Embassy Opening and Gaza Violence

John Reid
Tuesday, May 15th

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Let's talk about the news overseas yesterday and you may have seen. Live coverage while we were on the air at 9 o'clock yesterday. The opening of the American Embassy. In Jerusalem a move from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem Donald Trump the first American president out of many who have promised to move the embassy. To Jerusalem he kept his promise yesterday and it took place but there was a lot of violence. Fifty miles away with Palestinians who are really ticked off that this happened Michael. Freaks and as the executive editor of media line in Jerusalem. And Michael what's the atmosphere like in Jerusalem over the last 24 hours. At this it's been quite an experience here you. Actually typical Middle Eastern thing would be. Compartmentalization. And it's somewhat amazing. You just described. Rather horrific scene that above mere I don't even if and I am negative sense but just don't stroke. From Jerusalem where. Prop plane load of Americans have command. Up to Israeli dignitaries there in. And for the last three days it's been parties celebrations ceremonies. Nothing but. Funds score for most of the citizens and Jerusalem who. At least don't have there's streets where they live on closed curtains so that VoIP traffic but aside from that. You wouldn't know what was going on except of course for conversation and the debate is rather heated it's pretty bitter. By the Israelis don't like seeing the kind of carnage that we are seeing from the border between the got a strip in the State of Israel. I think it's a very uncomfortable situations. There's a lot of feeling bad Israel sort of has been put into hope box this time most people. He then that those who are not political talks are security hawks. Believe that no country would allow an open border no question would allow. Tens of thousands of demonstrators protesters many of whom are associated with the terror organization and a much. To come into the border. And your question is how to stop them. The way the Israelis have decided to do that they've dropped leaflets stays in whatever they can't tell the Palestinians stay out of harm's way should. Don't these have been to this it's not taking sides Chester yesterday alone 59. Palestinians were killed trying to come through. And down. It took its Perry. Very terrible situation in terms of simply can't for the future because nobody really has all the solution to this particular quandary yes. Why it why would this so many Palestinians. On the occasion of the American Embassy opening in Jerusalem feel. Compare old to force their way through these gates. To cross that line knowing that there was the threat of push back if not. But deadly force from the Israeli forces why why do that yesterday. Well it's not really tied to the embassy the embassy is like a sub chapter to fit every every year since the founding of the State of Israel in 1948. The Arab and Palestinian communities have commemorated. What they call knock but days not I mean he catastrophe in the catastrophe increase founding of the State of Israel. That's happened every year pretty much since 1948. So this is not a new demonstrations. This year though what happened was these move well be. Embassy was announced. Did present United States. Recognize the sovereignty of Israel over Jerusalem right. Back became cost celebrity and a pin and of itself he other days or plan to anyhow. And the Palestinians leadership decided to come up with what came up with the idea of an escalating. Match. Demonstrations. It's gone on now for six weeks on Friday of every week the last six weeks. We've been double digit killings virtually every week. The whole idea that there's people would be in harm's way there. Yeah if there's there's so many sub chapters and so debate is that the big line which is of course very Middle Eastern. But the you have really both sides arguing parallel our dimensions. There are people who are nationalistic on both sides that this don't understand how apparently the child before the article H. Knowing there's not only maybe it is a strong probability. That even if it's not a direct all this is stray bullet that which does the same damage so within it doesn't matter. Palestinians there are talking about no other alternative push Carol Palestinians or not. Buying into that they're standing up to a government plane no we're not could be pushed into this. Courageous deed you'd be debates are raging on both sides to a very difficult situation. There's a lot of passion and official that situation and nobody had an answer and that when nobody has an answer and that nothing changed the typically work or. Things become even more frightening. Him Michael treats and the executive editor of media line in Jerusalem live foresaw this morning we appreciate that insight and not hope that they'll be some. Some call that will return to that area of the at least umbrella. The caller Henry look in volume report some good prep okay Michael always appreciate talking to you thank you.