Andrew Freiden on the Snow and Ice

John Reid
Tuesday, March 13th

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And. I mean. For me. Well that was zug quite a surprise to wake up from us little brief. Nap yes. He can cook just outside and then flat and I sleep bright two British Tuesday. Because the forecast that I read all day yesterday was that it would be snow weighing. You know a lot later so banter Frieden our NBC twelve meteorologist who has probably the worst job in the world. Over the wintertime in central Virginia joins us now to talk about what happened and what we can expect so let's start with question number one Andrew what what happened yesterday. How would have noticed I'm more than we thought yeah it did absolutely dumped on us yesterday. And that it isn't a thing called a defamation. So basically that had to go we had a huge lift my very intense no rates. And that's what you need in March to get to know the pileup and we certainly had an economy that's built out of that an inch or two per Howard and happened you know all of the truck itself. We too much no big missile the forecast of how we just hope that everybody was able to get through it okay Esther. Yeah I didn't hear any a dramatic stories as we wrapped up today it seemed like everybody kind of rolled with it but. Was theirs it was there's something that changed dramatically and obviously something changed dramatically for. Planned to what happened about 2 o'clock and effort into. Sadly there's no point in right tackle we don't know the play and we're trying to interpret what the planet is right. So what capitalize. We had about a half financial liquid so we thought there'd be about two tenths of an edge you thumb shall we also so basically we thought with a lot. Less moisture to work with that this bill already it would be so slow that they would be able to overcome the fact that the ground was relatively warm. But it came down so heavy and so quickly. That it was able. You know survive and not belt tightening you noted if you're out by being out donate at 10 o'clock last night. The most of the main street just sort of melted away we thought that process would be happening at the so. Well he didn't have until afterwards now we've got the left overs in that we. It got cold water on roads and temperatures dipping into the upper twenties but joke. We've got some concern about what he's brought this morning. But no additional precipitation today. Ordered Coca. And when you think to temperatures will get high enough to make sure that we don't have an ice problem. Loops Duncan looks seven point three. And I think around nine we should be okay because of some can go to work opened the approach thirty by nine. Took the combination of the I'm actually hitting the pavement. Being in that the national air temperature is coming up seven men and so the more they should be pretty. And what I used dealer really is a thankless job that you've got. You hope to be the side out yesterday afternoon. Oh yeah well we have a lot of that but I think appropriately. But you know week. Ticket cornerback in football sometimes you get scored on and we try to learn from and do better next. Yeah well listen we really appreciate you joining us know year year Muslim look at a lot of different models try to pick the right one and you know sometimes it's perfect and sometimes it's a loss so we appreciate it alone enough to wouldn't talk to do is Andrea thanks very good and appreciate it okay glitter by.