Henrico's Plans for Walkout Day

John Reid
Tuesday, March 13th

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Angola live yeah. We spent a lot of time talking about this walkouts. That some students are expected to participate in tomorrow. In theory to honor the victims of the shooting down in Florida back on and on Valentine's Day. And Mickey are burned as the chair Ben Reich who county school board and joins us now to talk about and write go counties. Decision and how they intend to handle the situation tomorrow and Mickey are really appreciate you joining us I hear on the pro. There yet so tell me oh what do. Your understanding is of both of the decision buys the school system and how you're gonna handle this tomorrow Willet dairy. From school to school and and just the philosophy behind the decision you'll have made. Well we were contacted very early on but I needed to express the real desire to be part of the conversation. Do you take toward that Spain and that they believe in a school. And knowing that data kept the right to speak out we decided that I'm the way we could let the students. Participate and to have a memorial at seventeen minutes can recognize that a lot of that. Of the people that were lost in Florida but also keep them safe and maintain instruction Jack Hanna thank you maintain a normal school day coach. It would basically meet the kids and the metal. And it's so each school will have their own plane and where the kids won't go. Good for example if you have good schools and they're not gonna go in front of the school on the busy bread Tuesday that private school they might. Because he's a baseball field or football field or the interior courtyard error that kind of thing with some kids. It's some cool to make stay intact. Go into the gamble into the auditorium again it depends on each school. And the principal had been working with student leaders can figure out the best plan. That I am that I understand it and the ways that type of ballpark guiding students it is. He says as a memorial to keep kids sit in recognition of what happened in Florida. And raise community awareness and beyond that I can see seventeen minutes for primark. I can see seventeen minute coordinate and the people who perished are we had that kind of saying. And that's what our student had told that they want should be so. We're trying to work with them and make it possible and then they'll go back Clapton continued Iraq of their day. Well look let me say this mom mom was a public schoolteacher my dad was in the public schools system. Is a principal and worked with you all and then right going chesterfield Sime. I always temper. My criticism of school system affect how much help people put them through till when they were in the jobs that you all have now. But let me play devil's advocate for you. It why it why was there not a reaction. When people start talking melts. Walking out of class. And disc and this is a disruption to the school day and if you want to manage it as well as you possibly can. Why do why is the reaction that this particular situation. Warrants this. Into eruptions of the school day rather than saying. Hey you know if you feel very strongly about this you're welcome to write something for the school newspaper you're welcome to write some are the Richmond times dispatch. We may have an assembly at some point in the future but why why Menem and use a loaded word capitulate. To an end to this movement across the country. But why this situation and why you allow allow the students to him in my opinion again it's a learned. But why let them take over the situation here. Well I don't think that they so many students spoke out back. They wanted to participate. In any national and local conversation. Good shooting in Florida I think gets blocked. To everyone's. Attention the gravity of this situation they would. And it's just so large it so many people who perished and it hit the block to the forefront the need for safety school the first safe school and you know we we have quite. Stringent. Protocol that we follow to keep our cool safe. We've had in some instances where dirt particles were put into place. And we needed to respond to pick something and kids need to want to be part of the solution that a message steps different this time we head. What is a protest gonna be a part of the solution or is it just. A situation can forgive me for an erupting is it is it and it is that a situation where and he they're learning that. And doing something in public and holding up signs are doing a moment of silence substitutes for real all. Substantive. Policy change. Well I think they're advocating. For fake school but that's the way domestic sitcom got. For example we had brought up within fifty kids come to our one of our school board meeting can say we would like to voice our opinion. They had faith schools matter and they know that didn't right go we have protocol in place. We do what we can do you get past that we continue to keep our schools safe but in something like that the protocol might not be there. And they just want to be part of that national conversation. I think it's important isolated incident we might get treated this differently but when all nine of our high school we heard from students. And we on the plane I think it would happen anyway if we weren't meeting didn't pathway to keep them safe. And keep them orderly and that kind of thing can't put a framework in place where they couldn't even ask. It might get more destructive than it would be other. Well that's part of the concern that that I would have. Is it and is that. The lesson that's being taught is that students can flex their muscle and you'll respond to it by conceding to the going to the school board meeting sounds like a very responsible thing to do and every student and Ratko. Image I would applaud II when spoke before a committee of the general assembly and I was like fourteen years old long before I was really should. Probably appropriate for me to do so. And I am I so I have a great deal sympathy for people who feel very strongly about specific issues and go to their elected officials friends talk I have a little less. Respect for the the trend in America too to show off before the cameras and I don't mean to disparage all who were sincere but in a EC see the difference there. I do absolutely gave. And I think if we were talking with something more than seventeen minutes. We've it would be different and so when the students approached us send and end their principals like Federer and that we want seventeen minutes. And if we need. Do this and we are or goalie and we go wherever safe places that we we have this these few minutes. I think we have Rory is me in the complications for seventeen minutes. If we were talking hour an hour there would be certainly a different conversation. Blake. We had student approached. Beta app per competed individually we've heard from feeling great. Predictable plot contacted me when you. And call nine high school pep kids today we would like to participate and ask for this amount of time and that limited and you can also follow up with. Complications. Where kids can learn from best. Have to be good citizens have a B unit they have civic responsibility that it kind of things actually don't could turn into a teachable moment. Kept cool with it which is what we're all about the retracted. Give our kids get skilled tech how could be good citizens from things by track and expenses are important lesson. It in our schools too so we've kind of taken this opportunity. Kids to make it. The moment that the kids want to pass but also born this school have a plan. We'll have to let them participate and for those that don't want to participate. They don't and so clearly the net after the kid too drab. That part of the complications. And there are also the ones who don't like for example employees are not participating. Delete you know supervising a work. They're not leading that that application hat at during the memorial itself. I say analysts and I don't believe. Nets and I'm not sure that I'm gonna agree with you about the way your Hanley wood that's the job that you have to do and I respect the fact that you've made a decision and that you're willing to come on and and explain it to assume Mickey are burned. I Chara then write a county school board really do appreciate your time and and you joining us with that explanation thank you. Glad to be with you I have to yes ma'am.