General Assembly Recap Week 5

John Reid
Friday, February 9th

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Okay. Thanks sandy 705 on this Friday morning it's the ninth day of February 2018. And you're listen to Richmond's morning news I'm John Reid. Does what I'm waiting on news about whether Donald Trump has actually signs the bill that. Should reopen. The federal government. At 5:30 this morning house representatives passed itself. Prove just waiting on news that everything is back to normal with us spending in DC now not to be distracted. There is a lot happening at the State Capitol here in Richmond and RW RBA reporter Matt Dem line who spent many years covering the Virginia General Assembly joins us now. To give us a recap on. Some of the pieces of legislation that may have slipped to bias good morning to you Matt how are you. Good morning and more credit crunch time now in the general assembly goes out or reaching what is called cross silverware after a map point the bush can only consider kind of bells in the second only consider how to spell. Amarillo they've got a couple days but before that you're gonna see a lot of things come sort of good. What are they have to add to move on a one way or the other let's talk first about this electric grid issue that apparently is hitting the the Democrat governor of the new democratic governor. Governor north come against the Democrat attorney general mark caring can you explain that to me real fast. What what I that the U splits within the Republican Party is like you're some conservatives like god does delegates empowered and Lee where. Grew at a very conservative delegates. Kuwait also. Against the bell Juarez drug travel a lot of prominent brow Republican leadership or are backing the belt so it's very distinction very words split from the spell. What what else is basically what it would do. In quick term is they're looking to. And the rate freeze that went into effect in 2015. And no way they're going about it has raised some questions among some. As to whether or not break or forgetting about the. And how we think this. Plays out in the end. My guess is given the amount of support that it has among leadership you're looking at the senate majority leader all of the major Republicans in the house who who run the energy legislation. Might get through to get Stewart of course forgets the governor's desk it's going to be side. But it's not going to be without debate and what is at issue here is that. The rates were frozen in 2015. And dominion was allowed to keep the rates where they were whether or not they you know whether they should have gone up a whether or not they should have got doubt. And it's good to comply with what was I going to be the clean power plant however that never went into effect present transaction moved away club match. And now they're looking to get rid of the world rate freeze up under this plan. Instead of returning some of the excess earnings at our companies like dominion would be allowed to use them to invest into. The power grid into their systems rather and never return. Interest I'm sorry let's move to another piece of legislation mature raised a lot of eyebrows a move to. Make instate tuition available for the children of illegal aliens. Well what's interesting is actually bid to kind of our lady go law under an opinion from the attorney general several years ago. He said that in stage two racing could be provided to undocumented. Got. In state students have you know be Diebler graduated from Virginia I call. And so it's kind of our way he did this situation in this game what via built would do is. Putting a lot during that at the whim of mood in the interpretation of the world based on goes attorney general to cut. It's been an interesting debate but I imagine that any continue to be a debate until you really get some movement on the national level and termed an immigration especially guilin list. The dreamers and how they're going to be treated and Nash. They're mad this Canada's oil bill that we talked about earlier in the week is a surprising me that this thing moved so quickly through the general assembly that the bill to make this legal. Is now on the governor's desk if I'm reading this correctly. Well and no it's not because Islam in different being in the movement for awhile last couple years in a lot of moving important especially with medical marijuana opted to try and make it either people who believe that there's been a medical need to be able there either Q what pain Gil worst cancer treatment things like that. We were still far away from seeing you know for example the marijuana decriminalization. Bill make their way through a period been definite movement over the last couple years to try and loosen regulations dealing with medical. Anybody who drives on 6495. Or until he's been on broad street here in Richmond might be interest in this bill it's. Two expanded the definition of distracted driving how much does it take to expand. But I believe it was that they were going to make it but if you weren't even distracted while talking had a hand. We're gonna cover a wider range of dolphin not exactly sure where the bill stand that's part of course social got a couple of days Mugabe a lot of things that are going stroke. Didn't it would allow them to sort out. You know cover a wide range of distraction you and we are primaries since W for eight exactly exactly and of course you know use a lot of these rebels were re trying to eight bit. Now get more primary offender allow officers to all of a couple more things of course has been a number of issues as to whether or not that. Dad and a bleeding to some credentials surges things along that there's been a lot of. Civil rights question to with a lot of adding up a lot of cleric that this should be addition to get out of most sordid you know we ugly. So whenever you whenever you left the whenever you let the police W overseas for something new open up a big can of worms that they got to meek. Now you have absolutely mad men desperate fight per per per decade to our Beckett. Can't so what's the latest on the Redskins stadium bill because there has been an effort for the last couple of years to convince the Redskins. To bring their whole operation. Into Virginia moved them the big stadium out of Merrill London and get south. And Greg has a big effort of former governor I Terry McAuliffe as well. Andre there was a dab I need to build action and they were both defeated this week now one. That would've asked Maryland and DC. Not to offer tax incentives taxpayer money. Ford to the Redskins can convince standard come to their locality or chart for that matter. I'm first inter may be the Redskins decide down their stadium location based. Other factors that go as he was defeated in committee. I don't want another one that would have banned any taxpayer money for any stadium. It's not surprising obviously. You know listen to commit a big push among all three localities that have the Redskins shut up in their locale and no DC has made a big push Maryland wants to keep them you know there are very quiet FedEx Field now calm and I think nobody is going to unilaterally. Take all the talk about the table as they can demand the Redskins become. Damn well it really is a cost benefits ratio analysis for for folks on that one and and different people come up a different calculations. Real quick before we go. What is the situation right now on the felony threshold I'm in Virginia has one of the lowest. Thresholds if you steal something it becomes a felony a lot faster than. In other states and has been a big push to raise that pretty significantly and I understand Republicans and Democrats. Have cut a deal. Right and then that Gillard announced late yesterday and then in more likely moved on the threshold up from 205 under which is still rather low compared to what we see. And a lot of other states but that does structural fur fur out felony for pursuing would be yet at 500 it's compared to 200. What's more interesting about this deal is that you're starting to see from negotiations. And working of the levers between. The house leaders about Republican leadership and the governor and Matt portend good things going down the line. I'm a number of issues you know for example Medicaid expansion you've seen some movement we haven't seen movement over the last four years and it makes you wonder if most with the new speaker at a new governor that you're seeing something stride and maybe some better negotiations they felt about Korea. Really interesting to observe of course it's all about your perspective whether you want them legal or not but. But we'll see if. Exactly exactly did they did that they get to reduce seeing what they movement what we didn't removal whether it's good move or bad movement is up for number to you got. We are doing all right Matt Dem line RW RVA reporter from mother stay capital we were appreciate you joining us yearly high on Richmond's morning news thanks. You're welcome back.