General Assembly Crossover

John Reid
Tuesday, February 13th

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Thanks candy appreciate that 735. Here on this Tuesday February 13 you know this. I'd forgotten about this it's Fat Tuesday. Ash Wednesday is tomorrow so today's the last big blowouts. Before lent starts. No we would know that if we were in a real crazy party city and you know in New Orleans Dave have gone to bed in Rio they have gone to bed and Salvador Brazil have gone to hit. And I'm my life is boring. Compared to that. They are not exactly partying at the state capital but they're working overtime because it's the crossover week. And Matt deadline RW RVA reporter if they are working overtime I mean he's working overtime trying to keep up with. What legislation is passing the house and the senate. And which bills well actually make it into the all of their bodies so that they can then begin working on that. And maybe you will see some laws made mad Dem line joins us now to talk about. Crossover so weakened the general assembly good morning to you Matt. Good morning I you know I just now realized we had a weird combination of cross over Valentine's Day and that's Wednesday L being basically the same day really really busy Tuesday way to do it is financial and. It could be a messy 24 hours on a Barack it's different pockets couldn't get Shaq so well with that as the theme what can I ask you about this drunk driving bill it's it's a bill that would allow home drunk driving on private property of who was with the report we got yesterday correct how could this be what's. What's the motivation behind it. Ma ma am I guess it is taking a look at that committed to a greater China I guess it'd probably has to do a lot with. I private property rights trend and in the journal probably for years have been very strong. On private property rights they own you know medical if you're on your own property you can. For the most part do what you want to see how I. Can't say exactly now they didn't do it a point made that you know once off. Your property they get to do with drug driving immediately. But of course K I'll. In officers there this could lead to problems or someone you know is the driving. Intoxicated on our own property exposure level wired greet the property. And I'm an area that they love their property. And cause an accident you need a bigger bigger divide things that could potentially go along with this. In my guess is as this gets more publicity and. I wanted to get a lot but did as more people you know start to raise objections to this. You're probably going to get thousand delegates and raise concerns and quite possibly she had dug disappear rather quicker way to get a look at the other. Well it's an interest sting in the private property aspect of it is an interest Ing con discussion to have you know whether. They're trying to prevent police officers from coming on to your property if they suspect you of being on drunk I mean I just don't know what. Rules on the the parameters are awesome. I think part of what they were trying to avoid would come home being arrested for basically sitting in their car yeah right each hand and and my guess that probably goes back to one or two inconsistent somewhat raised where they yell and no objection to his desk and hit it. Again it is getting a lot more publicity or no and impact our our larger national network ABC was asking got a question about it as well my guess is as they get more publicity you're probably going to eat. Our movement against it. Darn well we'll keep our eyes open let's talk about the Richmond city charter change approved by the senate tell yesterday as I understand what's that all about. Outlay is dealing with the referendum that was about the November whereas you know the married to put come up with a plan to. Improve this city schools to revitalize the city or what they're nursing and it came at the same time the last night the council was voting the real action back passing the meal. Now those two things are hard court. All the elicited a great good meals tax whether to draw some leash. There yup pass this plan are not are not all it's requiring is that the mayor come up with any. And to revitalize the school that really that's what he's been doing with this real polls. The one that tasked to last night at City Council or who. Hey it exactly not getting you need to come up with that I think that this goal require a more detailed plan this this this stark relief now you have. I'm the only from the mayor's term is not binding to move forward with. Very interest in art. Another thing we've been talking a lot about of marijuana and derivative is a marijuana in this session what's the latest on this first defense law. Well this is probably as closely you're going to get way. Or he got decriminalization. And it's not decriminalization. What it is is that moved. They first band to wait buying and allowed it to eventually be a bunch. It's not told the criminal invasion it's now moving into justified. But this is there a small baby step four you could see potentially down the line. The general assembly be more amenable to actually decriminalizing. The. Who do you do you think you covered the general assembly for a long time it just seems to me that we have a different mindset in Virginia. Maybe it's because of the nature of the city is and the and the relationships of the counties to the cities and the concerns of a people in the state. Compared to some place like Colorado. I guess I just don't see it going any further in Virginia do you. I do I think you you see change over time the one thing I've learned in covering the general public for twenty years is that nothing moved. I'll bet you you really need to see the ball movement towards the bigger movement actually feed the ultimate like decriminalization take by. And that I think god delegate elbow pointed out go last year should it sort of becomes sort of the elbow principle that database called it tough defense retired. Is that you know it the general assembly or the state of Virginia has arrived forty years without your law. Can survive another year until that change can play that's a legitimate regret. But very gradual mindset in terms of how how things are god. Yeah that's a that is a unique perspectives that very few states in the union has Virginia's got that long now that long. That long history so met them on our WRV reporter who has some. But two decades of experience covering the general assembly we appreciate your insight and of course we'll talk to you again. Next week after we have bomb scene what survives crossover thanks man. And a greater than I thought he got appreciated.