Gun Rights Group on Gun Control

John Reid
Friday, February 23rd

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Yeah you can just be honest to god how thanks very much anti. Friday February 23 2018. Now. I'm John Reid and you're listening to Richmond's morning news. We've now spent an entire week. Disgust saying. Screaming crying. Lots of emotions over what was a horrible event in Florida. And I keep hoping that maybe we're gonna come out of the hander ringing in the draw mosque and have those who really. Pointed public policy discussion and that's not just about. The immediate feelings that we got to protect the kids everybody agrees we got to protect kids. And the emotion has just been. Come off the charts in my opinion for the last week. So what do we do to actually achieve that Phillip van cleave is the president. Of the Virginia citizens defense league and he joins us on the telephone on this morning to talk about their group and their reaction to the to hone it and the di tale of the conversation that we're having over the last week good morning to you Phillip how aria. When you're under her terrific so I'm your website says Virginia citizens defense league defending your right to defend yourself. Which of course I think is one of the things that's being lost in this conversation that is every time you take. Guns away from people even its debts of well intentioned. Idea to try to protect people you are disarming innocent. People and that exact conversation or that element of the conversation is often lost especially right after tragedies. If you look at the republic it. Mentioning each balloon since 1950 I think you've been three. During the entire time that weren't gonna gun free zone. The rules are going to cook the area where they feel they can get the job on the safe as they don't wanna do it feels silly and got the gun shows there. Oh no things of that nature. There are of course targeting a backward group are letting emotion drive and to not. Actually logic. Once stopped social situation like this and people being armed. While there. It got there what do you what do you think com of the the proposals that have been floated out there and would it hardening the schools. Be the thing that would stop a mentally deranged individual from choosing that is the location to commit a crime him and make them back off. A little bit you know it's certainly would help create it wouldn't hurt could have a hard one but the trial at all. Belushi during the break on that student playing well we get fighting something. We make our schools go we're you know we're basically guaranteed to be sure that the possible. Are criminals will find their way to bring a gun into the school even if the ardent. Which he has long worst caged. It people somebody right there they can immediately stop them not so great it's ten minutes away in a police officer standing up for four minutes. While wall machine goes on political keeping billions safely. We need somebody that clear them that would be somebody with a concealed anger and permit you know creatures faculty. You wanted to be people that they're not really sure who has the look and feel they wouldn't even know who did begin chilling that they got good people with guns or hand that's such huge deterrent for that you just don't know which one of those people. People are gonna pop up pension achieve that I couldn't end a bit. You're inclined to agree with the president's proposal that some teachers undergo specialized training and be authorized. To carry concealed weapons in in class in school. Yeah now and it's not that hard to defend the clash with security in the classroom but you don't actually need a special alarmed that bit from them leading up to the fire alarm that so everybody. You know quicker down the room. I'm not get out of the room sort of walk in those weird bird but anyhow. The failure classrooms are actually quite simple because there's one way and one way out from the bad guys. The people and I can get your Google a regular kids in a corner in the future could based group what elements go work here and somebody comes through it. She knows what they are they'll know where she is until it's too late for them it's actually worked out really well. We're talking to Phillip van cleave the president of Virginia citizens defense league is everything else that's been proposed over the course of the last eight days. Where you have not a jury hadn't said okay. This is something that I can agree with. Especially in light of the fact it seems like there's some momentum behind this discussion that perhaps we haven't seen. In the past when other similar situations and unfold and anything else that you agree with that she wall could back. Well that they want you know well and we'll have armed security there you know but again keep in mind one guys were big school even to valued bunch of community about the future things you can do a complete. Breakthrough picture glued to what little training that would really need for that very moment it's an area of that but they're not police officers who we have very limited to an area. Don't really know all a lot of looks up that they were talking about. It was just the placebos or whatever. Well at the end of the day. You just stepping out of the good the biggest deterrent will be good to know. Yen since she Beckham back at her country not not you know maybe I need to build. Real quick let me run through the list of some of the things have been brought up in you just give me a quick real passion took the the background checks and then there are a lot of people said we need better or stronger background checks I'm not sure what that actually means. But what what's your reaction. Every every every one of these guys who were in recent. Memory is gone through a back and check it must they stole their god. Right like one murdered his spirits by the way they're positioning of the same kinds seventeen people dead in Germany. In 2002. Oh you know bear gun control is through the world in Germany it's very hard to get a ground there. Felicia and her public image and he killed and he doesn't he get he should note on the side by. No that's important since so many people seem to think that it only happens in the United States and that's just factual or Iraq Q what about the idea of raising the age limit for. Young people who can purchase guns from. Wherever it is currently two above the age of 21. None of that should therefore you better now we you know. We have young young men going off and then women in the military and eighteen now people could give America. While we've city you know where longer do very different collection and got longer and it's something he can't conceal but only now lead the gap Beckham and the school they must've really been asleep for him go Walken there. What would know with that. Slope. And this banning a bump stocks. But bush got when he's there right one time it all the cheers at the other opened it up to ten years. One time that we got a Russian bet good looking women Villa automobiles are from the first really bad actually that. You can sympathize Bellamy played devil's advocate you can sympathize with people who. Do you feel old fear and the whole idea a desperate need to to quote that kid that we had in the story do something do something. Is there any thing practical they can be done or is or is this a cultural problem that. What do we go welcome it's it's a little bit of both John and also look at Utah Utah law allows. Anybody with a concealed handgun permit carrying their sister twelve. Colleges. Virtually everywhere they go blessed to have you heard of a school shooting in Utah with all the guns they haven't their schools. Well that's probably good point. Probably good point Phillip van cleave president of the Virginia citizens defense league were a really got to go but I really do appreciate you joining us. Here did I don't throw in the don't appreciate it thank you fill up.