Jefferson Statue At UVA Vandalized

Words "Racist" and "Rapist" Spray-Painted

April 13, 2018 - 3:24 pm

Charlottesville, VA ( – On what would have been Thomas Jefferson's 275th birthday, the Thomas Jefferson statue on the lawn at the University of Virginia was vandalized.  The words "rapist" and "racist" were spray-painted on the base of the statue.  Today is also Founder's Day, as Jefferson founded UVA.

The activist group Solidarity Cville posted a statement on twitter about the vandalism.  They did not take responsibility, but said Founder's Day celebrates a white supremacist.   The statement also said ignoring the Founders' negative aspects diminishes us as a society, and Jefferson as a human being.

Jefferson did own slaves.  He is also believed to have fathered children with one of them, Sally Hemmings.