ABC Wants To Tone Down Conservative 'Roseanne'

Jeff Katz
Wednesday, May 16th

Even after receiving record-breaking ratings. ABC is setting its sights on toning down the conservative nature of 'Roseanne.' Will you watch the show after they do this?

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Fine Jeff dance newsroom 1140. DW OR BA 96 point one. F Sammy Wednesday afternoon. I have really come to. Enjoy a Roseanne. The re booted version I was there at the beginning out of a thousand years ago. For the first version and watch it for a couple of seasons and I thought it was funny early it. And then I had a couple of seasons beeper went off the air. Whatever happened I I was I'm I'm done. But when they announced that they were gonna reboot to bring back my first thought was then why. What we need to back what's the big deal I mean it's it's it's a sitcom from. The eighties I guess I knew whatever was. And why why are we to bring a pack of so I was kind of Leary. Thank you know I don't watch much in terms of network television. I certainly don't want the the national network news. That's a colossal waste time. Even most of the programming on traditional networks at this point I didn't just really don't care about. Most of my television consumption. Is from Netflix or Hulu. Which reminds me as Wednesdays in his brand new hand leads to on who. Yeah. And killing he bumps if you haven't watched killing eve on BBC America off. He had no idea Richardson agree but I. So Wednesday night through Tuesday night's whatever it is also is rosy so anyway here's the deal. The Roseanne show comes back. And Roseanne Barr is playing Roseanne Conner and and her character now is an apologetic Lee pro trump. Right new dad that's who she is. And there are plenty of jokes. Plenty of political humor. The other people on the show don't seem to be on board with her around. Ideology or political ideology but nonetheless it's search for some great humor. ABC now says. They will be dialing it back ABC entertainment president heading dung DE. Has put the kibosh. On Roseanne keeping political humor in the second he's. Wow. There wasn't EBC that also DH last man standing correct me if I'm wrong here friends. Last man standing. Was at the top of the ratings. But ABC entertainment said no all we're gonna cancel. And it has nothing to do with the fact that the Tim Allen character. Is an honor apologetic lead conservative. Approach romp god in god I've got nothing to do with it. We're not shut down we we just it's as if it always it's not. It's not working and go how much better if you wanted to work it's at the top of the ratings every single week. Well old. Talk about flop. That's going away but anyways of the canceled last man standing a foot a year ago right of the canceled last man standing. And what happened you would nice city wait a minute. We like classmates and that's a funny show. And I think many of us like the fact that Tim Allen character. A kid was an apologetic leaked conservative. Was somebody who thought that. Faith and family were important things home like com. Well now fox. Is rebooting last Manson so I find it on a they need BC. Which just two months ago when they brought back rows and say yeah. Rosie and going to be cutting edge. Roseanne is that. Is going to be this probe president trump character she's going to be conservative in and were going with this and now two months later a Knoll. We're gonna do away with all that. While. Well. So here's what I'm trying to figure out to tell you the truth I don't know Obama and a bottle watching it next year. No really I'm just not shore. That I would bother if they're going to strip the Roseanne Conner character. Of her conservative. Beliefs. Why should he. Be part of this. You know it seems to me that once again the Hollywood types. Who know better than any of us. Who are always prepared to lecture us. That once again. They're gonna kick us in the shin. Right Tony seven Melian you were 27. Million. Do you work. For the debut. Of the new Roseanne Barr show twenties effort and millions. Now. ABC president binge sure wouldn't. Did an interview with the New York Times. Shortly after the show debuted. Any sick you know right after the 2016 election. A bunch of ABC types got together and said how could we better reach quote middle America. We said we looked at each other instead there's a lot about this country we need to learn a lot more about. Hero on the coax. Andy Roseanne Barr reboot spring. From president trump victory. Who aren't so let me ask you. And I know we've chatted about a once or twice in the last couple months. If you're watching the Roseanne show the new Roseanne show. What are you gonna do if in fact they turn their Roseanne character. A wave from this conservative ideology she espouses now. 345114345. 1148. Giving up on Twitter I know I just haven't gotten around to quitting yet but you know the wave that Twitter. Is continuing to eye shadow obeying conservatives. And stripped away followers just Willy Nilly all the sudden you look I lost what was it 6000 people in one day caught. I really don't think they were wrong Russian bots by the way just my thoughts but who knows maybe a but up for the time being I'm still there on Twitter Jeff can't show all one word. Use the hash tag cats KAT easy. And of course email that's always available to Jeff can't show an AOL dot com Jeff Katz show. And AOL dot com if you were watching the new Roseanne show. And you like I am sitting there thinking man. I like the fact that there is a pro trump characterized like the fact there's a conservative character I feel like I don't know. Maybe they are talking to me maybe they are representing me maybe they're not mocking me for my beliefs are my values or or my thoughts. Unlike 99%. Of the drivel that they via push out on a regular base. And Allen holds there to take all of that away. That bugs me 3451140. Twitter Jeff can't show all what we're used hash tag cats TA TZ. Email me Jeff can't show it AOL dot com John is in Richmond hey John welcome news radio WRV. If they wanted to change her character just to dictator other people's feelings that goes against the grain of what that shows they are. Yeah whether that's what they're talking about doing now. Well good. Amount. I know but I don't wanna wait a whole other year I listen I at the spectators are. I hate the fact that they think. They can turn to somebody who has conservative guys we know what we really don't care about after all cause that's the real message. The gap that's exactly what they're doing okay until one side to make one person happy without. Now I hear you are and I appreciate the call. We grab a Tommy who is down in Chester Tommy welcome to news radio WR VA. But I would go on own. It they're gonna call and give my opinion not that it matters too much of a culture a lot of that it would agree yeah I mean stop watching. I mean at that would be that the right opening I mean they're they're getting great reviews on the show now. Would the waited watching it I mean people would obviously respond. With the lack of interest. I agree with you but here's my problem what bugs me the most Tommy is that they even think. They can do this in other words. I don't think I should be forced to stop watching it's I and I warned and I would go along with guy would stop watching if they did this but it's just old flippant insulting. And in helping with the opera got I think there are all about beta collects in those groups that say that they are not that collected data on everybody that. You know opinion that by the program. Well let's see I don't think it is all about numbers because again. You had Tim Allen last man standing consistently. In the top of the ratings. One of the best performing sitcom all on television. And they killed it off because the Tim Allen character was a conservative. Character was a man of faith and family they want to. They killed it off even though it was again at the top of the ratings I'm telling you there's something more to this. And I look I'm not a conspiracy whack though you know that. I'm not the conspiracy wackos get for some people conspiracies are better than sex for me now. And if we're all going to be part of one of these wacky conspiracies we're gonna need more tin foil wrapper around our bed. Having said that I'm telling you there's something going on here. And it plugged in and if they do that they will make meet. Someone who we is not but you work any longer Wayne welcome news radio WRV. Jenna back beer or. Hey I'm all remember the original Roseanne. Quite clearly. If you are irked that it was eight story about. We just trying to survive yet despite. Washington. Our efforts to make their life harder. The only difference now is they're they're not exactly a little more what the problem Washington as yeah senses the we check out that there are Republicans everything would be partly out the set up absolutely that they. It's been shot. I don't think. I'm with you I'm where if you that's exactly what is it it's always be an eight lower middle class family struggling to make their way in the world. And they still are. But because this Roseanne character herself. Is seeing things that are conservative and pro trump they got to shut up Tim is in short pump Jim welcomed the news radio WRB. I'd go. I dogleg. The show right now they found that about about deplorable watch and it they just couldn't take it. I think you're right I think you're I think they would rather give up the ratings. Then acknowledge that there's a whole bunch of people out here that do not go along with their agenda you're right Kevin welcome news radio WRB. Adapting Jeff about the Buick you have to completely mirror a ban on on the political things. Ot the stopwatch and I mean I do like a balanced. But on oak. What sort of things we touch on as ours well they're working class street capital especially those that this season finale and it lit by Dan goes and atop. A contract out to a company that was viewed an illegal workers rights under despite. Right so you know maybe she can't have that on about it like they're trying to shut out Rosanna. Good they can do it back in the eighties and nineties. I'm with you I'm with you will see maybe she'll wind up on a fox wouldn't be a great 12 combination the the new Roseanne and last man standing I'd watch that that's an hour quality TV. Johnstown in Chester hey John what new news radio WR BI. Very delicate. Well I think that it. It's been channel and think about or are they failed Cheryl but it could be. Corporate debt at the week. Of the shadows there's there's substance to it anymore it's about who can disagree. All in that subject that they hold dear. At the same time. And topic of the war. I agree with you. But it seems like that there. That's going to be their effort they're gonna undo that why because it doesn't fit this Hollywood narratives that shape the Jeff Kent news radio 1140. WR BA 96 point one that.