Chase Sues State Senate

Follows Censure and Loss of Seniority

February 01, 2021 - 3:33 pm

(Matt Demlein, WRVA)


Richmond, Va. ( - Senator Amanda Chase (R-Chesterfield) says she has filed a lawsuit in federal court against the State Senate, following her censure.  Chase had promised a suit during the censure debate.  The resolution passed on a bipartisan basis.

Chase alleges she was targeted because of "unpopular political positions," and that her first and fourteenth amendment rights were violated.  Chase also says the Senate didn't follow their own rules.

The censure came after a controversial start to session.  Chase attended the Janaury 6th rally at the U.S. Captiol that ended with the Capitol Insurrection.  Chase left before the violence, but called those involved in storming the capitol "patriots" who has been "backed into a corner."  Only much later did she clarify that she meant only those who were being peaceful.

Chase is looking to have her seniority restored.  After the censure vote, she became the "junior" Senator from Chesterfield.