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Leftists Admit The Truth About The Impeachment Circus

Jeff Katz
November 25, 2019 - 4:16 pm

Looks like The Atlantic may have accidentally told the truth about the impeachment circus.

Assistant editor Elaine Godfrey writes that the real reason for these so-called "proceeedings" is really to damage President Trump in her article entitled,  "Democrats Know Trump Isn’t Going Anywhere."

She writes, "With the public phase of the impeachment inquiry starting last week and continuing into this one, throngs of people - young and old, mostly Democrats - have waited outside the room every day to try to get a seat to see the hearings in person. Many of them had traveled very long distances to watch the California Democrat and other lawmakers on the House Intelligence Committee question a number of witnesses. Why were they there? Almost all of them used the phrase 'democracy in action.'"