Melania's Kidney Procedure

John Reid
Tuesday, May 15th

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Michael Bauer is RW RBA reporter in DC and he joins us this morning to give us an update on. What is happening high in the nation's capital and I guess the big story yesterday which was surprise for a lot of people was the First Lady going to the hospital. For some thing. Related tour kidney Michael what's the story there. There's some things that we still don't know we don't know what the details are as to what the problem was for the first lady of money trouble we do know that she had to have. Key entry beginning condition that was treated at Walter Reed national military medical center. According to reports. She's in good spirits and according to president trump she wishes everybody thank you for the well wishes but she had an civilization procedure to treat. According to the White House and they've been nine kidney conditions so that's good news because it's been nine. But that's said the details surrounding it we just don't know at this point what does something that was pre existing wasn't something. They kind of came up with a solution being treated for recently. The notable news is that certain secrecy surrounding the White House chose not to announce it at the press briefing on Monday just hours before the first lady's office. Reveal the public statements and according to reports the globalization procedures done to stop blood flow to a portion of the kidney and they usually use that in types of preparation for kidney surgery for cancer or any kind of benign kidney tumor. I thought the secrecy was pretty impressive for a White House that seems to leak a lot and everybody's dig in around trying to find everything it was surprising that we didn't know about it and advance. This is surprising is the proper word especially for the leaks that we have heard about and and then frankly that the administration has kind of been having to deal with and in the entire first year out of office but yeah. The fact that this was her main dispute remains secret that that we didn't know the deed so it is still on the but he does do that I think goes to to keeping making sure that you know the doctor patient confidentiality let alone. The First Lady the United States confidentiality. A secret. Now I think it's kind of petty but all of mind a whack job Democrat friends on FaceBook course tonight being at the president for not being at his wife's bedside. Yesterday at least not during the surgery what happened there. It seems to need that again it in this particular case did he tells her a little on the shy side but but that's an idea feel like you guys I don't understand the sleeping at that I think you know. If this was sort of a case where she had been being treated for something or had a procedure. Prior to this where there was knowledge of this and can we don't know that element but if that's the case and this could just be sort of procedure that was expected or some level wasn't ruled out. So it doesn't seem to be like he was an emergency wasn't as early. Rush because her appendix for about the first cut of the situation and when you're dealing with what the president dealing with its you know. If I'm at work and I'm working during the day in my life and take a fallen out of the hospital or get there as soon as I can. But there's also just the concept that you're you're doing something else maybe distance away from where things are happening I would necessarily I don't pay in this summit president not being there eventually he was able to be there with his wife eventually would be able to tweet out the fact that everything was good and she was doing well and thanks for the great and everything. Come that I think is the element that has been happening there wasn't that that's with a question when pop. And MR right it even though this is a military hospital the president showed up wouldn't everything kind of grind to a halt all over the place. Absolutely I mean just you just thinking of the security of getting through town portion of tactics that the pot than shelling that whole element of things delicate it becomes a date a bigger situations then perhaps needed to be your that was thwarted at that time militants. More on is not the First Lady to undergo a serious medical procedural on the White House Nancy Reagan had a mastectomy in 1987 Rosalind Carter had surgery. To remove a benign lump in her breasts and 77 and then Betty Ford was diagnosed with breast cancer in 74 and we never heard about any of those kind of problems the president being there are not being at the moment things were happening so again we have yet to find out what led up to this. And why how much knowledge there was the forehead but it didn't really seem like that kind of an emergency situation. Cash interesting on a big day when the embassy opens in Jerusalem that we want to talking about the First Lady in my hospital and whether Donald Trump's a good husband right Michael Bauer RW RBA reporter in DC always appreciate the chance talk to you thank you gotta.