Fencing Up Around Lee Monument

Commonwealth Says For Safety Reasons, As Court Case Looms

January 25, 2021 - 3:58 pm
The Lee Monument on the morning (June 3, 2020) that Governor Ralph Northam ordered it removed.  (Matt Demlein, WRVA)

(Matt Demlein, WRVA)


Richmond, Va. (Newsradiowrva.com) - The Department of General Services has placed fencing around Lee Circle, with the goal of protecting workers and visitors to the area.  The area has, basically, been claimed by Black Lives Matter portestors, who have renamed the circle "Marcus-David Peters Circle"  Peters was a unarmed black man who, while naked and in the middle of a mental health crisis, rushed an African-American police officer and was shot and killed.

A spokeswoman for DGS says memorials placed in the circle will remain for the time being.  The department also says it wants to prepare to remove the Robert E. Lee Statue once the legal hurdles have been eliminated.  The case over the Lee Monument is currently in front of the State Supreme Court.

Governor Ralph Northam ordered the Statue be removed by in June.  It is now the only Confederate monument still standing on Monument Avenue.