Traffic Changes For NASCAR

Biggest Impacts Expected Saturday

April 18, 2018 - 11:17 am

Richmond, VA ( –   Both Hanover deputies and Hanover officers are reminding people there will be traffic changes around Richmond Raceway Friday and Saturday for the NASCAR races.  The changes follow the traditional plan the departments have run for the races and are as follows:  

The following traffic patterns in Henrico will be in effect Saturday, April 21 during peak hours:

  • Carolina Avenue between Laburnum and Azalea avenues will be one-way outbound after the race. Access to businesses along Carolina Avenue will be maintained from Laburnum Avenue.


  • Richmond-Henrico Turnpike/Meadowbridge Road from the Henrico/Hanover county line to Azalea Avenue will be one-way southbound from about 1:00 p.m., until the race starts.  Sections of Meadowbridge Road farther north in Hanover County will continue to accommodate two-way northbound and southbound traffic at all times.


  • After the race, Laburnum Avenue from Carolina Avenue to Mechanicsville Turnpike will be one-way eastbound. Eastbound Laburnum Avenue from Richmond-Henrico Turnpike/Meadowbridge Road to Carolina Avenue will be closed until race traffic disperses. Two-way traffic will be maintained on Laburnum Avenue west of Richmond-Henrico Turnpike/Meadowbridge Road. 


  • After the race, beginning at approximately 10:00 p.m., Richmond-Henrico Turnpike/Meadowbridge Road north of Azalea Avenue will be one-way northbound to Atlee Road in Hanover County. Richmond-Henrico Turnpike/Meadowbridge Road will be restored to two-way traffic when race traffic disperses.


  • After the race, three lanes of Azalea Avenue from Richmond-Henrico Turnpike/Meadowbridge Road to Henrico High School will be routed westbound; one lane will be routed eastbound.  This change will require all median crossovers on Azalea Avenue from Richmond-Henrico Turnpike/Meadowbridge Road to Henrico High School to be closed from about 10:00 p.m. until race traffic disperses. Police will assist motorists turning from Azalea Avenue onto Thrush Lane and Pony Farm Drive.

In Hanover:

For citizens traveling on I-295, the Route 301 (Chamberlayne Road) or the Route 360 (Mechanicsville Turnpike) exits are recommended as alternatives to the Meadowbridge Road exit.  In addition, citizens are encouraged to avoid Atlee Road, especially on Saturday, and utilize Shady Grove Road as an alternative.

On both days, deputies will monitor Meadowbridge Road closely and assist with traffic direction when needed.  On Saturday, deputies will be stationed at each intersection on Meadowbridge Road to monitor traffic flow and render assistance to motorists in need.