Mickey O'Connor's TV Guide

John Reid
Monday, March 12th

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Lots coming up this week. In the television world Mickey O'Connor is the editor in chief for TV guide and he joins us to talk about what we can expect and wanted to. Start by asking you Mickey about the gun show last night did. Really blew some people way this OJ Simpson confession. Interview for yeah back in 2006. To move would it was that the top rated show last night do we know yet. We don't know yet to I think I reach I would guess no because American Idol box. That is so. Like you know I mean I think this is one of those things I think it is one of those things that you know Coke. Sean Parker was a good idea so we are is a good idea. It come aboard the idea back irrigate or write this book I get a and that's what the fifth best that this series of victories is based on. You know OJ Simpson read a book. You know hypothetically. You know I'm not saying how he would have done it if he was guilty. I mean the whole thing it's Corey dear and near when he watched there's. Interview I did think red it just gives you chills to get the disk it feels like. You know Gigi talked about how hypothetically could it have an accomplice named Charlie. And the hoping that sort of like it it just sounds like he's talking about himself. We have a mission Albert Gardner it's either somebody who's guilty who's running his mouth in a way that makes you wanna throw up because it's so sickening if you killed somebody that she would keep this up. Crass or. Someone who's mentally ill are so desperate for money that they would do something that's so damaging to themselves amid I felt like I was he'd. I was either watching a crazy killer or someone who is almost in prostitute it on television it was bizarre. We get him yeah I mean whether he whether he's guilty or not. But of this crime distracted you really created you do actually you know represented a real lack of Georgia right know just give Paul. Barbara let's talk about it and let's talk about what we've got coming up this week I don't wanna lose that are on the talk about some. Some good shows what is it what does this show for the people. For the people are actually the latest shared a lot of chopper ride through production company should on the lab and it took it very. You know kind of what a lot of people are calling a great anatomy of a quarter. It takes place in the mother court which is sort of the federal court in the southern district of New York the Reid right called the mother record is good so many of its case this sort of determine. The federal law precedent. And you know it did show that the cast of characters in the show. Are you know three federal. Prosecutors and treaty. Public defenders and they should square off in this court in the a lot of the chase is the very top goal and you know it it'll it'll seem very familiar to people who are fans of of the shop garage formula. You know there's very similar character archetypes one of the borders. We'll remind you very much of Cristina Yang from. Grey's Anatomy Turkey that are there's some great vision great character actors in the show as well. Okay this thing I have ever heard her public defender's office. And sent them glued to the well I'll give his opportunity listening is that are the core us of built in audience I would suspect. Yeah I am I mean I think very quickly it can very it very well done and you know like I said I think it'll it'll seemed like comfort it's a lot of people. Mickey O'Connor editor in chief a TV guy continues to guide us through this week what else do we have on Tuesday. Also on Tuesday on NBC news there's a new show called rise did the charity I've been hearing a lot about over to overtime because you didn't vote for awhile. Jacob K Adams who created Friday Night Lights and added. He's the creator Dick show and it's about a teacher. Could. They'd IA dot Rattner from How I Met Your Mother particularly high school drama club. Many really want to put on a performance of spring awakening. And Ridley Greg Qatar this. The coach teacher. And let's keep again that's right. Oh lead you see it. Crow evolved you know these this storm moved voice of main character Maude chief played well let's start he'd. And it played. Anyone who likes Friday Night Lights are like parried they like the sort of rhythm of the this sort of emotional drama of Boucher knows what like this show. Dramatically it's very different about a high school drama club. And in that tent that kind of like a dramatic glee but it also. Very much Jason Kidd and Cheryl I think that you'll really had majority. You know. Believe. The drama that the emotion Robert if I liked her ex was welds on and so from from the baseball team to the drama club maybe this'll be. Ha ha I hit two. Yeah and then on Friday a what's what's on mod blocked that's a Netflix shall. Yes it was a kind of that is kind of you know like an undiscovered -- we haven't really heard that much about it but it each there at this Corey shell and MTV a few years ago those awkward. And indeed created a bachelor created new show called my block for Netflix. At the comedy and it's about. It's sort Greg app itself a Los Angeles that are predominately. African American Latino neighborhoods and they cast is they're all on. And there are really great they're very funny. The whole show it sort of uplifting in Bonn and it's a great sort of like they were rich. OK I will not my idea of mount a good thing to check out of Britain released on Friday Vicki O'Connor editor in chief of TV guide always appreciate you bringing your insight and and tell us what. Might be a good good bad for the week thank you thank chairman.