Comey Memos and Giuliani Joins Team

John Reid
Friday, April 20th

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One of the biggest stories of the day naturally. Sinners on us to be forces in Washington. Jim call me Donald Trump. Time and then now in a cameo appearance from Rudy Giuliani in the headlines. We I have five WRV reporter Michael Bauer here with us to break it all down good morning team Michael. Good morning Jason how are you Friday. Happy Friday TO a lot CU unfold this weekend and it all started. Really I'm recently renewed with the release of these called me memos sent there. Their pages and pages of details of his conversations with the president can you explain how these K now why they're out and what they say. They're been a request for a number of weeks now map Republicans that wanted to see these memos released to the public. Again the memos had been according to games coming not only reiterated in his book but also something that you testified to in front of congress but now I'm getting this information now somewhat redacted is what Republicans were looking to have done in doing so. President trump says that the James commune the most viewed tweet last night James chromium I was just out show clearly there was no collusion and no obstruction also he leaked classified information while will be witch hunt continues for the reaction from the president. There's no collusion no obstructions. And that's the Republican line has been as well that nowhere in these memos does James Kobe mentioned anything about collusion or obstruction however opponents will highlight. That just the existence of these memos are showing the calm he felt there was some form of obstruction that he put these memos together. In order to keep T immediate memory recollection of whatever was said between he and the president. An air because of the concern of obstruction of justice. Hell why did these memos. Come now now reserve is there are some concern that. The colonies media blitz is taking some attention away and maybe. That's the point. That's a good one and I do think that the part of I think specifically at this time obviously the media blitz is wreaking Havoc the president have been tweeting about it. But it's been from the Republicans have been working on for a while they wanted to get this information out they want to have it. Be made public on some level they had seen access to it into the hearings but they hadn't been able to get it out in the public they feel. Despite getting this out there highlights weathered the comic book. The call me interviews as we've seen over the past week and will continue to see if he's on his book tour or in just with the need to pages and pages of this information in the memos that there was no mention of obstruction there was no mention of collusion again. Everybody has just based upon the fact that they exist could be the existence of the boat the corruption and even talking about within contagious. We're talking CW RV reporter Michael Bauer about some of the about the latest for these Coca-Cola mean memos in and doubt what we're finding out about these what's in these pages. You know Michael won and they've one of the things people are focusing on the the concern that such trump seem to have about Michael Flynn and then some talk about hookers what's going on there. But that hook up at the kind of an interesting arranged there in right. So within within these pages you've got president trouble allegedly bringing up Russian prostitutes according to call me on three different occasions including in one instance. The president saying that Vladimir Putin has told president front directly that the Russians had the most beautiful hookers in the world. I don't know what preceded that conversation or what all of that conversation why that conversation about. But thome made sure that it was included in the mellowed had to be there but also comes as the Al more than one occasion the president addressed that he was concerned about Michael Flynn and whether or not Michael Flynn was a trustworthy person to put in the position. That he had him in the beginning of this of his term and that seems to be a kind of an interesting point one other thing I think that it's kind of been not mention very well and and may have been buried and all of the other salacious details in these memos. Is that at one point I'm president drug seemed to. Say that he thought that some members of the press some journalists. We needed to be jailed in order to get haven't give up anonymous sources and that was something that. Trump saying that they needed to go after reporters and that they'll refer to the fact that ten or fifteen years ago we used to put them in jail to find out what they know. Kobe highlighting the president was thinking about jailing them to get sort of those anonymous source is given up. While now let's sub new Vincent re emergence of Rudy Giuliani and that he is going to be joining trumps legal team. Yeah put the cape on yesterday did Giuliani to be the superhero or at least that's what his belief is coming into the he thinks he can get this. Russia case investigation just kind of wrapped up pretty quickly now. President trump has had problems getting people on his legal team let's highlight that right now that's been a big issue for a while here you got high name legal people that that they wanted to get involved and help promote the Russia investigation and then as they get closer to signing on for that. They walk away for a we've seen people walk away that had been involved in the Russian investigation walking because the president likes to tweet about things went maybe you shouldn't be tweeting from a legal standpoint as we saw earlier this week in the stormy Daniels case now. You've got Rudy Giuliani who not only knows Robert Mueller very well and Moeller respects Rudy Giuliani. He knows the system that Robert Mueller is operating an end. Really doesn't just about it that I guess Rudy Giuliani also knows about the southern district of New York's legal forms and and how to work within what happened to Michael Cohen this past week two weeks ago now with the raid on his office hotel and -- house by the FBI. While they're there 600. There's so much here and now we appreciate folks like you you can stay up on all the details and he ends announce an up and downs. Think he's so much Michael Bauer WRV reporter on the latest and trump call me and Giuliani today. Thanks Jason every week eased since.