Bedard on WH Staff, Dem Memo, Wall Street

John Reid
Monday, February 12th

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705 on this Monday morning it's the twelfth day of February 2018 I'm John Reid. And this is Richmond's morning news very glad to have you here today as we start a brand new workweek. Paul Bedard joins us every week he writes the Washington secrets column for the Washington examiner and he does a weird week in DC Paul there's not as much attention on the minutia about the potential shut down and then what turned into a shot down. And lots of attention on staffs issues at the White House which is. I don't know as a former staffers who seems kind of surprising to maim in this rob Porter thing. I don't think anybody would excuse. Bad behavior domestic abuse. A violence in someone's home. But MR right this didn't happen while he was working at the White House if it happened at all and assuming you believe the accusations some emblem put what's going on here. Just didn't happen now and then and a lot of the argument. It. Today yen and the late last week has spent you know he should have been there in the first place if the if the charges are true I mean there's photographs so it's kind of hard to walk. Argued that it's not then and you know it took. The part of the problem that this White House says. As had been in the rob Porter case I think it is fitting example of that is. You know they I have difficulty getting. Folks who come in and also you know the president. It is very loyal to enhance its status. Very loyal to members of the staff couldn't. And sometimes they just look the other way. Him well below me meant candidly. Let's go back to other presidents. Cup my assertion is that. If there was if the allegation of domestic abuse that happened for somebody was working in the Clinton white house of the Obama White House irony out of Neiman know about George W. Bush. That the press would shrug their shoulders and say so what they're a staffer were not interest than that and yet in this case it it. Winds up pushing every other very significant big story out of the headlines because. I think it's it's a narrative that they are trying to say that Donald Trump is I'm. A bad guy and everybody who works for a as the bad guys that an unfair thing for me to say. No I don't think so I think you know you're right there's you know the press and has been focused on trump then whether or not you know he's been abusive first sexually assaulting and in his past. And so it's it's that narrative also. In order different world now you know a lot of people are are are focused on the need to move meant. And that seems to fit that also wouldn't and so you put those two together and boom it's a story I mean. What do you remember there's always one or two staffers could draw the heat from the pressure of people Karl Rove or someone like that. And and usually go there are you know high profile folks like in this case in this White House it's been Stephen Miller. But you know. Yeah at least he's a policy guy I mean. Correct me if all right rob glorious deep personal secretary mean no offense to somebody who does that work. That's an important job. But that's not creating policy that the rest of America has to live under that's not influencing the president to make. Decision Day vs decision made to seem like it's odd to go after this guy. For an accusation. Well I mean it gets a significant drop its staff secretary right I mean he's essentially the cheapest after the chiefs of staff. Com and and and so you know he he draws heat. From folks who want to get into the Oval Office and maybe that's part of this game you put you you know I mean it. I don't know. I'm not even be any end to this you know you've seen also you know when these stories came eye chart you have now. People looking at least two democratic senators Sherrod Brown Ohio. Tom Carper of Delaware and then accusations. That they sit there wide. You know I think that there's no coincidence. Damn well I mean if we're gonna go down that road then let's do it for everybody met right that's the main thing so. Bill on another issue the president after her. Acting all week like he was going to release the Democrat version though the investigation memo. He slams the door shut on that which super meta the probably good from a PR standpoint to do it on a Friday when nobody's talking about it over the weekend or. At least to suppress the coverage. But I don't think he's gonna get away with sun not being beaten up over a. Yeah I think it's gonna come out of me Kellyanne Conway late last night suggested that. You know it's still. There are still planning to release that the problem might get Stacy in it is that. The democratic memo beef up of Republicans Awad. And and draw also put Cindy out there memo pay a lot of politics. That the Republicans are trying to cover something up for trying to blame somebody for something and so. They kind of want a lot of clean that up first but there's no way he can get what they with. Not releasing an inch and just do it everybody just wants all the time on the table. Now I don't says this is like creating a bad headlines for yourself right. Let it come out and then rebutted if you can. They are masters at death right. I mean we gotta give you White House that patient. So they do create problems for them. You know they did. Now who what is it what's your take on the idea that. Donald Trump was claiming credit for the rise on Wall Street so now he's got to loan the the problems of last week. What you know that was Conan made I've found conviction last week by its former president Obama's spokesman Jay Carney says. You know they never talked they never boasted about the stock market going up because they're view was if you do that and it crashes boom you own it. And that sack kind of what Jay Carney was saying about Donald Trump of course we get a little research on Obama I tried to oversee sixty times. Where he bragged on the stock market and says listen I your 401K to better. And Pesci should both from my reelection he's there right up until we'll finalize an address. I in the White House. And so yes you kind of own it humble why not brag on and I mean it yet till 2000 points and now we have to Edith. But I don't think it's gonna stay here for long. I don't neither rumor not further behind than where we were when he took office it's not like it hasn't totally. Doing great I mean it's not like it was the economy that you know law opal Obama had at the beginning were you know where the banks were failing and and and that type of stuff from the new economy's doing good they're looking at about 5% growth next year tax. Cuts it's done a lot I mean this one company nothing we talked about these bonuses that companies are paying up to two or 3000. One company's. Came up to 4000 dollar bonuses now so you know corporate America is feeling fairly good at. I would think so and I would think the average person would be too when they saw their their paycheck on Friday as Paul sub Paul Bedard who writes the Washington secrets column. For the Washington examiner always happy to have you here on Richmond's morning news thank you thank.