How the Government Tracks Your Phone

John Reid
Wednesday, May 16th

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Hey you know somebody's always got the ability keep track right. And some days since this thing you can share your location on your cell phone and if you're. Out on its dates and you wanna make sure that you get home safely kill somebody now hey NL I think they'll be back around midnight. And here's where I was adheres to I was with some and that's one of the upsides botched. There are bound to be moments where you don't want everybody I've tracking you down Sean to mind is a cyber security expert. And computer data specialist attorney. And John joins us now to talk about the revelation that all the major carriers. Are making your real time location. And information available directly to police. And government tell me about the Sean. Well you know the interest thing being is much of a shock that we love it and we have four. Because they all watching that they are tracking are hopeful day than the way they're doing this. Is that he didn't do it through the cell phone tower and whenever you're traveling in your phone. Don't think from power the power they try relate that. He's a bit of power locations and they are at this person dropping right hero walking right here. And so what the cell phone companies could done they've. They've made this data available to third party. One of which is called location marked dead. Ed Kim take that data it has and data average reader and it will accept that they get to other company. Now they've require harsher confronting you couldn't mug Likud. So that we know today in America we pretty much cheaper compared. In town we wanna use an app per Herbert just subliminal. From the pound we don't know it because once we've given content than it let Conakry laden. Is consensus already included in that long contract and I just click except on because I figure I can read and understand and there's no way I could fight it anyway. If it's for a particular app. How did how did this it'll likely is it that gesture here apple contract it probably not. But what they'll do between you want that new out. They require that location data or you want that. That customer loyalty program where you want are about to tell me when the next Starbucks is coming up. Right. Mean you give your consent to you that and once you've given your content purple one of them you know many counted just opening it up. So if you were suspected of doing something wrong. Let's say Indian right go counting could be here in Virginia could the police officer. Without it's going to dear superior or without going to a court. Just to go to locations Smart and put in your phone number and figure out where you are and track you down that way without anybody second guessing their motive behind it. They should not be able to you but see big government are there aren't. See the electronic communications. Although he had. I have that. These companies from sharing location data directly with government law enforcement. But they do allow them to share with other urban this and so law enforcement all occurred in some cases have found the work around. Because there's a company called the cure or to subscribe to this locations more current event. And that secure server refused to allow inmates to make safe white phone call with their family. And that provides this channel location data showed they would have access to it that way if they if they were clever in trying to skirt. People in the patient. Have you found case after case where this has been used may be some successful cases where. The cops were really trying to track down somebody who's dangerous in the community animal that was signed negative. Intentions. To the work that most police officers are doing. What's what's the scenarios that you've encountered so far. Well the typical scenario is to police. We'll do it the right way they'll subpoena the cell phone carrier. Where their location data milk it is cool Luke this subpoena power there which is illegal call could shoot what do you. Only recently have we began to learn that. You know people do in humans do and what humans do right they always find the work around to move through the security improper and nurture. I'm in there was a case. Where a yeah a local sheriff were you seeing this picture platform. And track other deputies as well with the local judge and that really is what all of a light. I'm just how they could walk around up. You know found a way around the limitations that were supposed to be there and what happened there. In the eighth baby. Chair had not. Reached a plea deal basically. He could lead to. An unlawful urban wants. All of these others saying you know there wasn't much penalty awarded obviously a lot of them their lives. And now we have. Turner long Wyden who take it real active cool woman's privacy issues. As that. DF EC to look into their content see why there are more restrictions placed upon Palestinian can be used canal and walk around and can be so we can. We're almost out of time minimum thirty seconds what can the average person who actively uses a Smartphone due to try to protect themselves. From potential abuses. Understand that the beacon news for tracking new. And we need we need give permission. Furcal out and feel better when did you better understand what you giving away because you're given away a whole lot of good to have you click. I got up. Man life is complicated these days Sean to marks a cyber security expert in computer data specialist attorney really appreciate that insight. And warning this morning thank you. Thank you.