John Hits the Gym

John Reid
Monday, February 12th

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Pick this music this dark this segment yeah. It's appropriate on a lot of different lawful side gets paid very soft five on this stuff Monday morning John reading here with you on the the Richmond's morning news so if you are here really right after new years I said I had a couple of goals. For the spring especially on this new in this new job on the same shift it's easy to put on weight. If you've ever had like an overnight job an early morning job especially if it's sedentary I know it sounds like we're really active here in the studio there's a lot of sitting in front of a microphone and talking and then four or five hours later you look and knowing how my god I haven't done anything my fifth bid doesn't register one messed up. In the last four and a half hours of things have been asleep this is not good so I gotta tell ya I just turned 47 also some odd body. I used to be able to go to the gym and work out for a week or two and boom I was bat man it was good. And it's not doing that anymore so hopefully I went to the folks at AC AC the gym and I've been working at. On and off for about a year here in Richmond and said my work outs dank. I love the gym I'm enjoying it. But I'm not motivated and I don't know what to do in this the normal stuff has a word and they suggested that I get a trainer. And chipped Richardson the trainer that I have been paired with is with us now and I met with you chip on Friday for the first time and you're. As I walked up you said can I change out I don't want this guy or you said this is a challenge what what was your assessment and then when you did. The body fat thing with had a nice to come out on that anyway. I'm so on the on the assessment on the on the body fat assessed the word you're in the mid range which is good right it's it's in and so I would. That that would be expected for somebody who you know isn't in. You know doesn't have a regular program got so that that's to be expected and it's a good start quite frankly. So therefore there's work just like with anybody there's work to 22. To put in their truth there's there's. But it wasn't bad guy I'm six foot three yeah and when you wake me I was too tanned yeah so there's the starting point. Yeah and you would say if my goal was to lean on patent and get back to get thirty to 33 inch waist and I really think I hate saying I think come over 35 PM. And with the muffin top content thing going on. I'm getting I got to move down here in three months and mine is that possible well. That's absolutely and in in in like we discussed John it's going to be a combination of diet and exercise like it it's not ate it every you know the equation isn't. Complicated it's died mixed in its exercise it's about an 8020 thing quite frankly for a 7030 maybe diet and exercise exercise does a lot of great things for us. But we really have to focus on the diet I think in the three months that we're going to be working together we start easy we develop a plan that you like venture interest today and that's fun and it's gonna keep you coming back in week in week you know there's a reason why a lot of times when you're the word exercise is proceeded by the word regular right so we find something that we like and we get into a regular exercise plan what your goals are going to be met I mean the trainer city CAC com. We are trained to focus specifically on your goals to help you get ray too where you need to be in the continue goals are different for everybody. Am I right or am I making up an excuse when I look when that's when I say I'm 47 and I feel different now. That I did didn't when I was a Channel 8 I mean I worked out every afternoon and it was easy yeah. As it does not feel easy for me and I want to quit every single day I am I making that up boards that. In your experience working with people in them Newton I Cates is a middle H put it it's just the truth is that true. There's a lot of things that go on both environmentally I think and physically. As we get older radar metabolism does slow down it's not the same metabolism we had when we're kids right and so we have to work a little bit harder and also you know things. We have more things going and an adult going on in our lives that prevent us from being able to be as active as we may be war at one one point I think. Hiring that trainer I think is is is probably one of the best things she can do it's it's it's something in my house breaks. I can go on YouTube and learn how to fix it but I would probably rather hire professional that's when they walk away I have peace of mind and I think it's the same way physically we can go into the gym. Day after day on our own but the question is are we getting what we need and or should I hire somebody who's going to build a plan. That goes directly to what my goals are and I think by by working with a trainer or a us. You know a train like you do and is probably one of the best things you can do and an Indian we have thirty trainer city CAC. We all have different specialties we all have different styles anybody who wants to do training and ACC is probably going to find the trainer that's gonna work best for them. Somebody that'll match up form was so. I'm I'm have made the commitment for at least the next ninety days to be pretty diligent about this and not to be. Slack off and walk out as I have sometimes in the passive and hopefully we'll see a little. I may be a big transformation over the next. Three months with your help chip on but were people in the audience and that think they're probably a lot of people who were in my boat. Who want 2018 to be different than 2017. You can get a free sixty minute session they CAC by going to the web site it's AC AC dot com back slash train at Richmond. And sign up and a and I don't even think you have to be a member to actually sign up to do the train is okay so that's good if you. If you've been scared to go to the gym or you know what if you were never really an athlete you don't wanna go to a muscle Ed Jim and be intimidated. Which quite frankly a lot of people. That's that's an off putting thing this gym has a little different vibe it's a family Jan Mets. There's still athletes who they are but it's a little more friendly and less. In your face intent in aggregate shoved off the bench yourself think like death itself. Chip will talk to again and a couple of weeks and see it. Hope hopefully my body fat percentage be a little bit lower and we'll have a success story to tell you gonna do great okay and I appreciated AC DC dot com train Richmond if you're interested in joining. In with me. To try to make 2018 a little better for you physically.