State Senate Censures Chase

Chase Suggests Legal Action Possible

January 27, 2021 - 5:22 pm
Virginia GOP State Senator Amanda Chase

Virginia General Assembly


Richmond, Va. ( - In a bi-partisan 24-9 vote, in which several Republicans "walked" rather than vote, the State Senate voted to censure Chesterfield Republican Sen. Amanda Chase.  Chase has come under fire for participating in the rally prior to the U.S. Capitol Insurrection, and while she left before it happened, for also referring to the woman who was killed entering the Capitol as a "patriot."

Much of the criticism of Chase during the censure debate actually came from her fellow Republicans, who called her behavior "beyond the pale" and "narcissistic."  Chase split with the Republican Caucus in 2019 over leadership disagreements.  She also also angered GOP Leaders for an incident in 2019 where she yelled at a Virginia Capitol Police officer over a parking spot.

Chase responded angrily in response to the censure measure, claiming it was timed to interfere with her run for Governor.  She also threatened potential legal action.  This is the first censure in the Senate since the 1980s.