Dan Ward for Congress

John Reid
Wednesday, May 16th

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You this time. 2000. Yeah IE we are really end for a run between now and November on June the twelfth we'd god. A primary between nine Democrats who were seeking to. I challenge you and unseat. The incumbent congressman in the seventh district the Republican Dave brats and we wanted to spend a few minutes this morning talking to one of those Democrat candidates. Dan ward who is on running now and Dan joins us now to. But talk about his interest in the seat and why he's jumped into this political fray you know this particular year good morning T Dan. But you're not married or I'm great thank you. Tell us a little bit about youth. Well. I grew up with a three graduated from my mascara high school. Serb 25 years in the Marine Corps I'm tired between fourteen knows Karl. On reared back. LO career. To attack jet work in the State Department. Thompson six years basically an error on the hill Korea State Department when I retired by union Elan I'll concede a middle legislative Brett for them. And frankly. I think we better people in congress I think we need people. Who are there for the right reasons who dare to do their job and not worry about reelection I think that all too common right now on the thing I think if we don't start getting those types of people they're not in government where we put this country's about and that's why am I can promise you although there I'll make the hard road cult come back I'll explain it to the folks. They liked it a bit about me out of locate your way. I and that's kind of attitude of taking that they need people start doing the job our congress has abdicated their responsibility in the political branch of government. And I'll I think it's time to step up and do something about it. Now always ask this when I talked to people who were jumping into politics because it says a lot about which party you choose to join what made you become a Democrat have you always been affiliated with the Democrat party or. You I have young my mom's a lifelong Democrat and you know frankly I think. It's a made carrying perspective to an end and I'm looking out for the working people this country be Democratic Party had had a long history. Doing that more so they're probably I don't think this act that is emblematic of that I mean. Look look beyond the outlook that's gonna happen after after our. Expire which they do 83% of that money once the top 1% I don't think you need to know much more than that if we got that this city so the folks have been benefiting the most of the past decade anyways. How and so I think it's time for. And particularly Democrats please sir you've represented the working people this country and they know my union roots are part of that high slot for the working people on Capitol Hill and I'll continue to do that. Do you have any specific concerns are criticisms for the incumbent congressman Dave brown. I do I really view he has spent a lot of this contract cheerio people health care. But the same time he spent a lot of time trying to feel unleashed Wall Street again Troy danger run more of which there are on the way she again until you know that particularly it's been hard I want to knowledge in the Marines I got out for a period that he deserves more than you are pilots. I lost my job. You know of all unemployment in 2008 because of the crash the financial crash and so I had to make a choice do we take our health care. Or do we pay our mortgage into it particularly galling to me when I see him trying to refocus and re release Wall Street. It is dangerous practices that they did back then the same time trying to take people's health care away from them until. You know they the complete opposite what I had to go through you know as a father and any not say like I think it's trying to get people when they're good looking out. Who do healthcare try to take should it can get away. Feel Wall Street doing just fine they don't need that extra money people in this country the middle class. The school Levy education health care Wheaties are focusing on that because we don't tell the real this country perhaps it's time for us it's our. All the energy that's been been pushed. Do the donor classmate to start being pushed the middle class in this country and that's health care that's infrastructure. That's skilled labor training. All of that and those who type of things are gonna make its competitors in the twenty person true economy and you know like there areas. Where I live in Orange County bit. What would happen Internet wouldn't have shelters and how are you supposed to compete. The modern economy if you can't you get online and so. I think they via broadband cooperative similar to do you know lecture popular but 1930. Just focus on on the rule areas they had they had been particularly also. Areas where minority population W they dealt also they have a disproportionately low percentage of access the Internet for the education education education is powered car not a bit of how we're gonna make ourselves credited. How in the world economy and genetically truck pulled it on the. Real SaaS stand up before you go where can people reach out to you or will they have an opportunity did talk to you directly between now and the primaries on June 12. Log in and around your head right go to church feel a lot I do that the northern part of the district from a web sided Vietnam War talk congress dot com and that settle are not the number. Todd and now my number of yeah give us a call. 540920. Atrix extremely Billups talked to you wouldn't men discussed issues which you. Dan ward the democratic candidate but one of the two democratic candidates us seeking the nomination to challenge the incumbent Republican congressman in the seventh district Dan we appreciate you joining us here on Christmas morning news thank you. Want to thank you so much about that okay.