Helping FeedMore This Spring

John Reid
Wednesday, May 16th

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You know hopefully you're one of those folks out there who's never had to worry about whether you would open the cabinets in your kitchen and finding canned soup for you know some chicken or something DT never really had to deal with hunger but there are a lot of people out there who do. Have that on a pretty regular basis or maybe something happened and suddenly the cash shouldn't come enter and don't have enough money to feed their families are. To feed themselves and there's a group out there that's working really hard this week. To try to solve that problem as we head into the summer wind donations to local food banks traditionally. Go down we'll let that happen and have people in trouble over the next several months since puritan cleaners and their 100000. Meals campaign. Sarah Hmong grief is up out kind of picture in everybody's to explain how a puritan cleaners is is working to get folks. I'm involved with this some food bank stock up plan Tellme tell me about the puritan cleaners plan. Oh and we urge China stock substituting for the summer and just like he said he never know what's happening behind closed doors and sometimes it's not any breach additionally would think is in need it's too bad. As a school programs come to an end this summer we want to make sure that feed Morris well stocked to to not be able to teach kids in our area that otherwise wouldn't have a bite to eat. And succeed more is the local food bank and then normally full lop you as you mentioned when we were talking before we came on the air. In December I feel like I hear about everybody collecting food for families but you're in the springtime. You don't hear that. No it's your number it's easy to think and others during the holidays and that's kind of our our goal and our mindset that during the spring and summer or anything like peanut butter stunning lean proteins Amy intrude MP LaMont. Stop being hungry just because it's summer time well how can we help you achieve this goal. We would love for all of you out there to stop by one of our locations we have a raffle that we are we're dealing. I'm for 500 dollars a treat dry cleaning vessels a fifty dollar Flagstaff gift card. Which is great you know anchoring easy clean and the money are ghosts use street defeat marked 96 cents out of every dollar. And they goes straight to the table there to feed families in need just a good appeared in clean your stock common make a donation. Fantastic all the information is online at puritan cleaners dot com and hopefully our audience will step up and and I help out so the the the event runs still this weekend. This Saturday as a last days so get your donations in their we're right at about 50000 meals so we've got. Another 50000 ago that I have no doubt did act Richards a great community and we're gonna come together. I will come together here in the last few days are among creep with puritan cleaners appreciate you joining us and your effort. To raise a 100000 meals here in the Richmond area as we head into the summer thanks thank you so much.