Mayor on Meals Tax for Schools

John Reid
Friday, February 9th

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Yeah really nice very much candy appreciate it nod 35 here on this Friday morning it's the ninth day of February 2018. Glad you're with this for Richmond's morning news. And if you have clubs and then following the show for the last few weeks we spent a lot of time. And had a number of people lawn and classes talking about the mayor's proposal. To increase. The sales tax on meals in the city of Richmond. And of course that money is scheduled to go to help. Repeat here are some real troubled school buildings across the city of Richmond and we are very glad that the mayor of Richmond Lamar stony. Has joined us this morning on the just to give us a rundown on where things stand and and to hear directly from him. About his plan so mr. mayor appreciate you joining us here on the program thank you. Good morning John are you I'm terrific. And I bet I do appreciate you coming on because I'd like to hear directly from you we've you know you press reports and you hope that everybody's got to write it. Tell me what the plan is in in a nutshell and why you've chosen. This direction. Well you know literature we have to go full board decrepit school utilities our responsibilities are on average about 25 years old. A school that. Isn't that most of mergers created George Mason elementary school. Nearly a hundred years old and under the number of school in the south over crowd what we wanna do is raise them the meal tax are good and I. Are what shall create nine million dollars in revenue. Which we can leverage to call a 150 million dollars the next five years. Simply put towards school construction and that the election it will have core emergency each lot of way. And sending students will be walking in new schools almost all 41. And here's the thing we wanna be transparent and accountable to the people the city which didn't sit well that's what we critical was sort fun there's so much what. I'm Michael Kelly did. A couple of district to cut the more. So why do the meals tax and and not something else was there anything else you consider before you settled on this proposal. I consider all options obviously because you're money in the kitchen. It's China and sold considered another option the number of bloody. Considered the meals tax because the most reliable sustainable revenue stream and want to take it dollars to market. You gotta have a assisting in world history. The super pacs all reliable and unsustainable. And that the crime that was it we hear and I decided against property tax owed to a state tax. Although all property owners in the city election because they'll be scared by it 100%. Of Richmond president. While the Middlesex is controlled by. More than 32% of the bills thanks crippled by people are tricky golf outside the city after the roughly paper bills scored not residents of this city. A lot of the restaurant owners though Arsene concern that what has been a steady revenue stream might evaporate if the prices just get a little too high and where. People would rather stay in the counties and Ethan come downtown you worried that she might be in. On the edge of killing the goose that laid the golden mag. Not I don't know why I have no fear in that because you know actually ordered it did happen if you will work talk about five cents or ten cents or. We'll talk about it in an apple about. I'll pitch in the military though lunch or cynic but I thought so if you don't know I think. You know until about social actually choose to eat now. It's the top 20%. A public person of both the American tax bracket. Oh lead EL five times more than little bottoms and consultant so I think what you just thought it odd. And people and so become an average the to eat and I will play Oprah boating restaurants throughout the region from the yen up from here to North Carolina border it VP. I know they'll appreciate that one of the council members suggested a sunset date on the taxes that it doesn't. Extend you know ten years from now we're still all. I have attacks and what was your reaction no that's I think your initial reaction was no have you reconsidered a dollar is is that he's not a viable. Thing due to contemplate. If you sit well there's no unforced but they say because they're the City Council at any time. I'll buy just Europe or you can can change iiroc source. By legislation aren't just there are all out of the legislature also there's no need for a walk and that is not a no so on that because it is fiscally included. Jerusalem. Or actually it's still have to pay the debt service on the construction of the Olympic could be moved out of the soon it's. He's not a guy in the path that's what we were important to belong to on his yeah I'll know never. Took whenever these attacks but no thanks well properly the other weapons that could accept service. And so today at its orbit data is still paying. Our business servers owned the building though or concept to build on what does an increased fifteen days ago I didn't change I'll consider it an advantage. He you know this this is not an attack on you and all. The urine new mayor and and meet you got a lot a lot of history that you've got to catch up on from the people who proceeded Cuban I think this is revealed. They're a lot of city residents and people and accounting who look at the city from across on the border. Have both skepticism about the way the city of Richmond has handled its budget over the last few decades. And you know when you when you propose something like this it it it riles people up what what's your reaction to folks who say. You know what I'm I'm against this because I don't think you are good stewards of my money. In a way that that's what they're assertion by the pew poll this city. I have no doubt aside property collector bought the bulk of the refugees in tactically in the big. There's levels there. We cannot allow this into the predecessors Jim. Are punished their children of today don't future that you can happen between sixteen to go through the leadership. Dowling and but also the City Council at school or. And it's my hope that. The residents of the city have faith that we can actually do the job well this year all the passenger level. Pictured and our coupling it with the I angle financial or in on time. This is auditors that that would not been fiscal distress. That's what you thought. We also find out. Who are barge usually it's significant what they're two million dollars over the next picture here it's sort taking pictures every single day district it would be best to. The taxpayer dollars. The do you think the City Council is gonna approve this on Monday. I'm optimistic I think are you just waited for each call. And dom it'd be ashamed that our child to a bit of interest or. The broader scope which scored a goal Obama's mother who you are in the crowd of facility or the facility or whatever or are jacket. We actually do the blast for the initial response. There will be clearly that's got to be addressed stunned and I think everybody can appreciate you making that a priority. But the path and a year ago in a second and I don't wanna use up all our time talk about that one issue I took note that you've got to report from the rose center for public leadership. On different concepts to revitalize. Shock oh bottom. And this just happened yesterday if I'm reading this correctly what what what did these groups say in what sure reaction and what do you want. The bottom to look like by the time you leave office. Well bull job well I would still water in order. Four boards around the country for the rose fellowship. Other leadership program. And our minds particularly folks is all the chuckle bottle Petraeus and or which of artwork a particular picture here is well. How we doorbell moralizing. Be in great applicants who helped build this city who built this city. And go oh yeah what we heard yesterday that we do a project manager pickup focused on. But the truth. Chuckle bottle. And also that we did do a better and all of our public engagement. I'll make sure that every voice in the city which then surgically the voices of those. Who have ancestors very down their it can be heard in this process. They kind of changes the nature of what shock so bottom has been in the past I'll tell you mr. mayor I'm Mino. As a white guy who has a lot of black friends from Washington and I try to get them to come to Richmond. And I always take them down and say oh yeah when I was here and you know I'm gonna the club over here and over there. And I have an anxiety about saying the farmers market was also a slave market and I would. It do you do you worry at all about changing the dynamic of Booth. The party area that it is men. Even if your intention is good to memorialize. What occurred there in the lives were lost there and damaged they admitted that it. Then it just changes the vibe of the whole place and how do you balance those two. When your order that we have to actually find ways to. So far that ballot but I think focusing all the history down there at edits or. Or did provide offered change economic development also looked or as he did well also talk polyps potential for green today. This will be a place that we all of the city couldn't brace. This is not just the shock Obama more initiatives this city of Richmond you use to think we have an international jewel but they get a true after all. Here we miss that opportunity years ago when we had the more we were discussing having the us slavery amuse them. Down a shock of bottoming it wound up. As a at least conceptually in Fredericksburg and only if they ever even broke ground on an up their side. I applaud your efforts to do something significant because there are a lot of people who are interested in this issue. Around the country in Richmond should. Capitalizes on it and our our citizens have missed out on decades of both of dollars and healing I hope which. Yeah there. I think 4420. Yeah been unable without stoppage just let the school issued just like the picture right good chuckle bottom. And I can't give Ottawa is that if I did not tackle such issues that law allows you to grow. Richard as mayor Lavar stony thank you so much for joining us here on Richmond's morning news we always appreciate your time and your candor with us thank you. It.