Comey's ABC Interview

John Reid
Monday, April 16th

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Waiting to see the ratings from last night sky ABC news in the interview with the former. FBI had him call me. How did it do what's the reaction across the country Brad Garrett as a former FBI agent now on ABC news analyst and he joins us now so. Give us some immediate reaction what what did you think of the interview Graham. Kirk well you know if that's an mr. Tony obviously isn't it did very well. OK and his ability to chronological fox together what a logical and being. Our history of rhetoric I mean it's obvious she's been in a courtroom a number of times talking in front of folks. Is me you know the interior perspective I suppose John I mean he makes some valid point. About. Didn't the president and about and also I guess about himself and now he handled the Hillary Clinton you know situation but. You know all of our fellows they really impressed. With a lot. Well he is an impressive guy and you know a lot of Richmond gears interacted with him may I saw him up close and personal when he was working. And leading us here in the in the city. And I think he does come across is a very well spoken person so the only thing did that. Kind of struck me was that the sound clip that we've been playing today where he kind of repeats some of the slams on Donald Trump. Then I think you become the Mon true of the left. And I don't think are very fear and accurate assessments of what Donald Trump has said in the past but he repeats them almost as if they. Are widely accepted and that that concern me woody what do you think. When he started talking about the impact on the election with the Clinton investigation or the resumption. Of the Hillary Clinton investigation that announcement his logic behind. Announcing that. Well yeah I suspect there all my view I guess is that. You have a little bit more weaker call that he made him fearful while he did the FBI director at. It could rest of us sort of shook her head like well what can we get. But the talk about it publicly it has the reasoning. I don't agree with I understand that I guess in your reasoning. And the Diddy you because you know I think it was something probably well should have been left as is or when it can do whatever did or did not do in reference to the election. Can about it is that intervention. We're talking to Brad Garrett a former FBI agents and now on ABC news analyst about the gem Komi interview from last night. Jim Cawley did not pull any punches a meaning he'd. Basically said he thinks the Donald Trump is morally unfit and that he stains everybody around him. Even if there's bad blood. And you can imagine that there is an even if the president is being super aggressive on Twitter slamming him are you surprised that somebody like Jim combing. Who. As comported himself as the picture perfect FBI agent up until this point. Has decided now that he's out to the he's gonna go and and take this tack to add to attack the sitting president of the United States the way he has. This is the way I read it is that he is trying to step. A wave current from the just looking at the politics of the the president and other words things like. Immigration obviously people have opinions about that accident. Accent track. Hanging in the he believes that the president is just not in immoral person. And that we should look at the character of the person and an author of beyond what he or she might be able to do for us. From what are we might need or desire to know local state. They're within the city county state. Jurisdictions. So that's. Sort of way I can wait from this more of a philosophical. Do you really want a guy like this sort of the president that's why my center itself. Assessment. PM well I mean I I understand that and I think that that's laudable and I'd be again everybody that I've ever known has said nice things about Jim Thome put man as it seems. Odds to come out and say that about Donald Trump unless you're in the same breath gonna talk about Bill Clinton and his being mean if you're gonna slam Donald Trump for. The comments that he made about women which in private of course and I think it's legitimate to say you know you shouldn't talk that way then. What are we doing are we are we now setting a new standard for Donald Trump the we didn't set at the standard for when the Oakland was an office I have the whole thing discount re explore. The brand I'd I'd come look at the clock ever run you too long and and you have to go but. I do appreciate you joining us and you've been great on the air last week in this week of red haired former FBI agent and now with ABC news thank you brand. There.