We'll we'll we'll do our best the tonight we have American Idol. 8:7 central the reason why included this week you did that even if you're not watching the whole season tonight is kind of special because they've got happened according poor finalists. Singing duets with special guests they always be the celebrity you acts as part of the season. So that's that we could see tonight they've got Sugar Land they've got lea Michelle from glee. They've got train and they they're called legal age and a bunch of other people were coming on good do you do it with the to do with the contestants yeah and the. Sometimes that's been the best. Portion of the program in the ratings have not been very good for this right who'd have bank. They have not and you know and I think that this is something that traditionally has pumped up carrying the little bit but I've got to practice see it happening a little earlier this season than usual usual they weight easily they await a final to do it just like a small group of finalists let. Businesses towards alt when he or doing it that are. Yeah they are open to have to get some odd balls comment on that show up and then Tuesday I was surprised I was at a football game on Friday night. And gosh there were a bunch of people who were talking about how they watch the rose and shell and they were not trump people. I mean these these guys were. Hot I'm pretty sure. Did not vote for Donald Trump and they seem to think that the Roseanne show is hilarious I still haven't watched it yet but I guess I'm in the minority. Yeah I mean I think they you know I think cameras and personal politics have as sort of come into play here but the truth is is that back in the day when the original road stats show about. It was just a really funny great show in the reboot and the revisit the same I think that. Whereas the originals have been don't live. Politics in a different way I think it dealt more with. Liberal politics. Or you know inclusive politics that are a lot about race and gender it. And things like that. I think that's remake is it's kind of it's kind of flipping the script a little bit it's saying you know what all of these people are valid opinions. And you know the fact that family there sort of clashing right now about politics. Is a source for entertainment in a way because let's look at look at it your karma gland to be something funny what well and I think this new series that they weren't. We'll do our folks really love did they said that day in mid there. Seve political but they really enjoyed and I was surprised that they were giving it's a bad reviews. And also I think they you know like if Europe and the original show they're doing now a bunch of sort of stunt that that bring you back for example this week's episode on Tuesday. 8:7 central. Johnny collect he was on the original show claim Darlene it's strange how did. He back on this week up its you know the the big get because he's obviously a huge TV star on the Big Bang it out. And so he's gonna appear in this episode also it's while parked and who appear and show you would remember she Clayburgh lemon Jack you are. She's also the map here that that's the third day you know they're giving a little bit ill parents serviced by bringing you back a lot of the old are characters. Documentary about Mercury thirteen. Didn't want to kind of an interesting thing is that you know when you know when the space program began in the 1950 Debra talked about the Mercury seven group about the sudden male astronaut that they had picked tribute missions. And and this documentary basically what they uncovered is that in addition to those set abstract that they chose. They were thirteen women that they had sort of dopey the training in and a lot of them did better than the man in the training but. Ultimately about the decided to go with an all male crew. And so all thirteen of them a couple of program. This documentary is about the thirteen women. Well that's certainly will be fascinating and it's hard yeah and think about the difference in the mindset of the average American if you compare 1950. Two. 2018. Minutes to fit right if you know we've we've changed so much is of people let's that would be pretty remarkable look at. And then on site Tennessean note here you've got west world. Yes the last world is you know one of my favorite says. I've watched the first five episodes of this season and I won't spoil anything for either but I will say that at the end of last season. That what what they call host on the show which the robot that sort of reform. In the west world theme park they basically became self aware they became Dave they develop Krewell. The truth which console of the band and said the key then the hosts are in charge of the park and it made it makes or something really interstate. Unity based based sort of sort of exploring their world they start you know. Actually coverage from around the park and they discovered that you park because it's not just what's world. There's another one called shelter in the world which takes place you can be into the summarized. There's wanna park I won't tell you what it is a lot of carping you'll be very early on and and then you know. Even further than that you get to see the world outside the park so there was a lot of mystery about like when in the future does this take place where in the world does this take place because because we only start inside the artery the park. Isn't you know we're configured it's an interesting concept this was on HBO right. Yet on HBO nightclubs on Sunday and I have. Fantastic but Mickey O'Connor as always you bring us up some mug cool stuff to contemplate for the coming week the editor in chief the TV guide appreciate you joining us thanks. Traveling.